Liana looked up and the dark mysterious smirking man with curious eyes. A cold shiver like ice ran down her spine shaking her tense up. She never was very good round strangers especially ones like this man who had an almost devilish evil look to them, that dark glint in their eyes. She stood for a second, just examining the man cautiously. Could he be trusted, I mean what was he going to do. Did he really know about Liana's secret? Did he know about the incident years and years back, that terrible incident that had influenced Liana's life forever. Liana had done terrible things that night. The man with his deep, musky scent came closer to Liana but only slightly. His face looked a little concerned to be honest. His blue and red eyes narrowed in concern, his brow furrowing. Liana looked down. Did this man really care about her, they way she suffered night and day to survive. Eviana taunted her everyday, just making it all the harder.

"Hey, Liana. You OK? You look a little out of it" he said in a dark velvety voice. She shot her gaze up immediately, her laurel eyes sparking brilliantly like fireworks on bonfire night. Her eyes also betrayed her suspicion of the man. "Yes...Just a little shaken" she replied in a soft tone, her body defensive. The man sighed his eyes smiling. "I'm glad you're OK Liana. I was worried you wouldn't find us" he replied smiling. Liana looked round into the dark area surrounding the two of them seeing only black, velvety black. "Us? Who would be us" she said almost hissing. The man raised his hands as if to surrender. "Whoa, Calm down I'm not gonna hurt you and you'll see. Come with me" he replied calmly but almost sarcastically. Liana narrowed her eyes in suspicion "Fine...but first...Tell me your name" she retorted.

The man smiled "I am known by many names...But you may call me Thorne" he replied darkly. Eviana laughed "Oh he's just like us Liana...except he hasn't split the personality" she taunted. Liana shook her head faintly to shift the voice away. Thorne smirked "Well? Are you coming or not?" he said grinning. Liana nodded frantically and ran to catch up with Thorne. He chuckled "Good" he smiled walking along with her along the dark road toward Concercini, the main city. Liana followed obediently behind Thorne in piercing silence. "So where have you been hiding all these years Liana?" he asked breaking the awkward silence. Liana half jumped at the sound of his voice and looked up innocently. "My house on the outskirts of Concercini. I prefer it there from the main areas in Concercini" she replied twiddling her thumbs awkwardly, her hair falling onto her face. Thorne nodded and stopped abruptly in the middle of a field. Liana was slightly lost and confused as to why he had stopped.

She waited for the explanation of why they had suddenly just randomly stopped in the middle of nowhere. As she looked to him for any explanation she swore she saw a Grey aura around Thorne. But. Maybe she was just tired, her eyes playing tricks on her. Thorne took several strides back and something glowed on the grass before a hatch type door opened below. At first she was shocked of what she was seeing. A door in the ground? It wasn't unheard of, but it was rather unusual there being a door in the middle of a field in the outskirts. She stared at it for a moment, wondering where it lead, why it was there, what its purpose was. "Come on then, the tea will be getting cold" said Thorne taking her arm and dragging her down into the glowing hatch.

"Hey hey hey stop" whined Liana. Eviana snickered. Thorne chuckled softly as he closed the hatch silently. A redy-orange tint of light emanated from further in the hatch. Liana was already nervous before she even entered the hatch but now she was physically on high alert. "hey...relax Liana" cooed Thorne. Eviana laughed "Yeah Liana" she mocked. Liana narrowed her eyes but nodded as he let her down a steel plated corridor into a large living like area with a roaring fire in the centre lighting up the room faintly. Liana was drawn in by the dancing flames. She walked over subconsciously and found herself sitting directly in front of the fire. She almost gasped in awe of the orange columns of heat. As she sat looking at the flames, Thorne smiled and sat down on the seat beside her. "You like the fire huh?" he said almost smugly as if he knew something she didn't. Liana nodded, smiling softly. Thorne smirked. "Do you know why you like the fire?" he pushed.

Liana was quiet for a while, lost in the flames, lost in time for the moment. Thorne waited patiently. " answer your question no I don't know why I like the fire. Though you know don't you Thorne" she said in a hiss. Thorne smirked "maaybe...Maybe I don't" he teased. Liana stood up, her laurel eyes darkening and the light from the flames sparkled off her eyes. Thorne stood up silently as Liana's back was turned. "Sorry Liana but this is the only way" he uttered before making lightning sparks in his hand and shocking her, catching a limp bodied Liana in his arms. "Now go Liana...Find yourself again" he whispered in her ear as he placed her on the seat before she dissipated into the air like smoke. "Finally she will return"