1st: Intro

Softly, Nicolas Pluto pressed the shining white piano cords. When he pressed key C, then E, he lost control. He started to press another key, then another, and another until those keys together become a piece of heart-breaking melody. Now he was not in the same world as another. His heart, his brain, his mind, his senses, his soul, all part of him had soared away with every key he pressed. His mind and soul wasn't in his body that he didn't hear someone approaching carefully not to disturb his time. The only consolation for someone like Nicolas Pluto was only his piano—that he always played at his free times—and when he did play, he would disappear into his own little world along with the floating cords.

"Sir Pluto." The voice of Thanatos woke Nicolas up from his own little world, and immediately the heart-breaking melody stopped instantly. "It's six pm, Sir. It's time for meeting with Mr. Hawk." Thanatos' voice was not loud but clear that made the onyx-haired man who sat in front of Yamaha piano could only nod.

"I'll be right there." He dismissed shortly.

Thanatos spun and made his way out from his boss' private room as soon as he heard the tone of his voice. Thanatos had worked for Nicolas' assistant long enough to know that if he used that tone, it means he needed some time alone. He could easily cancel the meeting as Sir Nicolas' assistant. For now, he would give him five minutes.

Nicolas Pluto is a successful gentleman in his late twenties. He ruled many businesses from manufactories and hotels; he also bought stocks in more than thirty active businesses. Apart from that, he also had multiple diamond mines in Africa and gold mines in Papua New Guinea. The profit he received from stocks, ownership of more than twenty five stared hotels, and gem mining was very huge that even computer would need a few minutes to count. He was also known in every part of the world at his career as musician and pianist. He had created countless of songs and received countless of royalty from the songs. In other words, Nicolas Pluto was a person everyone wants to be.

But in reality, money, power, and success were not the things that could make people happy in this world. Nicolas had experienced betrayals and distrusts. The woman he loved betrayed him for his money just when he'd thought of marrying her. It broke his heart and made him closed off from women. Sometimes he did bring some random women to his house just to relieve his desire, but he never committed his feelings on one woman. Truly, deep inside his heart, he was lonely.

Yes, he was rich. He had a glamorous black Mercedes Benz, shining silver Lamborghini, a stunning red Ferrari, an elite black Rolls-Royce, and a cute blue Porsche. He had many underlings, waiters, waitress, and maids whom were very loyal to his ownership. He also known as a wise man in taking decision and he also moved in charity. His house could easily called castle, with stunning Victorian style and land as wide as twenty hectares. The front and back yard of his house were as wide as a football court. For the plants, he had his own gardener to tend to the plants.

He built his life from scratch. He was just an ordinary kid who was born in an ordinary family. When he was seven, his mother died and his father became abusive and a drinker soon after. Soon he was dropped out from school for unable to pay the fee. When he was nine, eventually his eccentric but kind uncle took over Nicolas and his sister's custodies. Thanks to his uncle, he was able to achieve MBA degree in age seventeen. He became the only person who had ever achieved the degree in such a young age. With the degree, he easily became a trusted manager in a corporation and when the head corporation died, he inherited the corporation. Then he developed the corporation—bought and sold stocks from many businesses, mines, farms, manufactures, even hotels, so that he slowly compiling wealth until he was able to schooled his sister abroad without depending on his uncle anymore.

But being successful means you won false friends and true enemies. There had been countless how many women who wanted to take over Nicolas' wealth and how many enemies tried to overthrow him. But they underestimated Nicolas' cleverness. They didn't know if he had many intelligence and connections to the governments so that no enemies could touch him without facing the law first.

Other than that, he was also known worldwide as a genius musician and pianist. Therefore, it wasn't strange if commoners know his name and he often appeared on the cover of Time magazine as the second of 'the most eligible bachelor' in America. Even so, in public eye, he was a cold and shy person. He almost never taken off his sunglasses for fear people would saw his real expression beneath if he was caught by paparazzi. When he was in front of public, his face was always cold, bored, or uninterested. Nobody had ever seen him smile. He also seldom attended television talk shows even if he was famous and often invited. He only appeared on red carpet or press conference where he actually required to attend—off course, Nicolas never showed any emotion if photographers were taking pictures of him.

His fellow actors and actress who knew him would also say that Nicolas is a cold, introvert, boring person who couldn't be compromised. However, it was not like that. Nicolas was just reluctant to be in those talk shows because he would be dealing with hypocrites—again—who sweet-talked him, then toppled him afterwards. He was once attended a talk show—out of chivalry—but he was humiliated by his most trusted working partner, who was also invited along with him, in front almost 6 million citizens on television. Other than that, the head of Television Company also tried to overthrow him by repeating the recorded show over and over. The result was Nicolas' stock price was decreased that year and his profit decreased a few percent. This experience shocked Nicolas and made him believe that television is just means for humiliating people. He knew he was just being stupid with that silly thought, but he still reluctant to attend to talk shows or press conference.

"Sir Pluto," once again, Thanatos' voice woke him up from his reverie.

Nicolas sighed, "I know, Thanatos. I'll be right there."

"Sir, if you want to cancel the meeting, I could—"

"No need," Nicolas stated firmly. He rose from his chair. "I'll be ready shortly. Hawk said this meeting is important to him."

Thanatos didn't want to debate his boss as he immediately bowed, "off course, Sir. Let me get your coat ready." He then turned and took a tuxedo from coatrack and aided his boss to wear it. "I hope you have a nice evening, Sir."

Nicolas laughed bitterly, "I doubt that, Thanatos. I doubt that."



As he had predicted, the meeting turned out to be another worthless party. Important meeting my ass, Nicolas brooded sullenly. Nicolas quietly wondered why Mr. Hawk had said that it was an 'important meeting' to him, but he had his suspicion—he knew it must because Mr. Hawk knew he wouldn't have come willingly if he had said 'party' instead of 'meeting'. Nicolas sighed. He had dressed formally and thankfully, almost had the other males. Though almost every female dressed too open—they showed too much skin than needed. Nicolas sighed wearily. He should've accepted his assistant's offering to cancel his meeting with Mr. Hawk, but that wouldn't be polite. After all, it was an important one—at least to Hawk's family. He said it was celebration for his daughter's graduation from college. But he never seen the one Mr. Hawk held this 'meeting' for; Mr. Hawk's daughter. He had heard gossips from women that Mr. Hawk's daughter's name was Alice. They had said she was beautiful; she inherited her father's wits and guts and inherited her mother's beauty. But in the entire night, he hadn't seen a glimpse of her face. Perhaps she too, was sick of this 'social gathering' as Hawk had called it.

Nicolas decided to breathe some fresh air when he saw a couple of women had started a commotion of cat fight and started scratching each other in angry squeals. Cat fight indeed. Those women—though beautiful—looked even older than he; he estimated around thirty in age. He shook his head at the childish elders as he stepped out to the back garden of Hawk's residence.

It was almost ten in the evening. The night was dark, and as usual, the wind was cold and the air was humid. There were only a few garden lamps at some corners and there was a pavilion in the middle of rose patch. As he breathed the cold, damp air, his sharp ears caught a beautiful heart-breaking melody. His ears searched for the source of the melody and spotted someone inside the pavilion. Indeed, that someone was humming a sad melody and he unconsciously approached the pavilion.

It seemed the person he was surveying was a woman—if her slender and petite figure was any indication. Her hair was short, just stopped above her shoulder, messy, and dark brown in color. Suddenly, without warning, the woman turned to him. Nicolas almost couldn't look away from her wide emerald eyes.

"Who are you?" She asked almost afraid.

"Relax; I'm one of the guests." Nicolas said almost immediately after he saw the panic and fear in her emerald eyes. "It's not like I'm a robber or something." He continued soon after he saw the woman relaxed. "What are you doing out here? Shouldn't you be inside?" Nicolas inquired.

The woman frowned, "I could ask you the same thing." She then turned away from him and took a bow and some arrows away.

Nicolas' eyes widened. "What are you doing with those things? You're not intended on killing somebody, are you?"

The woman rolled her eyes. "Off course not, silly. I'm here because I need some fresh air and I also lack of training." She said without meeting his eyes. She was busy with her bow and arrows.

He let his eyes wandered her whole petite figure. She was very small—he estimated her whole body would just barely reach his chest. She was wearing a simple green dress that reached above her knees and a pair of flat shoes. She dressed too simple to be in a party. "So… you do archery?" Nicolas inquired hesitantly again.

She looked up and smiled genuinely, "yes." She answered shortly then attending her bow again.

Nicolas was rather startled when she smiled like that, but he ignored the fluttering in his stomach and the warm feeling creeping up his neck on to his face. "Well, what are you doing now?" Unknowingly, Nicolas moved closer to the woman—no, girl—as he entered the pavilion. She seemed too innocent and fiery to be called a woman. But that beside the point.

The brunette didn't show anything to make him go away, so he took it as in invitation and sat on the paved chairs, close to her sitting parchment on the porcelain floor. The girl kept her attention to her bow as she answered, "I'm replacing the strings. It's important for a string of a bow to be replaced regularly; it made the bow stronger and more durable." She said as she cheerfully tested the bow string.

Nicolas paused for a while as he inspecting the girl in awe. He never met a girl like her before; so full of life and free-spirited. He didn't know why, but he felt comfortable around her and he didn't really feel like leaving yet. "You seem to know these things pretty well." He commented.

The girl smiled as she cleaned the bow with alcohol, "ah, my friend, Diana, is the one who introduced me and taught me archery. I guess it was contagious after all." She said cheerfully without even looking at him. "I'm guessing you're my father's colleague, Sir?" she inquired as she keeps scrubbing the metal bow.

"Your father? As in Mr. Hawk?"

The girl rolled her eyes. "Who else?"

"Well, technically I am." He answered. "You mean, you're his daughter?"

"Yes." She was done scrubbing her bow. "Why are you really here, Sir?" She asked with a frown, now meeting his eyes.

Nicolas almost captivated by the wide fiery emerald eyes of hers. "Same as you; I'm here to catch some fresh air too. I'm not much of a party person." He looked away from her eyes before he got affected by them. "So I guess your name is Alice then?"

The girl froze and she looked up at him in surprise, but then her eyes softened with understanding. "Yes. I bet it was Aunt Angel who had told you my name." She stated.

Nicolas shrugged. "Nah, I don't know who they are. Those women just kept flocking around me and I just happened to hear your name around their useless gossiping. Honestly, I don't give a damn." Nicolas froze at his choice of words and quickly corrected, "I'm sorry, Milady, I don't mean to curse." He apologized. It was very rude for a gentleman to curse in front of a lady. He never let his words just spilled from his mouth just like that—what's wrong with him tonight? Perhaps he was tired? In need for alcohol? Yeah, perhaps so.

Instead of being scolded for his rudeness and his vulgar language, the girl snorted—obviously not amused, "Please, you've been talking to me informally until two seconds ago. So what? Now that you've known my identity is my father's daughter you intend to be formal with me now? Don't give me that crap." She frowned as she looked up at him. "I've grown sick of sweet-talks and fake-chivalry. I'm sure you've already know that those people inside are just hypocrites—hence the real reason you are with me right here right now. You, Sir, I think you are different. So please don't make me regret that opinion of mine."

Nicolas gaped. He tried to make coherent words but his mouth just open and close without any sound. This girl… Nicolas grinned, this girl definitely different! "Forgive me for trying to be polite, then."

"Well, I don't want you to be polite. Just treat me like I'm a normal 22 year-old and not Queen Victoria." She grumbled.

"So you're 22?" Nicolas inquired with a small smile—his mood has lifted drastically.

She glared openly at him, "got a problem with my age?"

"Not at all. It's just that… I don't expect you to be so young." Nicolas answered.

She rolled her eyes, "well, then how old are you, Uncle?" she retaliated playfully.

Nicolas frowned, "hey! Don't call me 'uncle', I'm not that old! I'm just 27 years old."

Now a couple of emerald eyes widened. "Really? You're young enough to be one of my suitors and instead you worked with dad? How come dad has such a young colleague?"

Now Nicolas' grin was full stretched. "Would you rather like me be your suitor then?" He teased.

The girl wrinkled her nose—which made him think it was rather cute. "Please. My mother has turned down all of the suitors. She thinks nobody deserves me. You know of my mother, do you not?" Nicolas shook his head. The girl then lowered her voice, "Well, don't speak of this to anyone, but my mother has some mental illness. She has daughter complex." She whispered. Nicolas lifted an eyebrow. "You can imagine what it was like, right? She is completely tied to me and unable to let go. She has never accepted that I'm no longer a child—always being around with me, holding my hand everywhere as if I'm just seven year-old who needed guardians all the time. She never allowed me to be out of her sight and she still strictly controlling my bed time, even in my age." She looked down on her lap, not seeing the look of confusion and disbelief in Nicolas' face. "What's worse is that she had chosen ones whom she thinks fitting to be my friends and I'm not even allowed to socialize until my sixteenth birthday. I only got my freedom recently because I've studied abroad the last five years." She was silent for a minute then she huffed, "why do I even talk about this with you? I hardly know you!" she huffed in exasperation in her own stupidity.

Nicolas chuckled. "Don't worry, I won't tell anyone about this. Besides, this means you've confided in me enough to tell me what you've been keeping in your heart, right?" he smirked.

Alice sighed, "You could say that."

Got nothing else to say, they fell in a comfortable silence for a while when Nicolas broke it. "I would like to see your archery skill."

Her wide emerald eyes got even wider if that was even possible, Nicolas had a hard time looking away from her sparkling eyes. "You really want to see?" She asked with a hopeful glint in her emerald eyes.

Nicolas nodded firmly and Alice smiled happily. Nicolas felt the same feeling of fluttering butterfly inside his stomach, up to his chest. Alice stood up from her perch on the floor, taking her bow and arrows with her; she smiled as she took Nicolas' hands and pulled him to the wide clearing of the garden. Nicolas felt as if his heart was going to explode as he felt Alice's soft hands gripped his rough callused ones. He could only follow as Alice pulled him around because he was too immersed in the sound of his own beating heart and the hotness that crept up from his neck to his face.

"You're the first one who is interested in my archery skills other than Diana and Minerva; and my dad, off course." Alice said cheerfully as she let go of his hands. Nicolas immediately missed the warmth and softness that her hands emitting. He opted to just watch the girl's movements as she ran around to prepare targets. "They said I do well enough that Diana had nothing more to teach me. And she is a pro, mind you." She laughed as she ran towards the center, next to where he stood. She prepared her stance; left arm holding her bow while the right hand stretching the string with an arrow, prepared to shoot. Shoulders relaxed, both feet opened as wide as the shoulders, both eyes opened, and she relaxed her stance. She released the arrow and a second later, the arrow embedded on the center of the circles.

Nicolas' sapphire eyes widened in admiration at the display as he nodded absently, "not bad," he murmured. "Not bad at all."

Alice frowned and pouted at the comment. "Not bad? That's all? No 'great' or 'terrific'?"

Nicolas almost burst out laughing at how cute she looked when she pouted and fought the urge to scoop her in his arms and never let go. Instead, he held back and chuckled, "being arrogant, now, aren't we?" he teased. At that, Alice huffed; she frowned, pouted, and folded her arms in front of her chest childishly. Nicolas couldn't help but laugh. "Seriously, no wonder your mother doesn't want to let you go." He commented. The brunette girl lifted an eyebrow as a sign for him to continue. "You're too cute to let go." He admitted despite himself with a kind smile—something he rarely shown to anyone.

To Nicolas' amusement, Alice's cheeks flushed prettily and she looked away. Nicolas smiled; this girl was truly different. He couldn't help but wanted to know more about her. "You're just saying that." Alice said timidly. Nicolas smiled; this girl seemed to be very expressive of her emotions. One second, she could be very spiteful and firm, fiery and sarcastic, then being sad and depressed, the next second she was happy and cheerful, after that being childish and cute, then being timid and bashful—all the while managed to keep being beautiful.

Alice seemed to have something else to say, but before any voice could escape her opened lips, they heard a voice from across the garden. "Alice! Kore, dear! Where have you gone?"

Alice groaned sullenly at the familiar sound. She picked up her bow and arrows. "I'm sorry, I have to go." She said as she reluctantly spun around and walked away.

"No worries, we'll see each other again."

Alice snapped her head to him at that. "What do you mean?"

A knowing smile appeared on his lips. "I meant what I said. I'll definitely see you again—no matter how. That is, if you want us to meet again."

Alice seemed to be considering it, and then she smiled timidly, "I'd like to see you again."

"Kore, dear! Answer you mother!"

That annoying voice interrupted, but they have yet to see anyone near them and the voice was a little farther from them, so Nicolas continued, "I'm glad. Then, you'll just have to wait for me, then." Alice's face dropped. Nicolas' heart clenched at the sad puppy eyes she showed—this girl would be the death of him, he was sure of it. "Don't make that face—you'll make me smothering you in no time. You're too cute." Alice blushed again at his direct words. "Just wait for me. I'll make sure to see you as soon as possible."

"Kore, my daughter!"

"Will you tell me about yourself by then?" Alice ignored her mother's calling as her face beamed.

Nicolas nodded. "I'll tell you everything you want to know."


Alice snapped her head at the voice. It sounded way closer than then. "You should probably go. My mother doesn't like to see me being close with men—and I should hide my bow."

Nicolas trotted to Alice and held her right hand close to his lips to kiss her knuckles. "Then I should bid you good night, milady." He smirked as he looked up to her flushed face—once again, he transformed into a gentleman. Then he turned without a word or a second glance as he walked towards the back terrace to once again enter the stuffing party inside.






Nicolas Pluto

Hair color: black

Eye color: pale blue

Age: 27

Occupation: businessman

Proserpine Alice

Hair color: dark brown

Eye color: green

Age: 22

Occupation: none

Irene Pluto

Hair color: black

Eye color: dark blue

Age: 20

Occupation: College student

Ceres Hawk

Hair color: brown

Eye color: blue

Age: 32

Occupation: housewife

Jupiter Hawk

Hair color: blonde

Eye color: green

Age: 59

Occupation: businessman

Letum Thanatos

Hair color: black

Eye color: black

Age: unknown

Occupation: Pluto's assistant/ manager

Cassandra Hecata

Hair color: black

Eye color: brown

Age: 30

Occupation: secretary/ lawyer

Alexander Charon

Hair color: dark brown

Eye color: brown

Age: 28

Occupation: driver/ doorman





Author's Note:

Hi. This is my first attempt at Hades and Persephone's tale with my own twists. As you can see, here they are mortals. Hades is Nicolas, which I brought the name: Pluto, Hades' roman name, and Persephone is Alice with the name Proserpine, Persephone's roman name. Jupiter is Zeus, being Alice's father. And Ceres is Demeter, Alice's mom, who has a mental disorder. I don't know if "daughter complex" really exist in medical world, I just made that up. Please bear with me, and consider that illness exist. Another Gods who will show up is Aphrodite, she will be Alice's beautiful aunt. Then Artemis and Athena, they will be the same age of Alice, being Alice's only friends. Apollo will be Artemis' twin, and Hermes will be Apollo's friend. Hermes' name will be Currie here (lacking for more imagination).

Thank you for reading, and please tell me what you think in the box below, please.