Not Your Average Fairytale

Chapter 25: Beginning  

              For a moment Elisia knelt there numbly, staring into space. The tears still rolled down her cheeks, but she was no longer crying out loud. Her tears- too much to be cried out through the eyes had been poured out from inside, and her heart had drowned in the sudden flood of sorrow.

                Then she remembered where she was, and she sensed the presence of two people behind her.

                "He was a brave elf," the young woman whose voice sounded like hers said. "A mighty warrior," Prince Eranc added. Although his long brown hair and brilliant blue eyes reminded her strongly of Prince Eric, his voice was deeper and stronger.

                Elisia gently laid Pyrites' head down on the ground. She watched as Eranc gently pulled out the sword from his chest. The sword, too, had not been stained and was, instead, shining brilliant silver. He fulfilled the Purpose of the Pulfar, that's why it's not stained, just like how the Sorar was when I pulled it out from the Dark Lord. Oh, if only Pyrites were alive. Elisia felt cursed. From what she had heard from Pyrites so far, all the warriors who had fulfilled the Purpose of the elven blades had been killed. "I'm probably better off dead," Elisia said bitterly.

                Suddenly she felt a tug at her hand, and realized that Roxanne was trying to pull her to her feet. "Please don't say that. You rescued Eranc and me… the least we can do is…" Roxanne stopped short, gasping at Elisia's face. Elisia widened her eyes in shock too. Although Roxanne's hair was of a lighter shade of brown, both of them had the same piercing green eyes and heart-shaped face. Elisia had more pointy ears, and looked prettier, although it was hard to compare because Roxanne had been imprisoned for many years.

                "I'm sorry, I… I haven't introduced myself," Elisia used her sleeve to wipe her eyes and then looked at her younger sister, "I'm Elisia. I'm… your older sister."

                "My half older sister, you mean," Roxanne said. There was no hostility in her voice, only curiosity and the faint trace of a smile at the corners of her lips. Eranc stood by her with his arm around her shoulders, staring at Elisia in astonishment.

                "Half? What do you mean?" Elisia asked.

                "Mom… she had you before she was married to Dad… your father was an elvish King or ruler of some sort I'm not too sure. They never really told me the details, only that I… had a half-sister," Roxanne told her.

                "That explains why Py… why I was told I was half an elf…" Elisia mumbled to herself. Just then, something black whizzed straight past her and into Roxanne's arms.

                "Oh! Roxanne! Roxanne! I've missed you so much! All those years we spent looking for you!" Mojari exclaimed as he latched himself onto the front of Roxanne's pink gown, almost ripping it off with his sharp claws. Elisia did not know whether to be sad or laugh at his antics. She would miss Mojari badly when all this was over. "Oh, I think I'm.. going to… cry!" Mojari wailed. And indeed, boiling hot drops of tears began to leak from his yellow eyes, making Roxanne yelp.

                She let go of him, and Elisia sprang forward just in time to catch Mojari, who was stunned. "Wow. That was scary… what'd you do that for, Roxanne?" Mojari asked. He gave a soft, gravelly growl of content as Elisia stroked his leathery wings.

                "I think you're getting too big, and heavy for me, Mojari!" Roxanne exclaimed, raising her pale weak arms helplessly. It was true. Mojari was roughly the size of a big bear cub. Elisia could hold him, though, and he was a little happy.

                "What are we going to do with him?" Eranc nodded a head in the direction of Eric, who was beginning to stir.

                "I don't believe he could so such a thing…" Roxanne shook her head sadly.

                Elisia just looked at Eric without saying anything. He had disappointed her greatly.

                "Eric! Ugh! I knew he was bad, all along! I mean, teaming up with the bad guy! That's terrible! And he led you and Pyrites on, Elisia! Eric's a bad, bad man!" Mojari flapped his wings, highly annoyed.

                "Shush, Moj," Elisia told him gently, and he obeyed her meekly.

                The three of them walked towards the wall, which was now made out of white stone. Elisia bent down to pick up the Sorar, which she had left at the place where the Dark Lord had been vanquished. The Elvish carvings around its edge were gone now, and only one word was left: Sorar. Her Quest had been fulfilled. The Sorar felt light in her hands, like it belonged there. Elisia would keep it forever.

                "Get up," Eranc said curtly, grabbing Eric by the collar of his royal shirt and slamming him into the wall. Elisia could tell it hurt Eranc to do this to his brother, but she could see the determination and anger in his face, and she knew that he was capable of doing anything to Eric if he was this mad. Roxanne clung to Eranc's hand looking at Eric as though he were a monster. Elisia stood beside them with her hands on her hips, staring as Eric looked at all three.

                "Elisia…" it was the first thing he'd said, "you're okay."

                Elisia just glared at him, and his gaze faltered.

                "Eranc… and Roxanne. I'm so happy you're alive…" he continued. Elisia could tell by the looks on Eranc and Roxanne's faces that they hardly believed him.

                "How could you, Eric. He was a Dark Lord! What were you thinking? Oh, I forgot, you weren't even thinking at all!" Eranc exploded, his fists clenched and eyes flashing furiously. Roxanne put an arm on his shoulder to calm him down, and it helped only a little.

                "I told you, Eranc! I did it for you!" Eric pleaded. Elisia wished she did not have to see his sorrowful eyes. They almost made her change her mind about what kind of person he was.

                "You trusted a Dark Lord for me? I would have been better off if you were dead!" Eranc spat at the ground near Eric's feet, then turned to Elisia, "I am no longer his brother; you may do whatever you please with this servant of darkness." Then Eranc dragged Roxanne away to another part of the clearing and began to converse in low tones, leaving Elisia staring at Eric.

                "Elisia. Please, you've got to believe me," Eric caught a glimpse of Pyrites lying on the ground and said, "is that Pyrites? Sleeping on the job as usual?"

                Elisia resisted the urge to slap him right across the face.

                "He's dead," she said, her voice only wavering a little.

                "Oh my goodness…" Eric looked clearly shocked, but he did not seem sad at all.

                "Are you happy now? You wanted him dead, right? You could've been even happier if I was dead too, but too bad, I'm still alive. And I'm going to avenge Pyrites' death," Elisia drew out her sword and pointed the tip of it to Eric's throat. His eyes bulged in terror.

                "No… Elisia, please. Don't do this. Don't kill me. Just hear me out. I swear I never meant to hurt you. I never knew you would turn up at the palace like that, I never imagined that I would suddenly get the urge to want to rescue you. And then… we embarked on that journey so suddenly I had no time to tell you. When we met Pyrites I thought he would be a… a suitable replacement for you. I never wanted to give you to the Dark Lord as a sacrifice, please believe me… I… l…"

                Elisia cut him off before he could say anything more. Instead of apologizing to her, Eric had just infuriated her more. "You murderer, Eric… I don't believe it… you lied to me about everything. You wanted to kill Pyrites from the very start! And to think he was trying to help you find me! You've gone too far!" Elisia gripped the Sorar, seething with fury.

                She glared deep into Eric's eyes, into the brilliant blue orbs that had once looked at her with such wonder and bashful admiration. The deep eyes she'd first seen when she had accidentally pulled Eric down the stairs of the Ruso palace. And then suddenly something stopped her. She saw one of the Three Witches, the one with the tinges of azure in her hair. She recalled the words that the witch had said to her. You are already beautiful in your own way. I shall give you the gift of beauty inside. You shall be kind and compassionate to lost souls…

                And she knew. She knew that she could not- no, she would not kill Eric. He was a lost soul, no matter how good or bad he was. Slowly she removed her blade from his throat and sheathed the Sorar.

                "Go. I shall spare you, only because I know that Pyrites would never have wanted me to kill you. I hope that one day you will amend your ways and start anew, this time on the good side," Elisia said to him. She took one last look, the last she would ever see of him.

And that face, along with all the others she'd seen in her mind, would remain there forever. Eric; his strong jaw and the soft dark brown hair that fell into his sky blue eyes, now filled with sadness and regret. Elisia smiled bitterly- she would never forget that face.

                Then she turned to Eranc and said, "Please take this man home to your palace and see what King and Queen Ruso will do with him. My decision has no power whatsoever over theirs." Eranc gave her a nod, and grabbed Eric by the sleeve, dragging him over to where he and Roxanne were standing.

                "Please, Elisia, my sister," Roxanne came forward. Elisia realized that this was the first time she had called Elisia her sister and not her half-sister. "Elisia, you saved our lives. Surely there is something we can do for you? Would you like gold? Riches? A Royal Medal of Bravery?"

                Elisia smiled and shook her head. She walked over to where Pyrites lay, and with little difficulty picked him up from the ground after she sheathed the Pulfar into his scabbard. "You can do something for me. Give Pyrites the best burial ceremony possible," she said, a tear rolling down her cheek as she glanced at the lifeless elf. Eranc stepped forward, and Elisia placed Pyrites gently into his arms.

                "It is your time to go now," Elisia told the three of them.

                "But surely you are coming with us?" Roxanne protested, "You must live in the palace with your family!"

                Elisia looked at Roxanne, her face so much like her own, yet young and excited. Elisia could see it under all the mud and soil on Roxanne's face. The thought of staying in the palace being treated like Royalty was appealing, there was no doubt about that... but…

                "Thanks for the offer, Roxanne. But I don't think I'm cut out to be a princess like you are. Besides, your father wouldn't approve of me staying… you know, considering the circumstances and what I did to your mother when I kinda stormed into the palace," Elisia said, colouring a little.

                "That's dad and mom to you," Roxanne engulfed Elisia in a big hug, which she promptly returned. It felt good to be hugging someone right now. A warm radiated through her skin, and Elisia knew that Roxanne really was her sister, because no one could make her feel that way.

                "You'll always be my sister, even if we met for just a couple of minutes," Roxanne said when she pulled back from their hug. Elisia wiped away the tear on her sister's eye, and tucked a stray strand of brown hair behind Roxanne's ear. "Good luck with your wedding! You take good care of her, okay, Eranc?" Elisia smiled at the prince, who returned her smile readily. "I will, Miss," he winked.

                "Feel free to drop by, Elisia!" Roxanne called.

                "I will! Now hold hands and say the word 'light', and it should take you back to Mage Herbine's. He'll help you along from there!" Elisia called, taking a step back. Eric was standing by Eranc, looking forlorn and sad. Eranc took his hand, and Roxanne placed a hand over Eranc's, because he was carrying Pyrites with him.

                "Mojari! It's time to go!" Roxanne called to the dragon, who swooped down immediately and landed at her feet. Mojari looked up at Roxanne, then flew to Elisia. "Why won't you come with us, Elisia? It'll be lovely at the palace!" he tried to persuade her, but Elisia shook her head.

                "No, Mojari. My place is here and now. I am a warrior, not a princess. I live on adventure, action. I could never be cooped up in a palace like that. Besides, I need time to… to think," she turned to look at the trees so Mojari would not see her crying.

                "Then surely you could be a warrior princess?" Mojari tried.

                "You silly little dragon!" Elisia gave him a bear hug, and he gave a growl of content. "I love you, Elisia," he said.

                "I love you too, Moj…" Elisia wiped away a tear, "now go!"

                Mojari turned to join Roxanne, and Elisia gave them one last wave, then turned her back to start a new journey through the lands of Feria.

                Before she had even gone one step, there was a squawk from behind, and before she knew it, Mojari had pelted into her arms, crying, "Oh, I wanna come! I wanna come with you, Elisia! I don't want to stay in the palace too!" And crying, laughing, Elisia hugged Mojari back.

                "Oh, Mojari," she sighed.


Author's Note: Yes. You saw those words! The End!

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