Servant's Soul

"Are you really so sure that this is a guy we can trust right now?"

"Yeah, I'm pretty sure. Why?"

"We're talking about a guy who lives inside a forest in the middle of winter." I said, following behind the older girl as we walked through the forest, looking around myself.

"He doesn't live inside the forest." Nina responded.

"Then why the heck are we even walking through here to begin with?"

"He lives inside an old bombing shelter."

I stopped, "...a bombing shelter?" I said after a moment of staring.

"Yeah." She held her hands on the back of her tawny brown hair, turning to glance at me slightly, as she too stopped, "I'm sure that you know what a bombing shelter is for?"

I nodded silently.

A bombing shelter was something that many people of high social standing or of political value would take shelter in during the Guresian Revolution.

See, before said Revolution, Guresu was a monarchy, which in itself took over the world because of the powers of the Guresian military.

Ever since technological warfare had been introduced in the mid-21st century, wars were always fought by machine, be it humanoid or otherwise.

As a result of many Guresians mysterious abilities to affect multiple aspects of scientifically studied parts of universal nature, one of said aspects being all types of energy, the very whole of the world would soon crumble against the imperialist empire, as no matter how powerful the weapons and machines were, Guresu had something to counter it.

So saying that it took less than a year before Guresu became an all powerful nation that took over the world would not sound like an amazing fact.

Because like it or not, my people are just that powerful.

The reason why was because a large quantity of the population had a layering over their spine, which no other country's race ever had, that enabled them to control some parts of nature.

This layering was nicknamed a "bond" by scientists who studied those people. Usually, when people had bonds within them, one of the rather telltale signs was when their hair or eyes were a strange color. Take me for example, what with my white hair despite my young age.

Even Nova as well, who had his green hair and black eyes.

Both of us had bonds of some sort, though I wasn't sure what type Nova himself had. It's hard when you only see it once and you have little time to do anything else.

It wasn't as though I didn't suspect it at first. But his questions about my hair color made me want to disregard it for a moment.

And even if he actually did turn out to actually be a Guresian, he seemed to be a bit unaware of that fact himself.

But if it turned out that he was in fact a Guresian and decided to lie...

I mentally sighed.

There was always the chance that someone would know about that, I thought to myself.

But E.A.S.T. had told me that there wouldn't be anyone with that knowledge here...

"Keep a low profile," the politician had said.

That was just another way of saying not to attract attention to myself, but as I thought about it, I realized there was little chance of that happening without difficulty.

Even without the hair I had on my head, the fact that I always tended to stick to myself almost everywhere I went made people seem to take an interest in me, even if the feeling itself wasn't mutual.

As a result, people would bother me a lot in school, this being only amplified when I tried to keep people out of my personal business.

Like Nova, I'd often let people read my poetry and such.

But if ever asked about what it was about, I'd always say that I'd either didn't want to talk about it, or that it was just a secret.

And somehow, this effort to keep them out of my business just ended up making it ten times worse.

Why was it that people couldn't just compliment my hard work?

I'd always assumed that writers of fiction always felt as though they were gliding on air when people had complimented their writing pieces, especially if they worked hard on it.

That was the case with me at least.

But when people saw how much angst seemed to plague my writing, I guess they were just worried about me.

Due to this, I attempted to make more "happy" type poems and songs.

Yet this only ended with people saying that it either lacked the passion my older poems had or just ended with them saying that it sucked.

You couldn't ever please everyone, could you?

My perserverance to never answer any of their questions soon led to them making assumptions based on the bond that I had.

Even in Guresu, a place quite unlike any other place in the world, there was still such a thing as stereotyping.

And my bond unfortunately made it so that my own personality backed up this sterotype.

My bond was an elemental type bond, which meant my bond allowed me to manipulate one or more elements in the peridoic table.

Said elements that I could manipulate were oxygen, argon, xenon, nitrogen and a small handul of others.

When such combonations were made, or close to being made, scientists of Guresu decided to give a different word for each and every person's bond.

My bond, a combonation bond, was called an "Aero-Bond", mainly due to the fact that the elements I could manipulate having some piece to the structure of air.

But then again, recently, I think my bond has become a bit more abstract than before...

Anyways, as I was birthed with the Aero-Bond, the stereotype went that I was often cold hearted, even if I could be the gentlest person in the world.

Which was actually a true statement about me.

I just have a very blatant dislike for pretty much everyone in general.

I viewed humans as the most feeble beings in the entire damn world, and this reflected in the fact that people seemed worthless to me whenever I thought of most people.

Contrary to the assumptions people would make about my deceased parents (Dad had died of sickness a few years before Mom got killed) having everything to do with this, they were all completely wrong.

By that time I was probably as innocent as can be about the world, trying to help it out and everything else.

It was actually then that my dream to become one of the National Messiahs was brought to life.

And though I still secretly wished to become just that, that didn't change the fact that half the people I met that were my age all used me for their own selfish, personal, petty crap.

Animals seemed to make it a point that they all hated me.

The "friends" I actually ended up making all ended up using me later on in our relationship, as I said earlier.

But it didn't even stop there.

Even the girls that I liked or even started dating did the exact same crap to me!

I can remember that I'd dated a girl almost a year and a half back, when I'd become a missionary that went off to North Korea while also continuing my independent study of anthropology there, all the while trying to help out with the construction of a church.

I'm not willing to give much details on it, but I'm very sure that it wasn't anything near the "normal," a.k.a. "cliched", type first meeting.

There was no "staring at each other in slow motion" moment.

There was no "incredible first kiss that sealed the deal between us forever".

What there was when we first was a hell of a lot of surprise, all on my part.

I had just been walking out an airplane line, and was trying to catch up to my guide as I'd left a bag on the plane.

Like much of the other people I passed by in my life, I gave no one any special attention as I tried to run after him.

However, this soon backfired as a girl that I'd never evenseen before suddenly came sprinting in the opposite direction I was facing as I ran.

As I said before, I paid no one any special attention then, and I only just thought that she looked excited but was still hurrying despite having no bags.

This fact made me think she was meeting up with a good friend or a relative that she'd hadn't seen in a long time.

So I quickly dismissed her from my thoughts, running while facing forward.

Now, try to imagine my expectation that she's just going to run past me and the entire situation is over.

Just some person you passed by in the airport and only noticed because she was the only person actually sprinting in the entire airport building (I'm not joking, the least amount of time anyone could wait for the next plane to leave was over another hour).

There would be no harm in her running.

She was probably just bursting with excitement to see her long lost friend or relative again in the flesh.

I vaguely remember my thoughts being somewhere on the lines of that when I looked back on it a few months later.

Now, imagine my surprise when this person you didn't even know, would make you find out later that you genuinely didn't have the slightest chance in hell of recognizing even if you had a photographic memory, and who you expected to never even think twice about for the rest of your life, just suddenly started to change her course of running so that instead of just some relative you thought she'd be running for, she started sprinting towards you at the last second, and before you could even register any information in your brain about the now inevitable collision that was going to happen, you get tackled by this mystery girl and she ends up hugging and kissing you as though you've been dating for years.

My surprise would only get worse when it turned she just used me to get away from her security guards and made the effort of doing that to throw off any thought it was her, as she was wearing a disguise.

Oh, that's right, I forgot to mention, did I say that said mystery girl was actually the next person in line to gain control over the monarchy of the country you're in and her parents had both been assassinated just days before?

Yeah, imagine the kind of feelings I got in those 12 hours.

Now add on a neck deep onslaught of other crap that piled over more and more crap, all starting with her realizing my powers as a Guresian and "asking" me to single-handedly destroy an entire freaking fleet of one of the most powerful navy weapons the world had to offer then, all to avoid the consequences of drugging the entire military base she had stowed away underneath her house when a country that was at war with them had made plans to raid their area via the sea.

After narrowly surviving actually doing that kind of stunt, I would only have one thing to ask myself: "What the fuck is up with this country?"

And considering I rarely ever cursed before then, you should know how bad it is to go through all of the crap I went through afterwards.

Damn arrogant little...

I had been walking while having all of these thoughts, yet stopped again when I noticed where we were going.

We were much closer to the now dormant volcano than before.

Yet, my attention was on the ground.

I narrowed my eyes, looking more deeply at it, the thoughts of my life preceding the one I had now leaving my head.

Then I decided to follow Nina again, walking quickly as not to be left behind.

At least that's what I thought.

A few steps later and we were in front of what resembled a sewer line entrance.

"Is this supposed to be it?" I asked, kneeling down beside Nina.

She nodded, "I'm pretty sure. Let's just hope that he's -" Both she and I jumped back in surprise when the lid to the entrance suddenly blew itself up into the air, spinning as though roughly brought up into the air.

Light poured out of the now open hole, yet I took more of an interest to the lid, watching it spin rapidly in the air, and concentrated quickly on it, narrowing my eyes and trying to look closely around it.

The thick metal disk very suddenly stopped in mid-air, simply levitating there as I lifted a hand at it.

Then I started to let it gradually lower itself towards the ground, only looking up however when I saw something come out of the hole.

Next thing I know, a boy my age ran to me and lifted a gun to my face before I could do anything.

"You aren't getting any closer to my house, that's far enough." He said, me telling from his tone he had a scowl on his face.

And I simply half lidded my eyes at the gun, "Do you honestly think that you can threaten me with that?" I asked, completely unfazed by the weapon.

His finger seemed to be training itself off the trigger.

In response to this, I pushed my forehead against the hole that the bullet was meant to come out from, voice calm and devoid, "If you do, then I insist that you pull the trigger. It'll be a waste of a weapon though, I'll tell you that now."

I could feel a weird sensation coming on the area the bullet, that same weird sensation that always seem to come whenever I put a pencil end up and pointed it at my forehead, whether blood was moving away or towards that area a question that was never answered to me.

I stared at him, his dark blue eyes serious as he pointed the weapon at me, his ruffled up coal black hair coming down in locks that went to the middle of his head, scraping against his tanned skin.

I could hear the small clicking that came when a person pulls the trigger of a gun, yet as this happened, a hand suddenly wrenched the gun away from my forehead, the owner of another pair of hands grabbing at her shoulders, wrenching the boy away from me.

"What the hell are you doing Vulcan?" Nina yelled, wrenching the gun away from his hands.

"He's the real deal! Don't kill him!" The voice of Nova yelled out, pulling the boy now known to me as Vulcan away.

"What the heck is up with you guys? I knew he was the real deal!" Vulcan yelled, looking at Nina after Nova finally let go of him.

"Then why did you point a gun at him?" Nina yelled, holding it up for emphasis.

"Pull the trigger." He said simply, his eyelids adopting my formation.

She visibly blinked, then pointed the gun down after aiming, pulling the trigger.

Instead of a crack of a gunshot and a bullet coming out, there was only the sound of liquid hitting the ground.

A water gun.

"Don't be so angry Nina." I said to her when I saw her staring at the ground with an unreadable expression on her face, "Even if it were a real gun, I wouldn't be in any actual trouble." I explained, only for her to turn and knock the butt of the pistol against my cheek.

The fact that it was made of metal should make it needless to say that it hurt pretty badly.

"What the hell did you hit me for?" I took a step back as I held my cheek.

"For doing something so stupid!" She snarled, "What's wrong with you? Who tells a person to pull the trigger when they have a gun pointed at them?!"

"I did it because guns can't hurt me unless I'm asleep!"

"How is that even possible?!"

"Guns require air to launch bullets at others, yet I can control the air, so if something like a gun were to be pointed at me, I can just bounce the bullets back inside the gun. The result is usually it getting destroyed but..." I began to explain, only to slowly trail off as I started to realize what Nina's question implied, then gradually looked back at her, "If you didn't already know that, why did you send a guy with a gun on the train to put it on my head?"

Her expression went stiff for a moment, but then she relaxed, "There were blanks in the gun. You wouldn't have gotten hurt either way."

I narrowed my eyes at her for a moment, then glanced away, "Alright."

She read my look, "What?"

"Nothing. Just..." I looked back over to her, "Don't you think it's a bit... extreme to get a guy to point a gun at someone's head if you're only trying to see if they're the real deal of something or not? I would've told you if you asked me."

"What exactly would you say the chances of you lying would be if I had asked you? After all, this is supposed to be your shift from being an exorcist to becoming a regular guy in your teens, if your files aren't lying. Why would you willingly answer someone about who you were if you didn't even know their faces before that day?"

The question was rhetorical.

And I sighed at her words, knowing that I'd probably would've liked to keep my own past life a secret if ever put through that.

It was like getting called to the principal's office at a school you didn't even go to, with the principal asking you questions that were really none of their business to begin with (i.e. "Where do you live? Do you have any brothers or sisters? Are they older or younger than you?").

And anyone in their right mind wouldn't feel very keen on answering those questions.

"Mhm." Nina crossed her arms at me, "You get it now?"

"I guess." I lifted my hands up, palms out toward her, before turning my attention to Nova and Vulcan, looking at the latter mentioned boy, "So is this the guy you were talking about?"

"Yeah, it's him." Nina responded, looking at him as well.

I looked at him, then walked towards him, "It's nice to meet you, Vulcan. I admit you caught me by surprise, but..." I had began to start straying from the point of me walking to him in the first place, yet I quickly brought myself back to what I intended to say, "My name is Scion Thanatos."

I lifted a hand out to him, and he looked at the hand, before grasping mine with his own, us shaking before releasing each other.

"Hi, I'm Vulcan Chikyu." He responded, smiling.

"Is it alright if I were to ask a favor of you?"

"It depends on what that favor is."

"Would you mind aiding us in an exorcism? Just your support alone could be very beneficial to Nina and I."

"Would this exorcism have anything to do with clones of you doing stuff to destroy this place?" He held a hand on his hip, looking at me expectantly.

I blinked at that, pausing momentarily before responding, "...Yes, I take it you've dealt with some already?"

He shook his head, "No, that's not it. Actually, it was this guy who told me about them at first." He pointed a thumb back at Nova.

I looked at him, "How did you know about them?"

"I know a thing or two about demons. Taking care of them was easy." He shrugged, and I slowly realized something else.

"Were you..." I stared at him.


I didn't respond, only focused my Eye, looking closely at his nose.

"A Warrior's soul..." I whispered to myself, then I relaxed it, "That explains it."

Nova blinked at my speculation, then smiled, "I guess you finally figured me out..."

"You were the one who took out half of them, weren't you?"

It wasn't a question.

"Yeah, that was me." He spread his hands.

"But why is your soul barrier different than it was before?" I asked, looking at him.

His soul barrier had taken on the appearance of cracked gold when he unleashed his spiritual energy. But now it was just the same plain blue that always showed when a person was alive.

He seemed a bit surprised at my question, then sighed, "I guess you didn't figure it out after all." He looked at me, and as his eyes stared down on at my neck, he walked up to me as though to get a closer look, "You did the Soul Fusion?" He asked, leaning down slightly, staring at my neck.

I smiled, "No, not a complete one at least," I pulled at what he was looking at with a finger, "But I guess the residue a Soul Fusion has can be very lucid, even if it's only an imcomplete one."

"What are you guys talking about?" Nina walked to our side, on my right, Nova's left, as did Vulcan, his own interest bringing him to my left, Nova's right.

"You have to use your Eye in order to actually see what happened."

She visibly squinted as she bent down to get a good look at my neck, and she jumped in surprise, "Where did that choker on your neck come from?"

If one were to see things through the Exorcist Eye, they would see that there was a thick, rust reddish-brown, see through choker on my neck that looked as though it were made of metal, a chain coming out of its side.

"It happened when we used the temporary Soul Fusion." I explained, glancing at her, "When we bonded, these bonds very literally formed between us. But yours isn't on your neck like mine." I lifted the chain that came out the side of my choker, and Vulcan and Nina's eyes both trailed along it, their eyes settling on Nina's right hand, where there was what looked like a red ring on her thumb that the chain connected to.

"What the...?" She stared at the new development, "I knew my hand felt different after we did that but..."

"Why isn't hers on her neck like yours is?" Vulcan said.

Seemed like he had the Eye too.

That'd make things all the more simple.

"It's because we have different soul types." I explained, "There are countless soul types that any beings can have, yet it typically can get narrowed down into whatever form a person's body takes. As we're all obviously humans here, there are seven general soul types that beings of "man" have."

"Only seven? That seems a pretty small in comparison to the number being countless." Vulcan commented.

"It's what we've got though, we can't complain about it. The seven soul types are as follows: Servant, Artisan, Warrior, Ruler, Sage, Scholar, and Prophet. Some of these souls nullify each other, but generally they all can produce rather powerful results when they undergo Soul Fusion. As a sign that the Soul Fusion has taken place, these bonds form." I gestured the chain, "Mine is around my neck, symbolizing that I have the "servant" soul. Like a servant, I can be pulled around by the people who control me very easily, just by grabbing this thing and pulling it. Nina's is around her thumb, which symbolizes her having the "ruler" soul. If she's up to it, she has the ability to put certain things under her complete and utter control without much effort. Or, "put everything under her thumb" as the saying goes."

"What saying?" Nova asked, looking at me.

The other two were looking at me weirdly as well.

"Analogy," I corrected myself, "The analogy goes that when someone rules over others, they can crush them like crushing a bug under their thumb, hence the phrase, "we're all under his thumb"."

At that, Vulcan looked at Nina, then slowly started scooting away.

"What are you doing?"

"I don't want to get crushed under your thumb." Vulcan responded.

"Not literally!" I yelled loudly at him.

"I don't want to take any chances..."

"Shut up, Vulcan." Nina scowled.

"So you're saying that you're a servant and she's a ruler?" Vulcan asked, and I nodded, "Doesn't that mean that you're technically her slave now?"

I didn't know he'd figure it out so quickly, but seeing as I'd pretty much had been caught already...

"Yeah, that's what it means." I answered his question.

"Huh? Why didn't you tell me that before now?" Nina turned to me.

"My past experiences with having undergone Soul Fusion with someone else who had a ruler soul isn't exactly something I'd like to have repeated." I responded, looking down slightly, fingering my pendant suddenly.

"Really..." Vulcan smiled, "Come on, you can tell us."

"I'd rather not." I said, already expecting his response.

"Why not? You can trust us. No one else is around."

"I barely know any of you."


"It isn't worth getting into. And besides that, I think we're wasting our time here. We could've been searching for those demons from the start."

"We can't forget about the serial killer, right Scion?" Nina's hand was now on her hip.

"I know. But if we don't get to the demons first, we'll have a hell of a lot more to be worried about than one killer."

Nova had been looking down, then his eyes whipped back up, "Everyone get down!"

He roared loudly, and we were all so startled by how his voice sounded that we didn't even follow his command.

Which was a big mistake.

He cursed after the second of our surprise, then lifted his hand up, slammed his palm into the ground, a light on his palm.

As soon as this happened, the ground seemed to blow up from underneath us, and we lost our footing, falling flat on our backs, my arm hitting the ground painfully.

"What the hell - ?!" My eyes went wide when I saw what he trying to do.

As soon as this happened, the earth that surrounded the four of us suddenly split apart, flying into the air as though blown up via an explosion, the now broken apart earth flying at us.

I rolled onto my back, planting my palms into the ground, then pushed myself back up, bending my legs and placing my feet next to my hands, hopping back up onto my feet again.

I concentrated as I looked up at the earth that now was lifted up into the air, and I clenched my teeth, closing my hands into fists, crossing my arms before splitting them apart swiftly with a grunt.

In a split second, wave shaped gusts of wind shot out of the circumference of every direction possible about three meters away from me.

Just in time too, as the rocks were hurled at us with an unseen force.

When the two force collided, my wind cut through most of the boulder sized projectiles, the remaining gusts blowing them away from us.

"You saw them before any of us did. You're a hell of a lot better than most would expect." I said, meaning Nova, standing back up.

"I've been practicing almost nonstop for years, so don't be surprised at what I can do." Nova responded, standing up straight as well.

I smirked lightly, narrowing my eyes, mouthing words out.

Soul Blade of mine
Forgive me for the sins which have defiled you
And give me the power to never succumb to temptation so long as I live...

I lifted my closed hand to my shoulder, then swung it out, my Soul Blade coming out in it, held tightly.

"Alright, that's fine with me." I said, letting my smirk fall back down to my usual blank look at the sight of people who looked like me coming out of the forest trees, "I'm not complaining. You saved us, so it'll be fine with me if I don't question you about it."

"These guys are the demons, aren't they?" Vulcan's voice came to my ears, and I didn't risk looking away from the demons in front of me.

But I could tell from his tone that it wasn't a question.

"Yes, these are the demons." I confirmed despite this, bringing the scythe I had to be held onto by both of my hands, "But these are Sloth demons, so be careful."

"Aren't Sloth supposed to be lazy?" Vulcan asked.

"They normally are, but in certain circumstances, namely this one, they aren't exactly the type of demons you want to be around."

"Quit talking about us as though we aren't right here!" One said, and I concentrated energy into the scythe's blade, it vibrating slightly, spinning my feet in the dirt and slashing out at the direction the voice came from, letting the hand that was on the lower side of the scythe, my left, hold it with a tighter grip as I let my right hand let go of the higher part of the staff part of the scythe, a wave of bluish white energy being hurtled at him as a result of this.

It blew him right back, and as he crumpled onto the ground, his body looked as though it'd become limp very suddenly.

Not caring of this fact, I quickly spun away from my enemies, back towards them, and I loosened my grip on my scythe, yanking my Soul Blade back with enough force to make the handle slide through my palms, my right hand slamming on the top of the weapon and adding onto the speed of the object's motion.

I had done this in anticipation of the possibility of one of the Sloth running at me in a charge, and surely enough, the back end of the scythe jerked to a stop, something preventing it from going any further than it already had.

I hopped back slightly, ramming my bended elbow into my demonic counterpart's stomach, and as I glanced at his face, I placed a palm right over his face, the sound of electricity crackling into it, the shockwave splitting harshly into his face.

His body seemed to shake, and he convulsed several times, before he finally let himself fall limp as well.

It was then that I gripped my scythe in both hands again, spinning around to add inertia to my movement before planting my foot as I did a 180 degree rotation on the soil, the remaining inertia being brought into my swing, the energy lighting up the metal once more, the sickle shaped blade crashing into his neck.

He instantly disintergrated, and I sighed, gripping my weapon even tighter now, breathing a bit heavier.

Even if my scythe was my Soul Blade, it never changed the fact that it had a large amount of weight to it.

Moving around with it was something that could be considered a chore therefore, and the fact that I'd been a bit of practice with it for almost an entire year meant that there was no comfort for me in this area.

My thoughts are roughly interrupted by the feeling of earth suddenly sliding underneath my feet, and I fall flat on my butt, clammering to get back up, only for the earth to somehow shift around again and this time make me fall flat on my face.

Still recovering from this, I didn't have time to regain my bearings before the feeling of a foot crashing on top of my head forcing me to keep my head down, face plunged in the dirt.

Gaining some anger at this very quickly, I grasped the person's ankle and with a death grip I yank them back, making them topple over.

It is then that another foot came crashing on the side of my face, and I grit my teeth at the pain, hopping back up onto my feet while rotating quickly, feet dragging loudly in the dirt, grabbing my scythe off the ground as I'd dropped in when I'd first fell, still spinning, holding the hand weilding the scythe over my shoulder, swinging it with added inertia, the blade hitting a green eyed version of me, the light bursting from it making him explode into nothing at the simple touch of my weapon.

I leaned my body down slightly, then jumped high in the air, using my abilities to heighten the air resistance beneath me, the distance between me and the ground sustaining itself.

I hovered there, looking down at the enemies and allies beneath me, only for my eyes to go wide when I saw some of the demons go for Nina.

I threw a blast of air behind me to make myself go faster, dropping the air resistance I had, plummeting towards her to try to keep them away from her.

But it was when my cheek got hit very harshly with a rock that I knew very well that I was screwed.

I got thrown off of my intended direction of falling, and I only got a glance of Nina trying to get away from the demons before I even realized I'd lost all my bearings.

I land not so smoothly on the ground, rolling from the impact, and I tried to get up, before losing my balance again, as my bearings were still everywhere.

"Damn it..." I cursed under my breath, moving my hand sluggishly, pressing my palm into the ground, attempting to look at what's going on.

The ground looks as though it's shifting around Nina's feet now, and she falls in a similar way to me.

Then the closest demon came on top of her, then disappeared, my Eye revealing a red ghost like thing going into her body and not coming back out.

Nina instantly convulsed at that, her chest thrusting up as she screamed out in what must've been pain.

Then numerous more of the red ghosts enter her body, her screams so loud that it was probably possible for the people in the city to hear her.

And finally her screams stop, her laying on the ground so limply anyone could've mistaken her for a corpse.

Then she rose back onto her feet, the rim of her green eyes red as she pointed at me, "Your master has an order for you..." She says, voice slightly deeper now.

It was at these words that I could feel my heart stop beating, my eyes becoming wide as plates.

"Please... not again..." I pleaded, horror filling my eyes.

"Erase all souls of this country from existence, starting with these two."

I lost all feeling in my body, and I started coughing, my mind trying to resist this command, my coughs making me hack up blood, and it fell to the ground, marking it with its stain.

Then my head slammed against the ground, cheek against the shed blood, eyes wide still.

I can only hear my own involuntarily emotionless voice as it said, "You are understood, my lord." Before I truly black out, not knowing anything about what I was about to do.