The words that flow from his lips

Smell as sweet as the reddest rose

And in nightmares his wrath speaks

And in summer his love grows

For no one hears him when he cries

When winter comes his love will die

The icy cover on the warm forgiveness

Melts away as they see his true mischief

What lies beneath were told

In the morning so cold

It's hard to breathe

When you know he is so close

This is what hate was

A love gone sour

This is what cruelty is

A flower left shriveled and dead

An image forever stuck in your head

You can feel his presence in your darkest hour

Creeping up behind you

Talk and menacing tower

You will never see his face

For it is not there

Just a blank expression

A most villainous stare

From cold eyes that don't exist

Close your eyes

Count to ten

He'll be gone when you say his name

"Slender man"