Am I still alone?

Alone, and afraid,

Cowering in the corner,

Leaving my life behind,

Letting my friends go.


Sitting in my corner.

The darkness consuming my soul.

I don't know how to let go,

As I sit here,

Wasting away.

Me in the corner.

Whimpering as my day fades to night,

And the night into day,

And the day into night.

Me in the corner.

Sitting, waiting, not knowing...

Staying, leaving, coming... Going.

Never leaving, yet not quite there

Crying out for help in the silent air.

Reaching for something...



Trying my best not to drown...

Drown in this silence, this loneliness


Liquid dark.

Funneling my feelings.

My pain, my joy, my rage...

Until I can no longer function.

My dreams, my hope, my mind...

Bottling it up.

My life, my heart, my future...

Put a cork on it, and throw it to sea.



Watch it wash over the waves, the foam, and the sunset.

But never leaving my corner.

Staying, until the bottle is gone.


Gone into the sunset, waiting for it to vanish.

And then it is gone...

And so am I.

~ Shilo Burbans