A whisper of a sour green
Has tainted all the world
At every fleshy seam
Dropping like flies
We're no longer dependent
on our strengths, on our smarts
when every drop of worthy praise
Has turned to worthless muck

and a poser will come
a savior risen of no worldly strength
everything that we fail
everything that has fallen
shining down through his every fiber
but he will not be more than another virus

and soon too we will see that he fails
turning us to our ultimate demise
the cliff of hell will swallow his followers
and God will turn away

we will all be stricken and consumed
completely demolished, it's coming soon
until we deny the mark and claim our faith
and die on earth, for His holy name

Only when you accept the truth
Deny the all-consuming lie
Then, and only then,
Will you be saved,
Yes only then.