It was just another boring day. Boring six classes, boring lunch period, boring friends, or perhaps boring people she sat next to at the lunch table. The blond sighed as she walked home. She didn't have a car even though she had her license and both her parents used their car for work. Besides, it was a small enough town to get everywhere with walking mostly. Perhaps there were a few hundred people, not really a lot. She knew just about everyone, except HIM. HE was the new stranger she saw sitting on her porch as she fished out her house keys from her bag.

"Hello…?" she asked questioning why he was he. The boy, black-haired some amberish eyes she noted, stood up.

"Hello. I'm Alex." He said holding out his hand. She noticed he was wearing black gloves. The girl shook his gloved hand.

"Mind telling me why you're here?" She asked.

"Well I believe it begun with my parents being madly in love-"I cut him off.

"No! Not that! Why are you sitting on my porch like you own the place?" He smirked.

He said, "Well I'm new to town and I'm meeting everyone."

"By sitting on their porch?"

"No," he said. "That was just for you. Your front door's lock is broken. I noticed it when I knocked, I decided I'd better stay here before someone breaks in."

"Oh…" She said walking into her house slightly and noticing what he said was true.

"Mind telling me your name?" Alex asked.

"Aliette, but everyone calls me Ali." Ali said.

"Pretty name for a pretty girl," Alex smirked and looked out across the street. "Well I'd better be going, lots of people to meet you know?" She nodded before he left her porch and started walking down the street. Ali didn't know why but she stared after his dark silhouette for a few moments before going inside and closing the broken door.

She went upstairs to her room and tossed her bag on the floor before collapsing on her bed. She groaned. It was a Friday and she didn't have anything to do. She flipped on the t.v. but wasn't really paying much attention. Her mind kept going back to Alex. There was just something about him that seemed really familiar but she had never met him in her life before, she knew that much.

Ali finally ended up just switching off the device as she was missing the shows as she kept thinking about him. Suddenly her phone beeped and she searched through her bag for it until she found it. It was her mom. She said they were meeting for dinner at the local restaurant.

She shoved her phone into her pocket before entering her bathroom which was connected to her room to fix her hair that he become messed up since she was laying on her bed. She looked at herself in the mirror as soon as the light flickered on. She had curly blond hair and blue eyes. She then pulled a brush through her hair until she deemed it well enough.

Ali went downstairs and chained up the front door before leaving through the back. She quietly walked across town watching other people. Families, kids, other teens and then it were him, she was certain of it. Someone was watching her from the trees and she just knew it was him, somehow she knew. She stared at the trees for a few seconds before continuing on her way pushing him to the back of her mind.

Dinner was nice with her parents. When she got home she hopped in the shower, enjoying its warmth in the winter months. She got out and put her pj's on before exiting her bathroom. She stood in shock. There he was again, Alex. This time he was standing in her room.

"What the hell are you doing here?!" She screeched.

"Your parents let me in." Alex said flipping through a magazine that was on her desk.

"And why would they do that?"

"Because I said we needed to work on a project for school." He replied.

"You don't even go to my school!"

"True, but they don't know that."

"Get out!"

"Feisty are you? That'll work out fine, rather feisty than cowardly."

"What are you talking about?" He stepped closer to her and then closer yet until they were only about six inches apart. She looked up to his face. He was about a foot or so taller than her.

"Look into my eyes; you know you can trust me. Don't question how, it's a part of you." Alex said. I was about to protest when I looked into his beautiful eyes. He was right. There was something in there that told me I could trust him. He then stepped a few feet away from me. "It's because of this." He opened his gloved hand and produced a fire ball in his palm. Her eyes widened.

She then grabbed the fire extinguisher that was next to her bed and started spraying him and his hand with it until it was empty. Alex whipped it away from his face.

"Well, that is certainly the first time that has happened."

"What are you doing? Trying to light my house on fire? Give me the lighter!"Ali said.

"I don't have a lighter. That was all me." Alex said and stepped closer. "That's what I'm trying to tell you. You're one of us. You can do that too, well not exactly that but something cool too. You know you can trust me." He then held out his hand and fire was spinning around his hand. "Besides, fire isn't destructive as everyone thinks, it's beautiful too." He then closed his palm and the fire disappeared. Ali just stood there in shock.

"You have to come with me Ali. We need you."

"We?" Ali finally managed to say.

"The seven, seven people who have extraordinary powers." Alex said. "It'll all make sense if you just come with me."

"I can't!"

"Why? You don't have a life here, Ali. None of us ever do! Let me guess, average student, boring life? That's it for all of us! It's just how we are!"

"I can't just leave! My parents will freak!"

"Your parents aren't the problem. The President will just send them a letter explaining you left to go to a special school. In a way I guess it is a special school."

"What do we learn?" Ali asked, hating herself for letting herself be talked into it.

"How to fight."

"Fight what?"

Alex smirked and said four words. I nearly fainted.