I've met mother Tina

I've met sister Gina

I never talked to Molly

But I met her cousin

We partied a lot

Mixed and drank

Till the sun came down

Till the sun came up

I never met Hector

I never met Kate

William came to say hi

Vivian was hard to find

Releasing my mind

Relinquishing control

I was living the life

I was having it all

Who the hell is Ethan?

Really don't like Charlie

Had a short fling with Ben

Never ever saw Craig

We smoked a lot

Drank plenty

Never fell asleep

Always so needy

All those names mixed in a blur

Tina Trisha Ke$ha Turner

Eli Ethan Colleen Ernest

George Gina Mia Geoffrey

They were bad friends

They were bad lovers

Not even good shags

They were obsessed

They stole my life

Sucked me dry

Took my spark

Never called back

I still think about them

Crave their affection

Dream about them

Hate my reflection

They are out for good?

They are bad mojo

The little man that could

Will now rise from this low

The little man that will

Will soon shine aglow