I am torn

I am born

I am worn

My face is a mess

My gaze is unless

My case is less

You don't trust

I want us

Or I'll be dust

I need to talk

You want to walk

We need a lock

I will get better

I made you bitter

In reaching the gutter

Nothing I can do

Nothing I can say

Nothing I can't overcome

I am fighting

I am struggling

I am crying

I've lost my friend

Is this not the bitter end

I will make amends

I want us back

I want us bad

Here I am writing

When I should be talking

You're tired of listening

Too much lying

When you were just caring

I should have come clean

Instead of wondering

Instead of wandering

This is all my fault

I got trapped in this vault

And couldn't come to a halt

I will seek help and be anew

Come back a new hue

Hoping in the meantime

There can still be a you and I