For anyone that is brave to read this tale let's start off with this building. It's like any other building with bricks, windows, and three doors. The inside is no different from the outside in ordinary standards with its white wall, chairs, and front desk to be called in for the next appointment. As ordinary as it seems we must look behind the building were rows of crosses are planted. No, this isn't a grave yard for the dead for the dead had the chance to breathe life sometime. These crosses are meant for the ones that have never been born. In the front of the building above the door is a sign that says Leben's Health Clinic for Woman. About two feet away are groups with protest signs, some of them saying Stop Abortion, Abortion takes innocent lives, Make Abortion illegal, etc.

Now that we got the image let's focus on Catherine Blake. Catherine has missed her period twice and has been throwing up every morning. She not here for an abortion Catherine has been wanting a baby for some time it's just pregnancy tests can be misleading. Miss Blake parks in front of the clinic were she gets out of the car with her eyes down cast not from shame but, from the grotesque images the protesters are holding. Catherine opens the door, walks in but, seconds later is running back into her car in fright and drove off.

What did Catherine see that made the protesters hold down their signs and look at each other in puzzlement? Before we go inside there is something we need to know about Catherine Blake. Miss Blake has a special gift that involves seeing and hearing things that started when she was just ten. When this started she thought she was crazy until her mother confronted her about it. "Don't worry, they won't hurt you just so long as you don't taught them you'll be fine." From them on she got use to the gift, the dead didn't bother her just as so long as she didn't bother them. Up until the clinic the dead looked more like normal people, they smiled, waved or nodded their head in acknowledgement that you see them but then again this was just in Catherine's home town were the only gruesome death was when Mr. Trotter's head was cut off by a lawnmower.

Now let's see through the eyes of Catherine Blake. The white walls were coated in blood as well as the floor. There were children inside but, at first glance you would have thought these were demons. These feral children crawled on all fours like animals. They were naked and skinny with blood coating their bodies. They clawed, growled, and eat each other only to regenerate to repeat the process again. It was like walking into one of Dante's circles of Hell where pain was to never cease.

This was only a glimpse of what Catherine saw in the future she'll see more horrors of what the world could give. Before she got into the car she saw lights coming out of the clinic. She didn't know what they were except maybe heaven gathering the souls of those feral children. Weather it be true or not Catherine didn't want to go back. As Catherine Blake was driving off as far away as possible there were two little girls across the street staring at the rising lights.