We already know the two girls watching the lights fly up to the sky were gifted but, one was more gifted then the other. The girl pressing the button to cross the street was Christine Barker. She was a pretty little girl of six with blonde hair with blue-green eyes. Christine has a similar gift to Catherine she could see and hear things but, to an advance. This pretty blonde angel developed her gift at the age of two or three, besides seeing the dead she has the ability to see the past and the many directions of the future. This is only the beginning of her talents which will grow greater when she gets older. The lights she's seeing is one of them.

While Christine was pressing the button to cross the other girl known as Carrie Spencer looked at the lights with feelings of dread. Carrie was the same age as Christine with only being two months younger. For any passerby with a first glance would have thought she was a normal girl only she was far from normal, in fact she wasn't even human. Carrie Spencer was born in Hell to two demonic parents. It's rare for two demons to have children the same is to be said for angels or any other deity in the universe. Just because Carrie is a demonic child doesn't make her evil, just more knowledgeable and more dangerous as she gets older.

Once the sign changes to walk, Christine takes her by the hand dragging her along. As they were getting closer to the building Carrie had the chance to see the protesters. "I think we should go back," said Carrie knowing why she was feeling dread in the first place what this building did for a living. This was a place to correct mistakes and Carrie was a mistake at least that was what her father said before she ran off. Now he's being punished for it.

"We'll go once we take a peak, there's no harm in looking right?" Now they were only a foot away from the building. She didn't know if Christine could smell it but, Carrie could smell something like rotting meat permeating the air. The stench was getting stronger as they got closer to the door. "Something smells bad," said Christine, wrinkling her nose in disgust. They were now in front of the glass door were they could hear growling noises inside. Carrie saw Christine's face turn white as the noises got even louder, she was afraid. Tell Christine to leave, Carrie. This isn't for her eyes, said a voice in her head. This was the good part of her.

"Christine," she said taking her arm. "You should go back to dad, he's probably wondering were we are."

"Aren't you coming with me?" asked Christine, frightened.

"I need to look inside, Chris. Once you find dad, bring him over here to get me. It will bring me enough time," Christine nodded then went off to find their adopted father. Once Christine was gone Carrie looked at the building for a moment. She didn't know what her mother thought about her when she was born only she somewhat wanted her but pained her to hold her own child. Carrie's father on the other hand wanted nothing to do with her and wished her mother aborted her. Ever since she left he regrets it every day. I hope he suffers for all eternity, said the other half of her mind. This was the dangerous part of her. After a moment of hearing the noises Carrie walks inside.

Before we let Carrie come inside let's fast forward when Catherine left in fright. These unseen feral children in the lobby were hungry, confused, and angry. The lights coming out of the building are the ones that have understanding why they were terminated in the first place and left with understanding. About thirty minutes ago before Catherine came in so briefly a couple by the name of Cantos came in not wanting to abort but had to since this child wasn't going to live past birth. This child that will join the other lights had a deformity that left most of his organs out of his body and he was x-rayed thus damaging him further so he left the world with understanding.

Now let's go ten minutes later a woman by the name of Betty comes in for more selfish reasons. Betty is a twenty year old stripper that keeps a fine figure and wants it to stay that way. The brat growing inside her will ruin that for her if she kept it for nine months. Five minutes later another feral child joins the pack. Just before Carrie came in a girl of sixteen found out she was pregnant. This girl's name was Amy Blue, she didn't want an abortion but she'll do anything for her boyfriend of two-weeks. "If you love me you get rid of it," he said, if only she knew there was another girl in the mix.

Now if sweet Amy Blue were to have the same gift as any of the girls mentioned she would have high tailed it out of there no matter what her boyfriend said. Once Amy sat down for her appointment the children circled around her like a pack of wolves. They knew what she was about to do and they wanted to stop it even though they were spirits. They scratch, clawed, and bit her hoping she would feel that this place was a hell for unwanted children but that rarely worked so mostly they did this out of frustration and hate. Right after Amy was called they turned their attention to the new comer which was a child of six but, not an ordinary child of six.

For once in their miserable lives they were still looking at the girl with brown hair and blue eyes like the sky. They didn't know her name but, they knew she was special. She was going to set them free.