Things That Annoy Me:

Taylor Swift. If you knew he was trouble when he walked in then why didn't you kick him out?

People mistaking your and you're.

Awkward emoticons that no one understands (_O_***LLLLD**_O_)

My dog licking his penis when I'm trying to sleep!

Dreams where you feel like you have to pee and you wake up having to pee.

When someone is tickling you and you can't tell them to stop because you're laughing too hard.

Trying to watch the numbers change on an alarm clock.

People who try to talk like they're from the "hood."

When you do something completely amazing and no one was there to see it.

One Direction. If it takes five boys to sing at once to sound mediocre then you most likely are terrible at singing.

People who can't accept being proven wrong.

When playing tag there's always that one person who constantly changes the rules so they won't be "it."

When hiding during the game of hide-n-seek and you hear the seeker come near you and you are trying not to laugh.

Trying to imitate an Australian accent only to sound like a dying whale giving birth to a narwhal.

People who let their poop ferment in the toilet.

Thinking about how Honey Boo Boo's mom has a boyfriend, then there's me (and my friends).

Not being able to go to bed if the closet door is open.

Running to your bed after turning off the lights.

Being alone in the car because then everyone becomes a rapist.

Having to fart in public places.

When I catch the end of my favorite song on the radio.

Bananas with bruises on them.

Falling asleep in bed with the lights on and too lazy to get up and turn them off.

People who chew gum with their mouths open and smack their lips.

People who get their, there, and they're mixed up.

When Word Documents underline mistakes that are meant to be that way (i.e. the green and red zig zags under words/sentences).

Trying to explain a funny moment to someone but not being able to explain the funniness of it.

Trying to say something but laughing too hard to talk.

Getting something sticky on hands and not able to lick off the stickiness.

Getting a wedgy in a public place and casually trying to pull it out.

Getting an awkward itch in public that won't go away.

Painful hiccups.

When you pop a zit and it splatters on the mirror.