Girl Problems:

Girls have many problems, and boobs are one of them. As much as we love them they get in the way (literally). Reaching your right arm over to your left side is a pain and vice versa. Also, when sleeping at night it is uncomfortable to lie on our sides and on our stomach. Doing pushups and jumping jacks are a huge problem with boobs because gravity does not agree.

Every morning for most is a routine. Girls have to prep themselves everyday by stressing over hair and makeup and clothing. We girls have to watch what we eat constantly. Unlike guys, girls cannot eat a whole container of cookies without being two pounds heavier the next day. Girls have these things called "muffin tops" but I refer to it as a "food baby" which is basically just bumps on our bellies that are almost impossible to get rid of. 2,000 sit ups a night will not get rid of them.

Another problem with girls is our hormones. We tend to be very sassy and see other girls as our enemies. If you're a girl, and you see a cute guy you need to claim him as your territory and ward off other predators from claiming your territory.

Girls act like animals you'd see on the television, fighting for territory and dominance. One way girls best demonstrate their dominance is through appearance. How well you apply makeup and how well you dress determines this.

For some reason guys think girls don't poop. This is wrong; girls do, just very fast and silently. If we're hanging out with friends and have to poop we are capable of holding it in for hours (or days in some cases) before going. Also, like I said in the first chapter, always flush!

If anyone has a topic or something they want me to rant on about just PM me