One Direction:

To start off, if you are reading this and like One Direction please walk away from the computer and look in the mirror and reevaluate your life (don't take it personally). One direction, if you are truly heading in One Direction then why are you touring in the North, South, East, and West and everything in between? That is multiple directions! Also, personally I wouldn't date a guy that takes more time blowing drying his hair and using more hairspray than I do.
1960s were the Jackson 5, 1970s were the New Kids on the Block, 1990s were the Backstreet Boys and today is One Direction. Why such a drastic change? The answer is simpleā€¦ there is a mutation inside of people now a days that lowers good music standards and this gene gets transferred from parent to child and has become widely spread throughout the world. This gene results in more untalented people becoming famous. The cure for this is unknown to man and we may never find a cure, ending good music as we know it.

Another key part in my rant is that if One Direction thinks every girl is beautiful, then would any one of them date a girl with an amazing personality and weighs 300 pounds? Most likely not.

A guy that owns skinny jeans in all the colors of the rainbow is a huge turn-off. It's like Justin Bieber, starts off sweet and innocent and ends up getting in a crap-load of trouble. It's also scarier when a guy has more clothes than you. One Direction is like the Power Puff Girls with a few extra members who fight off good music with colorful skinny jeans, unique hair styles, and awkward dance moves.

What is with their hair? Each and every one of them has some sort of weird sweep or Mohawk with their hair and their dye it as well. It is not cute and it is just wrong when a guy spends more time than a girl doing their hair (like I stated earlier).

Lastly, when five guys have to sing at once just to sound o.k. they most likely sound terrible when singing individually (like I also stated earlier).