Arthur was a typical workaholic. His hours were spent on work and work only. He always refuses his friends' offer to hang out every time. And in the end, most gave up on inviting him to parties and celebrations.

Arthur's parents, on the other hand, were more focused on his studies. He thanked God for his cleverness. If he studied hard and burned the midnight oil, he will pass his examinations with flying colours.

But now, months before his main examination, he felt very pressured. His work as the school president increased, and he barely past his trials. He felt tired everyday, and he fell sick at least once a week. "What happened to me?" He frequently thought. But he never did anything about it. He decided to cross that bridge when he comes to it.

As Arthur sat for his examination on that first day, it was all Greek to him. And so was the rest of his test papers. He broke down immediately after the exams.

After exams was the graduation day, then it was the holidays. Soon later, it was the results day. Arthur failed most of his subjects. His teachers were looking at him with surprise. His parents were shocked and angry. His friends were too busy being happy to notice him.

He figured that he earned his bruises from his father that night.

Arthur became more introverted than he ever was. He didn't speak to his parents, and he lost all contacts with his friends. He was sent to a small university where your grades didn't matter. Overall, he became unhappy with life. Still he forced himself to continue studying, to continue working at his part-time job.

He continue, until he finally cannot stand it anymore, and jumped.

Just before he reached his final end, Arthur woke up from his terrible dream. He was gasping, and his eyes were watery. He spent a second thinking about the possibility for his future to become like that in his dream. He realised that it was a great possibility.

Arthur sat up in horror and saw a paper floating down towards him. He caught it in his hands. It read: "All work and no play makes Arthur a dead boy."

After this dream, Arthur was still the same as he was in the dream a few months before the exams. However, when his friend, Alfred came to him and said "Arthur, you want to come for my birthday party?" Arthur thought for a while, and just as Alfred decided that his friend would refuse, as usual, Arthur smiled and agreed.

It was a great surprise, but a welcomed one.

It was to nobody's surprise when Arthur past his exams with the highest marks, but Arthur knew better. He was thankful to that random dream he had, and Alfred for being his friend. Without them, he could not have understood the truth behind the idiom "all work and no play makes Jack a dull boy."

An entry for my school's essay writing competition. I wonder why my school's teachers wanted us to write an essay not more than 500 words. I mean, how much can someone express with only 500 words in hand? Makes me want to salute somebody who make people cry and touched by just a short story of maybe 500 words(is that a challenge? ). Anyway, hope I did this story justice. this could be longer, but...yeah. I want to know how people feel about this before I get the results of the competition. Who knows, maybe this is totally weak and I can't even get a consolation prize...

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