Do not give in. Do not give in. Please, do not give in. I've been staying strong for thirty minutes. It feels like hours. Why did I have to be so stubborn? Why didn't I give in at minute one? I would have looked weak. Terribly weak. I would have shown how much I truly wanted it. How much I craved it. Who doesn't. It is something that can't be helped. It can be resisted, but only for so long.

It started with truth or dare, a game that doesn't strike fear until you get a question or command that you don't want. That might ruin you. I had just traveled to New York for a two month vacation. My Aunt Sarah had suggested that I go down to the teen club. Of course she was clueless about the grinding and dry humping teens that would be packed in there. To her we were all innocent.

My cousin dressed in a blue cocktail dress and silver heels. I was going to throw on some jeans and Converse, but noooo. Apparently that won't get me anywhere. I ended up in a floral dress and leather jacket. I literally had to fight for my Converse. Makeup was forced onto me. Just eyeliner, mascara, and light lip gloss. My hair fell down my back freely. The only jewelry I wore was a snake ring and necklace.

My cousin, Jasper, and I walked out of our hotel room and to the elevator located at the end of our hall. The elevator took forever to open. I tried to take my time walking into the elevator in attempt to stall but Jasper drug me in. Before I knew it, we were standing in front of the club entrance, also known as the gates to hell. They opened to reveal a large dim lighted room and grinding teenagers.

Jasper immediately ran off to join a group of dancing teenagers whose skirts were most likely belts. I stood at the entrance playing with my fingers. I looked around to find a place where I would fit. A place where i wouldn't look like a total slut. It took me a while but a found it. A corner filled with misfits. They stood awkward and uncomfortable similar to me.

I slowly walked over to the group of five. I was unnoticeable. Every step I took was by force. Then they were to survive. the crowd of people seemed to be consuming me. If I didn't get out soon, I would be trampled. Finally, I made I to the five. They quickly glanced at me then looked back to the floor. I twiddled my fingers and rocked on my feet. Awkward. I would have been better off staying at the door.

I wasn't used to this. The large crowds bothered. In my small town of Paris I stayed with my friends and away from the people I didn't know. There were always casual conversations with no awkwardness included. Now standing here, I realized how much I missed them.

I couldn't help but feel sorry for this group. I couldn't let them just stand here in all this awkwardness. If I did, this wouldn't be a vacation for them. My mom always told me that to start a party you needed to take control. "Hey," I piped up. The group looked at me with nervous looks. "I'm Indie," I said. "Hey" they mumbled in response. "I was wondering if you would like to come sit with me," I questioned. They looked at each other with questioning gazes. One of the two girls gave me a nod. All of them followed me to a table. They kept their eyes on the floor until we came to the crowd. Finally we reached an empty table. Boys took seat on one side and the girls on the other with me. They kept distance between us. The girls were about to fall out of the booth trying to stay away from me.

Nervousness was in the air. It was suffocating me. "What's your names?" I asked the simple question. "Fae," the girl closest to me responded. "Lizzie," the second girl said. Then came Elliot, Jack, and Brennan. Not one voice I heard sounded confident. "Do you want to go to a quieter place?" I asked. All I got was a small nod from Jack. The boy with the black hair and pale skin. "Follow me," I commanded.

I led them through the crowd again. We walked out of the door and into the nearly empty lobby. We went through several doors before I finally found the room that I was looking for. It was a movie theater filled with empty seats. No one really knew about the place. Everyone was focused on the clubs. I zeroed in on the little stuff.

I went to the control room, the five hot on my heels, and put in a random movie. I didn't plan on paying attention anyway. The screen came to life with colors and words. I walked out the room and sat on the first seat of the top row. I looked up at the others expectantly. They came and sat down the the other end of the row. "Oh no no no. I did not bring you in here so you could run away from me," I said sternly. I walked down the row and sat by Fae. "My favorite color is green," I blurted out. That was all it took to get a conversation started. It started off awkward, but then it flowed naturally.

In two hours we became friends. It was like we had known each other our entire lives. Fae: green eyes, dirty blonde hair, loves swimming and volleyball. Livvy: gray eyes, brown hair, loves horseback riding and drawing, doesn't take shit from anyone. Jack: brown eyes, dark hair, loves soccer and basketball, annoying as hell. Brennan: brown eyes, auburn hair, loves fishing, smart. Elliot: dark green eyes, dark hair, loves dancing, mysterious.

Then, when the night was getting good, truth or dare came along. "Indie, truth or dare?" Livvy asked. "I don't really," I started. "Yes you do," her voice was dangerously calm. I just nodded. "Truth or dare," she asked again. "Dare," I said nervously. "Take off anything on you that is fake," she commanded. Shit shit shit shit shit. "I have nothing," my voice wavered giving me away. She raised an eyebrow. I sighed in defeat and turned around reaching for my brown contacts. When I turned back around everyone gasped. "Brown hair, violet eyes. Not bad," Fae said. I shrugged nervously. It was an unusual trait that I inherited from my grandmother. I never really showed it.

After me, Fae licked Brennan's armpit, Livvy randomly argued with the hotel manager, Brennan hit on my sister and she hit him in the face, and Jack streaked for two blocks outside of the hotel. "Elliot, truth or dare?" Jack asked. "Dare he said quickly. Jack got a glint in his eye. "Indie can you go to the bottom for a minute," Jack inquired. Hesitantly, I agreed. Once I reached the bottom I strained my ears to hear. All I heard was the buzzing of the screen. "Come up," Brennan shouted down. I ran up as quickly as possible. "Close your eyes," he said nicely. I shut my eyes tight. I jumped a little when I felt two arms wrap around my waist. My eyes popped open in shock. "Now we are about to put on another movie that will be three hours. That's how long you have to make her give in three times. We will hand you a buzzer. You press the button and at the bottom row we will have one that flashes red. We will be counting. We will also block off all exits to the movie theater so you can get out. When the buzzer flashes we will look up to make sure you're not faking. Good luck," Livvy finished. "Make me give in to what?" I questioned. "So innocent," Jack said as he wiped away a fake tear.

Livvy started a movie while the others raced to the bottom. When Livvy went to join them she passed Elliot a buzzer. He kept his arms around my waist and held it to my stomach. "Start!" Jack shouted. What was going on? Elliot lead me to the first seat of the top row. I started to break away from him to take my seat, but he sat down and pulled me onto my lap. What? Oh shit! Now I get it. I started to struggle. "Let me go," I demanded. He loosened his grip on my waist I was about to break free when I felt something gliding over my back. I shivered. "We don't have to sit up here for three hours. We can go join the others. All you have to do is give in," he whispered in my ear. I started to relax, forgetting my struggle, then my stubbornness kicked in. I shook my head fiercely. I felt his breath on my neck. Then I felt him nibbling my ear. I shivered and whimpered. Don't blame me, I'm fifteen. He used the same techniques for thirty minutes. Then he changed it up just a little bit. He started to kiss my neck. "Please," he asked. I weakly shook my head. He then started to suck my collarbone. After five minutes, he whispered,"Please." Slowly I nodded my head. He turned me around in his lap so that I was facing him and kissed me hard. I felt him press the buzzer. It took me to minutes to realize that I had just given in. I quickly jerked away and turned to face the screen. He will not win. He will not win.

I had let him find a weakness. He had found something that I easily gave up for. Now he was going to use it against me. In the next thirty minutes he would win. He headed straight for my collarbone. I squeaked. I will not give in. I will not give in. I lasted a little longer than last time. Fifteen minutes. This time he didn't even have to ask. I turned myself around and kissed. It was a short and simple kiss but a kiss nonetheless. I didn't turn myself back towards the screen. I just looked at Elliot.

The third time is a charm. No struggle or seduction. Just lust. He kissed me while he had the chance and I kissed back. This one wasn't for the dare, it was for us. It quickly turned into a make out session which lasted till about the end of the movie. When we pulled apart it was time for questions and answers. "What was that?" I asked out of breath. Elliot cracked a grin and shrugged. Great answer. "What are we?" He asked. I debated on shrugging like he did to me but chose to give an answer. "I don't know. What do you want to be?" I asked. "Friends," he replied. I was ready to punch him in his pretty little face. "Kidding," he laughed, "I want us to be more." I smiled a little. In all honesty I didn't believe in love at first sight. Still don't. Be I do believe that love is a game of chance, and even though I met Elliot six hours ago, I feel like I've known him for years. Bullshit, right? But, what the hell. "Me too," I replied. He smiled a little bigger.

I climbed out of his lap and into the seat next to him. I reached in my pocket and pulled out my contacts. "Don't put them on," I heard Elliot say,"They're fake. You should be real. You look better as yourself." I smiled. The movie ended and Brennan, Jack, Livvy, and Fae ran up to us. "Ok, lovebirds that buzzer went off twenty-nine times. I'm guessing there was a lot of action up here," informed Livvy. I glared at her and grabbed Elliot's hand. "You're welcome," she motioned to our hands. I gave her the finger. "Hey lighten up. You should be grateful," said Jack. "Shut it asswipe!" I yelled. Fae grinned. "Well it's one in the morning. It's time to head out. We'll meet here tomorrow after breakfast. Tell no one about this place," she ordered. Everyone nodded.

We left our little theater and found an elevator. Every few floors someone left. Finally my floor came. I was the last one on the elevator with no one to say good night to. I stepped off and walked to my room. I pulled out my room key and unlocked the door. My feet quietly moved across the carpet. I closed the door silently. My aunt was knocked out cold on her bed. My sister was awake sitting on mine. "Where the hell have you been," she whispered. I walked over to her and sat down. "Made some friends," I replied. She looked me over. "Some very friendly friends," she whispered. "Huh?" I asked. "You have like three hickies on your neck," she said a little louder. My mouth dropped a little. "Can you cover them?" I asked. "Only if you tell me what's happening," she demanded. "In the morning," I responded. "Then I'll cover them in the morning," she said. "Ok," I ended the conversation.

I took off all the makeup and the dress and jewelry and put on some short shorts and a purple tank top. I went to bed thinking about today.