My name is…that's the thing I don't know my name and I don't remember much of my past either; in fact the last thing I remember was the cold. It was a cold night but it was summer or so I have been told. I remember just laying in a dark alley looking up at the sky but there were no stars twinkling or moon to shine down on me. The air tasted and smelled of iron and garbage. But the one thing that stood out was the colour red. It was everywhere; on the ground, soaked through my clothes and splattered all over the brick walls. I couldn't move at all…I don't know if I had lost the will to move or if I generally couldn't. Darkness started to take over but before it did I heard someone laughing. They were laughing cruelly as if they enjoyed seeing the last of my moments slowly slip away. But after that there was only the cold before there was nothingness.

That all happened two years ago and I know live with the people that found me. There are five of us living in a small apartment and it's kind of like living in a strange non-related family full of deviant misfits I suppose. I guess I would start with the mum of the group: Lilith.

Lilith Daemon is short redheaded thirty year old who pretty much took me in with open arms and gave me a purpose. She probably one of the kindest people I've meet so far but that's probably because I have never been on her bad side. When she is mad she becomes fiery and can give death metal singer a run for their money. Lilith is actually a talented painter that's sells her artwork to a gallery in the upper class part of the city. If it weren't for her then I probably wouldn't have a name still.

Then there is Vincent Diggory. He was the one that found two years ago and helped get me back up to shape because I wasn't exactly sent to a hospital to get help. It was Vincent. You see he is a scientist that has a master's degree in Medicine. You're probably wondering why he didn't send me to hospital and I was to at the time. So when I asked him he said something along the line of:

'Someone on wanted you dead kid…wouldn't it be easier to stay that instead of actually dying?'

Naturally I agreed with the mad man. It wouldn't be nice with someone trying to kill me now would? Vincent is an interesting guy…I guess. I mean he is a geeky scientist that works in an I.T office but he comes out with some weird questions and thoughts.

I can't forget Willow Cameron although she prefers to be called Will instead. She is a quirky young girl I have to admit. She is funny and kind but can be moody and sarcastic like a teenaged girl… although she is nineteen turning twenty. At first impression anyone would think she was your average young adult but really she not. She has Kleptomaniac, which means she can't refrain the urges to steal things that have no uses to her. Except for that she is completely normal…I think. I forgot to mention she has a twin that also lives with us and his name is Ashley Cameron.

Ashley Cameron or Ash as her prefers to be called. Ash, much like his twin sister, would seem completely normal when you first meet him but it's much hard to see what's wrong with the guy because he is smooth as in a smooth liar. He has compulsive lying disorder. And trust me when I say you can't trust a single thing that comes out of his mouth.

There all right people, I mean there just like every other normal mismatched family of misfits. They are a strange family but it somehow works out. Oh yeah I forgot the mention that they are all villains but they're pretty bad at being villain though. They tend to only playing either the stock market, steal from banks but discreetly, steal Identities, and occasionally damage public and private property. But the thing that makes them different from the other villains is that they don't kill and don't like to get the attention from the hero's that 'protect' the city, although they have this classic face they pull when a villain out smarts them.

By the way you can call me Red and I'm a villain.