Exposition Dump :P

In 2043 inhabitable planets are discovered and reached, among these planets was Dawn. When reached the aliens known as Inha were discovered, they seemed savage and hostile but was discovered throughout the planet was intelligent Inha. After a long war the Inha were defeated and Dawn was colonised by humans. The planet consisted of 4 continents, they were respectively called North Dawn, South Dawn, East Dawn and West Dawn. The North became a sprawling city that homed the parliament, the South was a rural desert, the East was covered in snow with many villages spread amongst it and the West is an overgrown jungle of the many plants that are home to Dawn, the West houses many ancient Inha Temples.

Rioting began in Dawn, a revolution begun in the South, the most poverty stricken continent, they sought out to strike the North, the home of the rich, and make the continents equal. Great figures from the East and West united in the revolution and when the strike on the North came it was brutal warfare. The North fell and a new order begun, or did it? Dispute quickly rose between the three continents and fire was opened, North became no-man's and people squabbled to control the continents, anarchy was upon them.