The Right Thing to do

Scene Four

Nat: Jess fall backwards into the water and Chris stood looking down at her with a mean look on his face and slowly lowered his arm down towards her and Jess covered her hands over her face.

Jess: No, don't!

Chris: Allow me!

(Jess slowly parts her hands a bit and looks up at Chris smiling down at her with his arm stretched out towards her)

Jess: What just happened?

(Jess removes her hands completely from her face and lowers them into the water beside her and looked down at the water around her)

Chris: You tripped and fall into the water.

(Jess looks back up at Chris)

Jess: You were about to hit me.

(Chris looks confused)

Chris: Hit you! Why would I want to do that?

Jess: You got really cross when I said you were…

(Jess goes quite for a second or two)

Jess: …I don't think I'll say that again!

(Chris smiles down at Jess)

Chris: I was just having a laugh; I didn't think you would take it as badly as you did.

(Jess looks annoyed)

Jess: I wouldn't say that was very funny.

Chris: Are you going to let me help you up or not?

Jess: I can get myself up.

(Jess bends her knees under her and stands up as Chris lowers his hand and takes a step back)

Chris: Look, I didn't mean to scare you; I just wanted to lighten the mood.

Jess: Well you certainly have changed the mood, I'll give you that.

(Jess looks down at herself)

Jess: And I'm all wet because of it.

(Jess lifts her dress over her head)

Chris: Well at least I can say I got to see you in your costume.

(Chris grins at Jess as he looked her up and down)

Jess: And that is why you don't get the girls jumping all over you.

Chris: Why because I scare them away with my look?

Jess: It's not the way you look, but your eyes!

(Chris steps up closer to Jess and stares into her eyes)

Chris: And what's wrong with my eyes?

Jess: You should never look at a girl, the way you do.

(Chris places his hands on his hips)

Chris: Then how should I look at a girl?

Jess: You should keep your eyes fixed on their face…

(Chris leans his face right up against Jess's face and gently touched his nose to her nose)

Chris: Like this!

(Jess placed her hands against Chris's chest)

Jess: Very funny!

(Jess pushed Chris away and backed away from him)

Chris: Carefully!

(Chris reaches his hands out and grabs a hold of Jess's waist with both of his hands)

Chris: You don't want to fall into the water again.

(Jess continues to look into Chris's eyes)

Jess: I should get back to the hotel.

Chris: So soon, we were just starting to get to know each other.

(Chris grins at Jess)

Jess: Yes, I know now you like to scare girls away deliberately and not just from the way you look at them.

Chris: And I know you scare very easily.

(Jess walks around Chris and stood to face him on dry land)

Jess: Well, you did say it would be a rough walk.

(Chris turns around to face Jess)

Chris: Yes, we know now; that your moods and my charms don't go together.

Jess: You got that right.

(Jess stares back at Chris and he walks up closer to her again and stares back at her until Jess starts laughing and Chris laughs along with her)

Jess: We sound like a couple of kids trying to outdo each other.

Chris: More like a couple of love-struck teenagers trying to fight the attraction between us.

(Jess grins at Chris)

Jess: Is that so!

(Chris grins back at Jess)

Chris: Why won't you final admit you're crazy about me?

Jess: Yeah crazy enough to come with you in the first place.

Chris: I bet you have never had a date like this one.

Jess: We're on a date, are we?

Chris: What else would you call a moonlit stroll along the beach?

Jess: So you love to scare the girl on your very first date, do you?

Chris: Well I had to try somehow to lighten your mood.

Jess: Well it was that much of a good date that I can't wait to get back.

Chris: What would your fiancé say to you having a date with me?

Jess: Well he certainly has nothing to worry about.

Chris: He should worry when it comes to me.

Jess: If you say so. Well times up; time for my bed. I think!

(Chris holds his arm out towards Jess again)

Chris: Allow me to escort my date home?

(Jess smiles at Chris and wraps her hands around his arm again)

Chris: Do I get a kiss at the end of the date?

Jess: You don't deserve it.

(Chris looks at Jess)

Chris: Tell you what….. Let's go back to when you called me a playboy millionaire.

Jess: I'd rather not.

Chris: This time I won't be so scary.

(Jess looks at Chris)

Jess: You're always scary.

Chris: Better get you home, away from the scary guy then.

(Chris starts to lead Jess towards the hotel)

Chris: Believe me it would be a dream come true to have all those girls at my beck and call. I certainly picked the wrong life for myself.

Jess: I take it you're not a millionaire then.

Chris: Nowhere close!

Jess: What do you do to earn money then?

Chris: The same as you; I work for my money.

Jess: What do you do?

Chris: Let's just say I'm a hired help.

Jess: Hired for what?

Chris: It's top secret!

(Jess stops walking and looks at Chris)

Jess: You're not a….

(Jess goes silent)

Chris: Go on finish what you were going to say.

Jess: I'd rather not.

Chris: I promise I won't scare you this time.

Jess: A… A hit man!

(Chris starts laughing)

Chris: Oh come on, you don't really believe that do you?

Jess: Why won't you tell me then?

Chris: I wish I could, but I can't!

Jess: Do you work for the CIA?

(Chris smiles at Jess)

Chris: No, I work alone…. well not quite alone. Jack and I work together.

Jess: Can't you give me one idea of what you do?

Chris: I've already given you a few.

(Jess leans her face up closer to Chris)

Jess: Tell me this….. How do people hire you, if they don't know what you do?

Chris: Very good question!

Jess: Aren't you going to answer it?

Chris: No-one knows they are even hiring us.

(Jess leans her head back)

Jess: So you go through someone else.

Chris: No, they go through us two.

Jess: Same thing.

Chris: Is it now?

Jess: That still sounds like a hit man.

(Chris starts laughing again)

Chris: Put it this way, I'd never kill anyone, unless I had to.

Jess: You mean if you were paid to.

Chris: I'd never kill anyone for money.

Jess: But you would kill someone.

Chris: Only as a last defence.

Jess: What do you mean?

Chris: Kill or be killed! Now do you understand?

(Jess nods her head)

Chris: Now shall we continue or are you going to run a mile?

(Jess smiles at Chris and they continued walking)

Chris: Good choice!

Jess: Why didn't you just say you worked for a secret organisation?

Chris: I never thought of that, I'll remember that next time you ask me.

(Jess looks at Chris)

Jess: Are you mocking me?

(Chris looks at Jess)

Chris: Now why would I do that? I just wish I thought of that myself.

(Chris grins at Jess and they both started laughing)

Chris: Now I told you a little about myself; why don't you tell me how you decided you were going to marry a man you have never met?

(Jess looks away from Chris and goes quite)

Chris: If you're so down about it; why don't you call it off?

Jess: Never!

(Jess lets go off Chris)

Jess: And you can't make me change my mind.

Chris: Who knows maybe I can!

Jess: This isn't a game!

(Jess storms off)

Jess: I'm going to marry him and there is nothing you can do about it.

(Chris just stood there watching as Jess walked away)

End of Scene Four

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