Here's my first ever submission on this site! I wrote this in about 20 minutes at about midnight when I was 13.

Everyone says we were made for each other

When we can barely recognize one another

Though we act like none of it matters

It's like the slightest change could make me shatter

Over the years we drift apart

But is it worth the breaking heart

Now I realize everyone was right

And I know I can never make you see the light

How can you be so blind?

When the one I once knew I cannot find

Then you claim that I've changed too

When the only one I can think about is you

That's the way it's always been

I just haven't known it; until just then

And so I keep my voice quiet

When all I want to do is cause a riot

Why can't you see past my smile

And why can't we just sit and talk a while

I can see your patience wearing thin

And then I realize I cannot, will not, shall not, win

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