Slowly, I opened my eyes. I wish I hadn't The fluorescent lights burned my eyes, and I quickly shifted to the side to block out the light. I wish I hadn't A sharp pain coursed through my body, setting all my nerve endings on edge. Once the pain subsided to a dull ache, I shifted to a more comfortable position and tried to fall asleep.

I wish I could. As soon as my eyelids closed, the doors banged open and all these strange people in white jackets rushed into the room. They all began talking and checking these weird machines I was hooked up to. All this noise they were making made my head throb. I wish they would go away. They didn't They fluttered around me like bees, their constant movement becoming very similar to buzzing. One of them looked me in the face and smiled.

"Glad to see you're awake, Miss Joseph." I stared blankly back at her. "Who?" I asked. Who was this 'Miss Joseph' she spoke of? "Why, you! You're Sapphire Joseph." I stared back in confusion. "No I'm not…well, maybe I am…I'm not sure, I can't remember." I tried to recall something, anything.

I wish I could. Nothing came to me. Questions began to flood my head. I needed answers. "Where am I? Who are you? What happened to me? Why can't I remember anything? Answer me!" I started to panic, and one of the weird ladies in white stuck me in the arm with something sharp. My senses began to dull, and all my energy left my body. Darkness began to cloud my vision, but before it took me over completely, I heard one of the strange people in white say something. "It's worse than I had thought. She has amnesia." The darkness covered me as I wondered what amnesia could mean.

I woke up; my mind still cloudy from what the lady in white stabbed me with. As my mind cleared, my encounter with the People in White started to play in my head. Pushing that event out of my mind, I tried to remember what happened to me before I was in this strange place.

I wish I could. No matter how hard I tried, nothing came to me. Trying a new strategy, I tried to remember something easier: my birthday. I wish I could. Confused, I thought harder. The ever-present wall of darkness in my head made it hard to remember anything, and my head hurt the more I tried to think.

Giving up, I covered my face with my hands and began to cry silently. "Who am I?" A little voice in the back of my head responded with I wish I knew…