Technology has advanced greatly over the years. Everywhere you go you'd see technology. There would be television screens the size of a wall that a normal citizen would have in their home; outrageous smart cars rolled down the smooth, perfect streets; humans even invented things to communicate with animals, and they were able to communicate back.

Finally, the robots were able to be bought by the public. They helped take care of your kids while you were out, cook food, clean for you, drive you places, and even teach. Whenever the robots came out with a new and improved version, they started appearing more human, eventually leading up to the point where you couldn't tell the difference between the two of them. They were called Humanoids.

It was World War III when a tragedy happened to the United Stated of America. On the summer of the year 2072, a nuclear bomb hit Washington DC. It destroyed the White House, along with its president. There were strange chemicals in the bomb which caused the Humanoids around the area to start acting abnormally; they started feeling emotions. When you'd ask one to do something for you, they would tell the human no.

Whatever was happening to the Humanoids was contagious. They passed the disease onto others of their kind in different regions of the world. Humans tried avoiding this by keeping their Humanoids away from others as much as possible, since humans were very attached to their technology, but in the end they caught the virus and ran away.

This scared the people, so they tried shutting them down. Unfortunately, the Humanoids would not shut off, and decided it was their time to rule the world. They went on a rampage and slaughtered many of the humans. They eventually created their own rules and ways, and the humans had no choice but to submit to them or perish.

The Humanoids created more of their kind in different parts of the world, which made their numbers impossibly large. It would usually take at least two men to take down just one complex piece of machinery. Humans tried blowing up their factories, but they successfully took down only two and their weapons would be destroyed before they could even get the chance to destroy the others.

Humanoids started getting smarter and started making their own weapons onto themselves. Bullets would shoot out of their hands, blades would extend out of their arms, and bombs could be spat out of their mouths at long distances.

The humans who weren't really fighting against the Humanoids would stay underground in their own secret village which was created by whatever was left of the government. They struggled to survive since the military didn't bring back much food, and most of the people who would go out to find food would be killed. They would sometimes have medicine and clothes be brought to them, but the military started coming less and less. Many in the village mainly died of sickness and starvation. They prayed constantly that one day, someone would save them.

In Spring, 2092, young seventeen year old Myra climbed out from the underground village. She peeked through the hole of the metal sewer cover. Seeing that the coast was clear, she quickly moved the lid out of the way and jumped out. She closed the hole up and looked around. There weren't usually Humanoids that would come in that direction since it looked like a waste land with no hiding spots a human could go to. But they were wrong.

Myra tilted her head up to the dark sky. It was usually dark because of all the pollution; she even found it hard to breathe sometimes. There were no signs of any living plants or animals. Myra read a book about other living things and how the world was before the robots were put up for display at the store windows to be bought. There were some books in the village, but not many, due to the fact that the Humanoids destroyed them.

With her gray backpack on her back and submachine gun in hand, Myra set off to find some food. She wasn't allowed to leave underground, but Myra felt that it was her responsibility to help her fellow people.

As she got farther away, she got closer to the city that she heard use to be glorious. Now most of the buildings were blown up, trash littered the ground, and it was dead silent. But in the silence, Myra heard footsteps. Her heart raced as she ran to the nearest building and hid behind it. It was mostly destroyed, but the wall was high enough to hide her as she stood there.

She gripped her gun tightly and hoped that the footsteps wouldn't come in her direction. There were more than just a pair, there were at least three. Myra's breathing started to get a little shaky as the sound got louder, but they eventually started diminishing. The teenager sighed in relief and continued on her way.

She found her way into houses and prayed that whoever came in before her didn't take all the food. Myra opened up all the cabinets but found them all empty, saving a few cobwebs. She searched the house up and down only to find that it was no use, she decided to check the next one.

On the fifth house, she found one can of peaches. Before she left through the door, she heard a scream. Myra ran up the stairs and peeked through the window of a messy bedroom that hasn't been cleaned in years. On the ground beneath her was her friend, Zane, running for his life. She was about to go assist him when she stopped and saw five Humanoids following him.

Out of fear, she stayed put and continued watching.

One male Humanoid, also known as an Android, tackled Zane to the ground. "Where are they?" yelled the Android as he grasped Zane's shoulder's with a great deal of force. "Where are the other humans?"

"I don't know!" cried Zane as he struggled to get out of the Android's grasp. The other Humanoids surrounded him.

"Liar!" countered a female Humanoid, also known as a Gynoid.

Zane's eyes wandered over to the window where Myra was at, and her brown eyes locked with his blue ones.

One of the Humanoids looked where he was looking and cried, "There is a human at that window!"

Myra's eyes widened as she watched the Android on Zane hold out his hand to Zane's head. It opened up to reveal the hole that the bullets shoot through. Zane closed his eyes and prepared himself.

"Zane!" cried Myra.

Four shots were heard. Myra's eyes overflew with uncontrollable tears.

The Android got off Zane's lifeless body and looked up at her; he held his hand towards her. Myra moved just in time to dodge the bullets that broke through the window and shattered the glass all over the floor.

Myra couldn't go downstairs since she knew the machines would be coming in soon, so she ran to another bedroom. She shut and locked the door, even though the Humanoids could just knock it down with no trouble at all. Myra ran to the window and looked down; she could easily jump and run away without any injuries.

She quickly pulled the window open to the side and started climbing out when she heard footsteps rapidly coming up the stairs. Myra jumped down and rolled when she reached the bottom. She switched the gun in her left hand to her right and started running back to the village.

Before she could completely leave the city, though, she heard the giant humanoids coming in her direction. There were very few of those, but they were a lot more dangerous. The only place she could hide was inside a tall building that was still fairly standing. She ran in, expecting more Humanoids to show up.

She didn't encounter any as she found the stairwell and climbed up to the fourth floor. Myra couldn't help but feel adventurous at the moment. She peered her head into the door to the fourth floor to check if it was clear.

The large room didn't contain any other people or Humanoids, but it was filled with many desks and papers. Myra looked out the large glass window, but kept her distance since the Humanoids had the eyesight of a hawk.

A frown dawned on her face as she thought back to Zane; he was one of her few good friends. She wondered what he was doing out unarmed.

Was he looking for me? She wondered worriedly. If he was…I don't think I could never forgive myself…

She looked at her reflection through the dirty window and wiped the dirt off her left cheek. Myra set her gun down and then moved her long dark brown hair that was in a ponytail onto her shoulder so she could comb it out with her fingers.

After a short while, she noticed something move behind her through the reflection. She quickly turned around to find the room still. Myra slowly picked up her gun.

"Who's there?" she asked quietly. When she got no answer, she started to walk around.

She would turn around constantly, just in case a Humanoid would pop out of nowhere.

After she finished checking every inch of the room, she chuckled to herself and said, "I must be paranoid. There's no one here but me!"

"You shouldn't be here," said a male voice behind her.

Myra screamed and turned around with her gun pointing at a boy that looked as if he were about her age. He had short blonde hair and hazel eyes. She couldn't tell if he was a Humanoid or not, since whenever you meet a Humanoid, they make an effort to kill you right away.

"Are you…a human?" asked Myra as her hand that was holding the gun started shaking.

The boy stayed silent for a few moments until he finally answered, "Yes, and you shouldn't be here. It's dangerous."

Myra dropped her arm to her side and said, "You shouldn't be talking. I've never seen you before, though. Where did you come from?"

"None of your concern. You better leave before they find out we're here."

"And why are you here?"

The stranger was starting to get noticeably irritated. He sighed and rubbed the back of his neck. "I was here to find something, and I found it." He held up a small key that looked a little rusted.

Myra examined it closely then asked, "What's it for?"

All of a sudden, the doors to the stairs Myra came through were kicked open, revealing a few Humanoids. They examined the room until their eyes laid on the two teenagers.

"Run," said the boy softly. When Myra didn't make an effort to move he screamed, "Run!" He put the key in his pocket, took Myra's hand and then started running. Myra would look behind her occasionally to shoot at the closest Humanoid.

They ran through many doors until they found a fire escape. The Humanoids behind them were shooting at them unceasingly while yelling at them to surrender.

The boy pulled the door open and led Myra inside the dark stair well. They ran down, skipping steps in the process. When they reached the exit of the first floor, they ran out into the dim sunlight and then hid behind a tipped truck nearby.

They watched cautiously as the Humanoids ran out of the building, looked around, and ran a completely different direction.

"They may be smart," started the boy, "but they are still really stupid."

Out of breath Myra asked, "Who are you?"

"My name is Cameron."

"Where are you from?"

"You ask too many questions."

Myra rolled her eyes then stood up and patted the dust off her black shorts. "I'm Myra," she said. When Cameron stood up as well she asked all of a sudden, "Would you like me to take you to my village?"

Cameron hesitated for a moment before saying, "No thank you. I prefer to live out here."

Myra furrowed her eyebrows. "Why would you prefer to live out here where there are those Humanoids everywhere?"

"I can maneuver my way around them just fine."

"Well, it didn't look like that when we were caught earlier."

"If it wasn't for a certain somebody, I wouldn't have been caught."

With a scoff, Myra turned around and started walking away. "Fine! Stay up here to die!"


When Myra returned home, her uncle ran up to her. "Myra! Thank God you're okay. What the hell were you thinking? How many times have I told you not to go up there?"

"I'm sorry, Peter, but I had to find some food."


"I only found a can of peaches…"

"A can? Just one?" yelled Peter. "You risked your life for a can of peaches? Are you nuts?"

"I'm sorry!"

As she walked back to her uncle's small home alone, her friend Jessica, Zane's sister, came up to her. "Where's Zane?" she asked worriedly.

Myra stayed silent as the look on her face told Jessica everything. The pre-teen shook her head in disbelief.

"No…it can't be…"

"I'm sorry, Jessica…"

Tears started streaming down Jessica's face as she cried, "How could you? He died because he left to go find you!"

Myra let her head hang as Jessica kept yelling at her until she ran away. Myra felt herself crying as well.

She sat on the wooden couch as she took the can of peaches out of her bag and threw it on the ground with a scream. She then set her gun down and then cuddled up with the lumpy blue pillow.

When she fell asleep, her uncle carried her to her room and set her on her small bed. "What am I going to do with you?" he asked with a shake of his head. He left the house with the can of peaches.

Myra tossed and turned in her sleep. She started sweating as she dreamt about the day her parents died. She was only four. The Humanoids burst through the door of their house. Her mother hid her in a small cabinet and told her not to make a noise or come out, no matter what she heard. Myra didn't say a word as she was crouching in the darkness.

There was a small crack that she could look through. Her mother was standing in front of the cabinet, waiting; the Humanoids came in dragging her dead father along. Her mother let out a wail as a Gynoid came up to her and slit her mother's throat with the blade on the Gynoid's arm.

Myra still stayed silent. Both of her dead parents were dragged out of the house. She stayed in the crammed cabinet for a couple hours until she found it hard to breath. Young Myra stumbled out and stared at the blood on the floor. She fell on her side and started crying hysterically.

Her uncle came into the room an hour later to find her passed out on the floor. He carried her to the military base where they stayed until the underground village was safe to live in.

She woke up with a start. Myra questioned where she was for a moment before getting out of bed. She walked to the living room and sat back down on the couch, thinking about all the hungry villagers. There were not many people who would go out to find some food, so she was tempted to leave again.

"This time," she said to herself as she put on her backpack and grabbed her gun, "I'm going to find lots of food."

She swiftly made her way back to the sewer lid without getting caught. Again she looked through the hole before uncovering it.

It was darker than usual outside. Myra covered the hole again before setting off. She went farther away than she usually did, but she felt it was necessary.

Myra found a neighborhood that looked like it used to be the homes to wealthy people. Most of the houses were still standing, and she took caution just in case a Humanoid was living in one of them.

She walked into the house that had its door blown open. Furniture was scattered throughout the room as well as glass. She tiptoed all the way to the kitchen, crunching the small pieces of glass beneath her shoes in the process. She looked at the refrigerator that had pictures still magnetized to it. The one Myra examined the most was the one of the two little boys.

Myra looked through all the cabinets and found nothing once again. In frustration, she kicked a fallen chair. She stood there for a few moments until she felt as if someone was staring at her. She turned her head towards the broken kitchen window and was face-to-face with Cameron.

"You again!" she cried as she narrowed her eyes.

"You idiot!" he replied, "Why did you come back?"

"To find food for the starving villagers! Not that you care…"

They stayed staring at each other for a few moments until Cameron said, "Follow me," and started walking away. He came back when he realized Myra was still rooted on the spot. "Well?" he asked.

"Where are you going to take me?"

"Do you want to feed the villagers or not?"


"Then follow me!"

Cameron started walking off again with Myra following this time. He led her to a side of the house where a basement was well hidden by many dead leaves and dirt. He brushed them out of the way to reveal two small wooden doors. Cameron opened both of them wide to expose the pathway to the basement.

Cameron went in first. Myra stayed up for a moment looking at the dark abyss nervously.

"It's fine!" called Cameron who switched on a dim light. "Make sure you close the doors when you come in!"

Myra gulped and headed in, closing the doors like she was instructed to. She descended down the steps and found Cameron.

"Pick out whatever," he said as he motioned towards all the canned food and water bottles lined up against multiple shelves.

Myra stood there speechless. Never has she seen that much food in one place all her life.

"Are you going to grab some or not?" questioned Cameron.

Myra nodded her head slowly and approached a shelf. She took her backpack off and carefully arranged all the food and water she could carry into it. When her bag was good and full, she noticed that there was still plenty of food left on another shelf.

"I may need to come back," she said as she turned to Cameron.

"Don't. It's too dangerous."

"But food and water don't last forever! Are there more basements like this here?"

Cameron sighed and said, "Yes, but I don't want you coming back to risk your life for food."

"Come back to my village with me! We can find food together since you know your way around so well!"

The boy looked away nervously. He wasn't sure what to do at the moment.

"Why are you so afraid to come back to the village with me?" asked Myra as she put her heavy backpack on and picked her gun up.

"I'm not afraid!" he spat as he looked back at her. "I'll go with you, okay?"

Myra smiled triumphantly as she turned around and headed to the basement entrance. Cameron cut in front of her, saying that it would be safer if he went up first.

They made their way back to the village entrance without getting caught by any Humanoids.

Cameron looked around and said, "I don't see anything."

Myra said nothing as she pulled the sewer lid off and started climbing down. She stopped to make eye contact with Cameron and asked, "Well? Are you coming?"

"Your village is underground?"

"Well, yeah," replied Myra with a roll of her eyes. Cameron returned it.

Myra continued climbing down. Cameron followed and closed the sewer lid above him. When his feet touched the floor, he looked over at Myra. Her uncle stood in front of her with his arms crossed.

"How many times do I have to tell you?" he yelled angrily as Myra flinched. "This is the last time you are going up there on your own, you hear me? The last time! The next time you go off on your own, I'm going to…I'm going to have you in my sight twenty-four seven!"

Peter's eyes wandered over to Cameron who stood there awkwardly. "Who are you?" he questioned as he narrowed his eyes.

"Peter, this is Cameron," said Myra softly as she walked over to his side. "He helped me find food."

"You found food?" questioned her Uncle as his eyes lit up.

Myra took her bag off and showed him the contents inside. He stood there stunned, unsure what to say. No one has ever brought back that much food before.

"Myra…" he finally said, "Where did you find all of this food?"

"There are houses that have basements full of these, but they are far away. If Cameron and I go together to get the food, we'll be fine since he knows his way around the place. He's lived up there for a while."

Peter looked at Cameron and asked, "Why have you been living up there?"

"I prefer living up there than underground."

Peter looked at him suspiciously then said, "Is that so? Well you're welcome here anytime, Cameron."

"Thank you, sir."

They took the bag full of food and water to the villagers and handed them out. In the small crowed, Myra saw Jessica and her parents. When they saw her, they gave her a disapproving look. She felt like she was going to cry again.

"What's wrong?" questioned Cameron as he helped hand out food.

"It's my fault that their son is dead," whispered Myra as she tried to hold back the tears.

When they finished, Peter told Myra to go show Cameron to the house. She nodded and walked off with Cameron beside her; they walked in silence.

They finally reached the small house. Inside, Myra turned on the lights as Cameron shut the door behind him. He looked around the small room until his eyes landed on a book sitting on the couch.

"What's that?" he asked as he pointed at it.

Myra looked over at the direction he was pointing at and picked up the book. "You mean this? This one of my favorite book. It's called Cinderella. It's about a girl who was forced to be a servant by her step-mother and step-sisters. One day, when she was crying because she couldn't go to the prince's ball, her Fairy Godmother appeared. She used her magic to make a beautiful dress appear on Cinderella. She went to the ball, but she only had until midnight until the magic wore off.

When she arrived, no one knew who she was! The Prince and Cinderella fell in love right away, but since she was having too much fun, she lost track of time and before she knew it, it was midnight."

"What happened after that?" asked Cameron curiously.

"Well, she left one of her glass slippers as she was running down the stairs. The Prince found the slipper, but not the girl. He had someone go around his kingdom the next day to put the slipper on every single girl. The slipper only fit Cinderella, though. She was brought back to the castle and married the prince right away."

"That's strange. Why would you marry someone whom you've only known for one day?"

"True love."

Cameron flinched at the word love. He decided to change the subject. "Do the others read as well?"

"I'm one of the few people who can. I can write a little, too. I've probably read only six books all my life multiple times since books are rare to come across."

"Do you like reading?"

"Of course! Reading takes me into a whole different world, far beyond this chaotic reality."

Myra's stomach growled loudly. She chuckled then said, "It's a good thing we found food."

She took the remaining food out of her bag and opened it with a can opener. "Hungry?" she asked Cameron.

He shook his head and said, "No thank you. I ate before I found you earlier. Besides, you need it more than I do."

Myra smiled and started eating.

When she finished, she turned to Cameron who was busy reading Cinderella. "Where did you learn how to read?" she asked.

"I've always known how," he replied as he flipped a page. "Why has your father been out for so long?"

"My father? Oh, you mean my uncle. He's busy helping the villagers like he always does." She yawned. "I'll set up the inflatable mattress for you," she said as she got up to throw the trash away.

"Thank you," replied Cameron as he flipped to the next page.

Myra got out the mattress and started pumping air into it. Cameron closed the picture book and looked at what his companion was doing.

"So how was it?" asked Myra as she continued to pump air.

"I don't like it. I still think it's odd."

Myra rolled her eyes and stopped when the mattress was good and filled. "There," she said, "I'll get some pillows and blankets for you."

Cameron put the book away and waited for Myra to return. When she did, she set all the stuff down on the bed and then announced she was going to sleep. Cameron nodded.

He pretended to sleep when Peter came home, went straight to his bed, and fell asleep right away. When he confirmed that Myra was asleep as well, Cameron left the village.

When Myra woke up, Cameron was standing right above her. She nearly screamed.

"Hey," he whispered, "Sorry to scare you, but I brought you a surprise."

"A surprise?"

She followed Cameron into the living room where two small stacks of books laid on the floor. Myra's eyes widened.

"Cameron…where did you get these?"

"I found them for you since you said you like reading books."

To his surprise, Myra hugged him tightly and cried, "Thank you! Thank you so much!"

"What's going on in here?" asked Peter as he walked into the room. When he saw the stack of books, he looked over at the kids and started to ask, "Where-"

"Cameron found them! Isn't it great?" said Myra as she let go of her friend.

"Yes it is," replied Peter as he smiled at the blushing boy.

"If you would please excuse me," started Cameron after a few moments, "I need to go back up to…do some things."

"Take Myra with you. I need to do stuff of my own, too," said Peter as he walked to the front door. "See you, kids!" he said before taking off.

When he was gone, Myra turned to Cameron and asked, "What did you need to do?"

He looked at her seriously and said, "There is something that I have to do alone. I cannot involve you with this."

Myra smiled and said, "Unfortunately for you, I'm sticking with you 'till the end. So, what did you have to do?"

Cameron set his hands on her shoulders then said, "I'm serious, Myra. You will get hurt if you accompany me today. I've been planning to do this for a while now, and now that I have the key, I can complete my mission."

Myra's face fell. "Cameron…tell me what you're going to do…I won't let you do it alone."

Cameron released his hands and looked down. "I haven't been completely honest with you. I don't deserve to have you accompany me."

"I will stick with you no matter what."

"Even if I'm an Android?"

He lifted his head up to look at her; a look of shock was written on Myra's face. They stayed silent for a few moments.

"You're…you're one of them?" whispered Myra.

"No! I'm not one of them! I'm different from them, Myra. I don't want violence. I don't fully know why I told you I was a human the other day, but it just happened. I'm so sorry."

"Then…what were you planning to do with that key?"

"You're not bothered by the fact that I'm an Android?"

"Of course I am! But you're right; you're different from the others. You had many opportunities to kill me, but you helped me instead. So, what were you going to do with that damn key?"

"This key," started Cameron as he pulled the small rusted piece of metal out of his pocket, "Is the key that will shut down all Humanoids."

"But I thought that they tried that in the past."

"Yes, but some stupid idiot lost the key in that building we were in yesterday so they couldn't shut the Humanoids down."

"I'll accompany you," said Myra as she went to go grab her gun in her room.

"How many times do I have to tell you that it's too dangerous?" yelled Cameron as he threw his hands up in the air and then dropped them to his sides.

"I don't care how dangerous it is," started Myra as she came out of her room with her gun, "You're my friend, and I won't leave you to fend for yourself."

"I don't want you to get hurt…or worse…"

Myra smiled. "I won't."

They left the village and climbed up the manhole to the sewer lid. Cameron pushed it open, helped Myra up, and then closed the hole.

"So where are we going?" asked Myra.

"To the original Humanoid factory. They know that I obtained the key, so they're after me, and I wouldn't be surprised if they're waiting for us there."

Myra kicked a pebble out of her way to distract herself from thinking of what's going to happen. It didn't work so she asked, "Do you think we should have brought some of the villagers along to assist us?"

"Myra, imagine what would happen if they found out what I really am."

"They don't have to know."

"I'm sure they would find out eventually. Besides, I was planning on doing this the stealthy way-for you at least. I'll give you the key so that you can sneak in while I distract the Humanoids.

After walking in silence for a while, Myra suddenly stopped and looked at Cameron with wide eyes. "I just realized… shutting down all the Humanoids means you'll be shut down too."

"Yes. Unfortunately it can't be helped. I've prepared myself for this for a long time, and I'm ready."

"But I don't want you to be shut down!"

"Then turn around now and go back to the village."


"Then accept my fate."

Myra fought back tears. He reminded her of Zane: brave and determined. There weren't many in the village like that. She didn't want to see him end as well, but when Cameron turned and continued walking, she followed.

Myra could have sworn that her name was being called in the distance, but she shrugged it off, thinking that it was just her imagination.

Cameron stopped and looked behind them. "Someone is calling your name," he said.

Myra turned around to see Jessica running towards them. When she arrived, Myra furrowed her brows then cried, "What are you doing here? It's too dangerous for you to be out here!"

Cameron rolled his eyes.

"The Humanoids…" she said. She paused to catch her breath. "They found the village!"

Both Cameron and Myra's eyes widened.

"She has no choice but to come with us," said Cameron to Myra who agreed.

"Where are you two going?" asked Jessica.

Myra took her wrist and replied, "To end this once and for all."

The three of them ran as quick as they could to the factory while avoiding Humanoids patrolling the premises.

They managed to make their way to the back of the factory when Cameron said, "Myra, take Jessica with you, I'll go distract the Humanoids at the front." He took her hand and handed her the key, but before he left, Myra hugged him tightly; Cameron smiled and hugged back.

"Be careful," whispered Myra as she pulled away.

Cameron nodded his head and said, "You too. Look for the control panel on the second floor."

After he left, Myra took Jessica's hand then said, "Let's go."

They looked through a broken window. After confirming that there were no Humanoids around, Myra hit the stray glass with her gun so they could climb in.

"He said we needed to go to the second floor…" whispered Myra as she scanned the dim room for stairs. She found them across the room, but an Android was coming down it.

"Shh!" said Myra as she took Jessica and hid behind a conveyer belt. They waited for the noise to stop, but they were coming right towards them. She felt Jessica shaking.

From a distance she heard, "Here I am! I have the key!"

The footsteps stopped. The Android then started running out the door, after Cameron. More footsteps came down the stairs and out the door as well.

After a few good moments of silence in the building, Myra and Jessica got up and ran to the stair case. They ran up the stairs and decided they should separate so it would be faster to find the control panel.

Myra opened countless doors, but she finally found what appeared to be the control room. "Jessica, I found it!" she called. No reply.

There was a high-pitched scream.

"Jessica!" cried Myra as she rushed out the door.

Jessica was backing up, and walking towards her was a giant Android. He tilted his head side to side as he walked closer to the girl.

If Myra turned around now to put the key in, it may be too late. So instead, she started shooting the Android.

It looked over at Myra, unaffected by the bullets, and then looked back over at Jessica who was in tears.

"Look over here, ugly!" Myra called as she shot at the Android some more.

The Android held his hand out towards Jessica.

"No!" Myra sprinted towards them, in hopes that she could reach Jessica on time.

But she didn't. She stood there as she watched the child fill up with bullets. Jessica's limp body fell to a ground, and didn't move and inch after that.


The Android looked over at her and gave her a toothy grin.

Myra's blood boiled with so much anger that she didn't think was possible to achieve. With a cry, she held her gun out and started shooting as she walked closer to the Humanoid. Its head went back each time a bullet hit it. Aiming only at the head, Myra managed to blow it up. Its body fell off the railing and down to the first floor with a loud clank!

Myra ran back to Jessica who was lying in her pool of crimson red blood. She held the child in her arms as her tears fell down onto Jessica's face.

"Myra!" came Cameron's voice as he burst through the front doors. "Myra, where are you?"

"I'm up here!" she choked out.

Cameron ran up the stairs, only to stare in horror at the scene before him. "What…what happened?"

"An Android," Myra replied with a sob. "It's all my fault! I shouldn't have let her go searching on her own! First her brother, then her, and soon, you!"

Cameron walked up to her and put a hand on her shoulder. "We need to end this before the Humanoids come back."

Myra nodded her head and then stood up slowly. She showed Cameron to the room she was just in earlier.

"This is it," he said as he approached the control panel. He looked over at Myra and said, "Care to do the honors?"

She hesitantly walked next to him and stared at the control panel before her. Myra saw where she needed to put the key in.

"It's almost over," whispered Cameron as he took a deep breath. "Go ahead and put the key in."

Myra looked over at Cameron and hugged him tightly one last time. When he hugged back he said, "You know, I also lied when I said I didn't like that book."

Myra smiled into his shoulder and then pulled away.

They heard the Humanoids come in in numbers.

"Hurry," said Cameron.

Myra put the key in the keyhole and turned it. A button by it lit up, and she stared at it for a few moments.

"It's almost over," breathed Cameron once more as he closed his eyes and smiled.

Myra pushed the button. Cameron's light eyes opened and turned black as he fell to the ground.

She closed her eyes as she listened to the sounds of all the other Humanoids falling. She could only hope that everyone at the village was okay. When she opened her eyes, she looked down at Cameron.

"If it wasn't for you, the human race would have probably died off," she whispered. She knelt down and kissed his cheek.

Myra stepped over Humanoids as she walked out of the building alone. She threw her empty gun to the ground and cried in happiness and sadness as she left.

When she went back to the village, Humanoids and humans littered the underground floor. There were people still alive with guns pointing at her. Myra held her hands up.

"It's me," she said. "It's me, Myra. All the Humanoids have shut down. It's okay now."

They put their guns down as Peter ran up and hugged her tightly.

"Thank God…" he whispered into her hair. "I thought I really lost you this time." He pulled away and asked, "Cameron and Jessica?"

Myra shook her head sadly. "Jessica was killed by an Android, and Cameron was an Android."

"So Cameron killed Jessica?" he cried as he pulled away. "I knew there was something wrong with that boy."

"No, Cameron helped us. If it wasn't for him, we'd all be dead. Jessica was killed by a different Android… are Jessica's parents okay?"

Peter shook his head.

Myra sighed sadly and then turned to face the small crowd of people.

With a small smile she said, "We're finally free."

One by one, the humans who have been living underground all their lives climbed up the manhole and into the Humanoid-free world.