Introduction to Isseth By M. Snark

This informative pamphlet is intended to give the newcomer or visitor to Isseth a general overview to our planet, and a little of it's history, for further reading, please visit anyone of the government libraries in Karenta, or Dros Del Noch, or Mythal. Also be sure to check with the Ministry of tourism for additional information, however I think I may provide a little more insight to Isseth, than some government functionary, I used to work in the tourism industry, so I know what a con job on an unsuspecting public is like.

Who We Are;

There are five separate races to be found on Isseth.

Elves; (High and Dark)





Elves; Elves can be found in two distinct races, High, and Dark. High Elves are of olive skin, and standard height (167cm) High elves have less pronounced ears or slanted eyes than their darker cousins. High elves as a rule have blonde or platinum hair.

Dark elves have a light grey/blue complexion their ears are generally pointier and a bit longer, they average a height of around (185cm) their eyes tend to appear more slanted and the pupils are always red in nature which allows for incredible night vision. Male hair always tends towards black, while the female's tend towards a light grey to almost white. Dark elf females are some of the most beautiful women in the galaxy. Although there is always lively debate, IQ's between the two races is negligible, both races are extremely intelligent. If you feel reckless, go to an Elf bar some night, bring up the I.Q. thing, but be prepared to run.

Elves call Karenta home, it's capital city is Bal Sara, which is also the hub of political, intellectual, and social life for not only Karenta, but Isseth as well. The country is ruled by Queen Tianna, along with her council of nine. Queen Tianna is a nuclear scientist by training, but also an accomplished fighter pilot, often seen on the space station Dagoth Mar. Queen Tianna, while a high elf will tolerate no discrimination between the races. Since the death of the king two cycles ago in a tragic accident, the queen has focused all her attention to the affairs of state. Her closest advisor is a dark elf named Ulin Majere, as a result she is quite well thought of by Karentian citizens.

Faerie; The faerie race is primarily female, although male Faeries can be found. The gender mix is around 70/30, the females are the only ones to possess any kind of magical ability, as a result most storm wardens and witches are of the Faerie race. Faerie females tend towards lesbianism, but a high percentage are also bi-sexual, but they are extremely private with their sex lives, and when outside their homeland of Mythal, tend to become very introspective and private. The Faerie are all of slight build, and only reach a height of around ( 104cm) They do have wings, but can only fly a few meters off the ground. Because many who live and work outside Mythal perceive wings as a hindrance, they have their wings "clipped" to better wear clothing. In Mythal proper, it is quite common to see Faerie with functional wings to go topless or wearing brief tops. Faerie are the guardians of the arcane arts, and perfectly content to eschew space travel, although there are exceptions. The rumors and stories of Faeries being mischievous, and mean spirited are generally untrue, some of the witches and even a storm warden or two have "reputations" most are easy going, and as long as you don't bother them, they tend to mind their own business. There is another "race" to be found roaming Mythal, (as well as parts of the Cantard) "Succubi" All I will say of these creatures is that many a marriage has been broken, and more than one suicide laid on the doorstep of these "Ladies," Stay away…You have been warned.

Mythal is the ancestral home of the Faerie race, and ruled by Queen Bivale Kolee with a small council of advisors. Queen Kolee is quite "unique" she makes no effort to hide her fondness for members of her own sex, in fact her board of advisors are all female and very "tight" with the Queen. Queen Kolee is known for her quick temper, but is also known to be scrupulously fair in all her dealings. She is very protective of her "people" and is always concerned about their well being. The Queen primarily stays in Mythal, but on occasion will travel to Karenta and stay in Bal Sara as a guest of Queen Tianna. Both are on very friendly terms basically stemming from the fact that on occasion Queen Tianna will attend the annual festival of "Heaven Light" held outside Aeravas the capital of Mythal

Note; The festival of Heaven Light is a ten day celebration of magic, tradition, sex, art, debauchery, and anything else one can think of. It is the one time of the cycle where anything goes, Faerie and Pixie can let their hair down, and just "let it flow" It is also a time of spiritual rejuvenation, and seeking of your roots. While there is considerable Elvin turnout, it's primarily for Faerie and Pixie. As a rule, the Dwarves don't usually attend, although there are several that seek to remember the "old" ways and can always be counted on to make an appearance. Three cycles ago, Queen Tianna received quite a bit of notoriety when she attended the festival as a guest of Queen Kolee. Up until this time, there was quite a bit of speculation over whether she would attend. The Queen not only attended, but she was reportedly seen in naked revelry with Queen Kolee. Since photography of any sort is absolutely forbidden, there is no visual record of this, but since it was done on the Queen's vacation and admittedly cemented Elvin/Faerie/Pixie relations the uproar was soon forgotten .Should you be fortunate enough to be able to attend, by all means, it will change your life.

Dwarves; Dwarves can be found in the country of Dros Del Noch. Ruled by King Demlin Trueblood, along with an elected council. Of all the races, Dwarves have made the most changes, no longer the short fierce and doltish fighters of old, Dwarves have simply "changed direction." Close to being wiped out in the Ogre war of 265 cycles ago, the race has made a quick recovery. While still short, they have forsaken the long bushy beards, in favor of short and very stylish beards. While still masters of metallurgy, Dwarves have taken up engineering with a passion. All spaceship design, and construction is handled by Dwarves. If your interests lie in the study of anything related to mining, engineering, or mechanical design, the University at Gyor's Forge the capital of Dros Del Noch is the place to go. As in the past, Dwarves not only work hard, they play hard as well. Mountain climbing, parasailing, or anything requiring strength and stamina are dominated by Dwarves. Evey cycle the Dwarves also hold their own festival of sorts. Contestants are taken to a spot in the southern end of the Peakstar mountains and literally dropped off by heilo's. With only the most basic equipment, they are expected to make it to the gates of Gyor's Forge in five days, Dwarves win this thing eight out of ten times. Dwarves are generally of stout build, usually in the (116cm) height range. They usually have eyes of blue, or grey, with red or auburn typically being the color of their hair. Dwarves are pretty easy going, but do not take guff from anyone. Females can be very attractive and buxom, but please do not rile the ladies, the last thing you want is an angry female after you. Because of their work, Dwarves can be found practically anywhere, the mining planet of Garesh III is their "home away from home" and under Dwarven jurisdiction. While Dwarves can coexist with pretty much everyone they generally don't seem to care for Faerie or Pixie, while they seem to get along, for some reason these races make them nervous, so they tend to stay away from Mythal, although King Trueblood has visited Queen Kolee on occasion and seems comfortable being around her. The one thing that is always guaranteed to set off a Dwarf is an Ogre. Ogres contemplating suicide need do nothing more than "wander" into Dros Del Noch. Those foolish enough to do so are never seen of again, it's just the way it is, Dwarves suffered more grievously at the hands of the Ogres than the other races they have never forgotten, in fact the motto on the Dwarven flag states: "We remember" If you were to ask him, King Trueblood will tell you straight to your face, One of his major missions in life is to see that Ogres are kept in their current state. As a final note, Dwarven engineers are highly sought and can be found serving on spacecraft all over the galaxy.

Pixies; Pixies and Ogres are the only two races not having a homeland, in the case of the Pixies, it's by choice. Of all the races, Pixies are the most mystical, with a stature of no more than (10cm) they fly, and like the Faerie, are almost always female. There are obviously male Pixies, but with a 80/20 gender mix, they very seldom venture far from their natural habitat. Pixies are found mainly in Mythal, however quite a few can also be found in Karenta, residing in parks and botanic gardens. The Faerie look upon themselves as the guardians and protectors of the Pixies, although if you were to "talk" to a Pixie while in their "cups" they would claim they can take care of themselves. Pixies cannot speak, but communicate strictly by telepathy, everyone can "talk" with Pixies, and if you can't, it's thought you may be experiencing the onset of a brain disease. Pixies are extremely independent, they seem to get along best with the Faerie, but if you treat them right and show concern, they will befriend you. Pixies only live around 20 to 25 cycles, and one of the dangers of becoming attached to them is that they do not have long life spans. There is a great deal of Elvin poetry dealing with the grievous loss of Pixie friends and companions, the flame that burns the shortest, burns the brightest. Pixies by nature are fairly "laid back" they are capable of certain types of magic, lighting a room, starting fires, influencing people. They are extremely intuitive, and have minds like computers, they're very popular aboard spacecraft, and transport alike, although as a rule they don't particularly enjoy space travel. One unique thing about this is that Pixies as a rule have no real needs or desires of wealth or possessions. Those that do serve aboard starships command very high salaries most of that money goes back to their families, or to a community "pot" Pixies are very communal, so everything is shared, there are no "poor" Pixies.

Ogres; (Sometimes called Orcs) are the race that has fallen the hardest . 265 Cycles ago the last war was fought with the Ogres, it was a damn close run thing, but through a couple of lucky breaks, the combined forces of the Elves, Faerie, and Dwarves, the Ogres were thrown back and defeated. It was a very hard and costly war, there is no family living on Isseth that didn't feel the effects of that terrible war. For a time, there was an unofficial program of genocide conducted against the remaining Ogres, the governments of Karenta, Dros Del Noch and Mythal decided "No more!" When Space travel became generally available, hundreds of ogres were deported to Proxima where they practice subsistence farming. Proxima also maintains a military battle station high in the atmosphere over the planet, "watching." The remaining Ogres are allowed to live in the Cantard, but most of these have had their minds "genetically" altered so they are but a shadow of their former selves. They receive a monthly stipend and ration card from the Galactic Union, although most farm or operate taverns or other small businesses. Ogres are known for their greenish complexion, they stand well over (198cm) tall, sporting the familiar tusks snout and hairless features. There are no "leaders" of the "community" anyone that's starts to draw attention to the authorities quickly "gets his "mind right" and finds himself on a one way trip to Proxima.