Hello my B-E-A utiful readers! This is a new story that I am co-writing with my friend HolidayChild, it will also be on her page. Hope you like it.

Prologue Part 1

I awoke to the sound of pounding rain on the roof.
Thunder boomed, and I flinched as lightning flashed, illuminating the dark bedroom.
My clock read 5:00 AM.
I couldn't help but feel that something was out of place, but I wasn't sure what.
A dark, treacherous feeling nagged at my stomach.
Something was terribly wrong.
I climbed out of bed, nervously looking around.
I walked to the living room and sat on our dusty old sofa.
Another lightning bolt flashed, casting sinister silhouettes around the room.
Then I remembered the baby.
My hands immediately went to my stomach.
My baby had not kicked since yesterday!
I had miscarried once before, and it was not going to happen again.
Fear stabbed at me, sharp as any knife.
I rushed for the door- I needed to see a doctor, and quick.
Panic seized me and threatened to take control.
However, I didn't make it to the door before I felt life inside me and little feet hit the inside of my stomach.
I walked back over to the couch and collapsed, relieved.
However, the comfort did not stay for long.
Something was wrong, and the answer was eluding me.
Suddenly, the phone rang, and I nearly jumped out of my skin.
The shrill sound echoed off the walls, and the eerie sound filled the entire house.
Who would call at 5 in the morning?
I walked slowly over to the phone, casting sidelong glances out the window, expecting to see a shadowy figure outside, waiting.
My eyes searched for anything that could possibly bring me harm.
By the time a reached the phone, my hands were shaking so bad I had to mentally tell myself to calm down before I picked up the phone.
"Cullen residence," I said into the speaker, and I hoped whoever was on the other end wouldn't hear the shake in my voice.
"Is this Mrs. Cullen?" a man replied.
"Yes sir," I forced myself to say. "And who are you?"
"I am Oliver Dully," the man replied, "and I need to speak with Mr. Daniel Cullen immediately." I relaxed slightly.
This man sounded nice enough, and he was polite.
Surely my feeling was incorrect- there was nothing to be afraid of.
However, I still couldn't shake the feeling that something was going to happen.
"I'll put him on the line immediately," I replied.


I awoke slightly as my wife, Sandra, shook me awake.
She held the phone in her hand.
"A Mr. Oliver Dully wants to speak with you," she told me.
Her eyebrows rose in an unanswered question- did I know what he wanted?
I shook my head no as I took the phone from her.
"Hello?" I asked, still half-asleep.
"Daniel Cullen?" Oliver asked.
"That's me," I replied.
"My name is Oliver Dully, as I am sure your wife has told you. I work for the government. Specifically, I work for a board that makes decisions for the military. We needed more soldiers to fight overseas. We took a list of all American men 21-65 and completed a draft. Your name was drafted. You will have to report June 27th."
"But, that's next week!" I replied, shocked.
My wife was just about to have a baby- I was going to be a father soon.
And I wasn't military material!
"I'm afraid I can't perform the duties. My wife is expecting a month from now. I will be a father soon. I cannot abandon my duties to her and my child," I replied, hoping my voice sounded more convincing than I felt.
"Sir, you do not have a choice," Oliver replied.
"Either you report June 27th, or you will go to prison for disobeying federal orders.
I am sorry for the circumstances we have put you in, but you must come," Oliver added, not sounding sorry at all.
I can't believe this.
I'm going to be ripped away from my life, from everything I know and love.
This is cruel and unfair! I have to keep myself from shouting the words.
"Ok. I don't know what kind of heartless program you run, but I'll be there," I hissed through the phone.
"I run the military," came the reply. Then Oliver hung up. Now how do I tell Sandra this?


I crawled back in bed, barely listening to the conversation.
As soon as Daniel hands up, though, I roll over and look at him.
Fear is written across his face.
"Daniel, what is wrong?" I ask nervously.
"Sandra," he starts.
I can tell he is choosing his words carefully.
"Baby, I have to serve in the military. I am due to report June 27th," he tells me.
"What!" I scream. "You signed up for this! You are abandoning me and your child!" I scream.
"No, baby," he responds.
I can tell he's trying not to cry.
"Sandra, I was drafted. It's either serve or go to prison."
Tears slide down my cheeks.
"No," I whisper, though in my mind I am wailing.
Daniel wraps his arms around me and kisses me lightly.
"It's going to be ok," he murmurs.
I nod, but I don't think that he is right.
So this is the danger I felt nabbing at me.
Not at all what I expected.
And what about the baby?
I can tell by the look in his eyes that he doesn't know the answer to anything either.
I just hope we make it through this.
I will try to be strong, but how much can I take?

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