Dear Friend.

Unknown takes our last breath away. Death eats away at our love. Time takes away our favorite things. Life burns like a match. Love is like a sickness. Hate is a greatness. Mist covers our eyes. We go blind and the world just leaves us. Nothingness is like the days I stare at you. I stare everyday and no one sees me. Am I not here? Where am I? Why am I so far away from everyone? I wonder everyday how this came to be. These things they take my life away from me. I never have heard the screams. They change. Every night they seem to get louder. I wish that you would see me. You never will. You are so far away, yet so close. Do you hear me yet? Will you hear me? Forever you will never see me. One day, as the man had foretold, you will see me. I hope you will, dear friend.
Love from the Unknown things.

Day 1, 5:00 pm.

I see faces. They speak in many other languages. They poke at me with pointy things. My legs are in so much pain. My friend doesn't even know me, but I know her. She looks my way, but doesn't see me. She looks right past me. I sit and think each day of how we could be the best of friends. That will never happen. The man with sunglasses always tells me. He doesn't know the real me; he only knows the me that does everything he says. I wish that things were better, but that will never happen. The girl, my friend, she stares at me with her golden eyes, her blonde locks glittering in the sunlight...

She is not real.

She never was.

She never will be.

I will never have her.

She is not real...

Day 2, 5:00 pm.

The faces, they make me go through this again. I fail over and over again. Why don't they give up? Why do they keep on trying? Why me? Why her? She stares at me again. I know she isn't here, but I can feel her breath on my skin, on my cold dead skin...I am no longer living am I?

I look away from her and stare out the window. The grass is too green. The sky too blue. The people too happy. None of this is real, nothing is real anymore. I send letters to her all the time. She never gets them. I turn and look at her again. She has a letter in her pocket. It had never been there before. I don't understand. This never changes. Has there been a failure? I look at the men outside of the room. They think I can't see them but I can. They smile; they think this time I won't fail, but they're wrong.

I reach for the letter. I can't touch it. I only make a small breeze. The letter falls out of her pocket. She gasps and grabs it. I try to touch her hand, but I only go though it. She rubs her hand to warm it. She opens the letter. I am happy when this happens. I am so happy. It is my letter. She has gotten them.

Day 3, 4:30 pm.

I wake earlier than usual. The faces aren't there. I smile and walk to the bathroom. I haven't seen myself in a while; I look awful. I look like I died - oh, wait - I did. I stare out my window: nothingness. That's all that is in this world now: nothingness. Everywhere, I see nothingness. I am blind with the future that no one sees. The rage is all that feeds these people. Rage and money, that's all they want. I am hated for my happiness and hope. I am death in its greatest form. You are nothing more than my true hope, my hope to been seen. Please, when you get the letters, answer. I am real and I am here. Can you not hear me?

I had gone outside. I walked down the long hallway. I went into the room they always took me to. It was white and there is nothingness. How could this be? I turned to leave, but the door slammed and I was trapped. A voice laughed I knew the voice. It was the man in sunglasses. "You're never going to leave, boy," he said. "We're going to make you do the test over and over and over again until you get it right!" he yelled. I was in shock. He has never done anything like this before. He was the kindest of them all. He never yelled at me, or hit me, or anything! I found this all very strange. He told me to sit down. He thought I will, but I didn't. I could feel eyes all looking at me. They knew what I'm thinking. I'm going to break out and see my friend. "I can bring you back. You just have pass the test," The man said. I shook my head. "no," I said quietly. I could feel the man's rage. "Speak up, boy!" he yelled. "I WILL NEVER LISTEN TO YOU!" I shouted. The man, he was fearful. He fears what I am about to do. I sink into the ground. They can't find me. I will see you again. I will feel the sun on my arms again. I miss you so much.

Day 4...

It was so dark. I couldn't see anything. I tried to keep moving forward, but I was in great pain. I have never felt pain this bad. It hurt. I just had to get past it. I need to see you again. Just once more before I am gone. I love you so much. I hope you haven't forgotten me. I finally found an opening. I could feel the light hitting my cold skin. It was so warm. I floated up to the surface and saw a building and happy people walking. I smile. I am home. I could hear hear you, but I couldn't see you. Where are you? I couldn't move. People were walking through me. It hurt - everything was hurting. I saw a girl. She was sitting in the shadows. She looked so scared. She looked at me. She can't see me, can she? She known I saw her. She stood up and walked toward me. "Hello," She said. I am shocked. Someone saw me! "Y-you can see me?" I said. "Who are you? How did you die? Why are you here?" She asked.

I frown. She just wanted me to be 'free'. "I don't know. Ask the man in sunglasses!" I said angrily. I can tell she doesn't know what I'm talking about. "Sorry, I know you're trying to be nice and all, but I don't want to be 'free'" I said. She gasped, "What? Why not?" I rolled my dead eyes. "I just don't, alright?"

A teenage boy walked over to us. He can't see me. He just thought that she's just being crazy. He laughed and called over his friends. They start laughing and they knocked her books out of her arms. I pushed one of them down and asked if she's alright. "T-thank you," she said. I saw her eyes behind her dark black hair. She has dark blue eyes. They're almost as beautiful as my friend's eyes. "W-who is the man in glasses?" She asked. She's back to the ghost business. "He wears sunglasses, and I don't know what his real name is! And could you please stop with all this ghost business stuff?" I said. She was very surprised by what I say. She seemed to never have met a ghost who didn't want to be 'free', but she doesn't know...

I've already been free. It wasn't what I wished for. It was awful, so many people, all happy. They all hated me. They thought I didn't belong there. I did belong, but they were so hurtful I had to go.

"I'm looking for someone," I said. "Who?" She asked. I don't know how to answer. I don't know my friend's name. I felt so silly, I don't even know my true loves name. "I-I don't know..." I said.

The girl frowned. I can tell she wanted to help me. She can't help me. No one can help me. I am helpless.

"Alright, I guess I'll show you around... I'm Sammie, by the way," She said.

She shows me around. I felt... welcomed. Sammie smiled as she talked. I smiled back. I know she can help me find my friend. Sammie stopped and hid behind a corner. "What's wrong?" I asked. Sammie whispered, "It's more spirits, they're unhappy though." I saw them, they moaned and groaned. They looked more dead than I.

Day 5, 5:00 pm.

I can't sleep. I keep thinking of you. I miss you so much. Sammie told me about the other ghosts.