Converge. A city that never fell silent or dark. A constant drone of combustion engines coupled by the hum of the thousand neon lights was a note that its inhabitants became accustomed to a long time ago. Towards the centre of the city, the building grew such heights that they started to look like fingers from the earth trying to clutch at the sky.

Everything changed at the city's most central point. A circle of about 5 square miles was cast into shadow by the three storey high wall surrounding it. The only point of entry was a large ornate gate at the southern most point of the walls. The gate itself was just short of the wall it was built into, and wide enough to let 20 people walk through shoulder to shoulder. At its centre was a set of 3 smaller doors built into the gate that allowed a single person to pass through at a time, each guarded by a team of 4 men in black uniforms. The guards tugged the collars of their jackets up as rain started to fall from the sky, making the streets around the walls glow as the water reflected the neon lights of the city.

A hooded figure appeared from one of the alley entrances nearby to the gates. It hesitated briefly at the alley entrance, pulling the cloak tighter at the neck to try and keep the rain at bay, the hooded face warily watching the guards at the gates. With a setting of its shoulders, the figure struck out at quick pace towards the nearest of the small doors. As it approached the guards, one held up his hand in a motion to stop the figure.

"No one enters the Abbey without proper clearance," the guard said, standing broad towards the figure in a show of aggression.

"I must speak with the Head Abbot at once," a low voice spoke from beneath the hood.

"Not without proving to us that you belong within these walls," a second guard stated as he stood at the figure's left. The other two guards stationed at this door came around to figure's right, while the remaining guards at the other entrances watched on warily.

The figure glanced to its right, then to the guard on its left, silently studying the guards from beneath the hood, before making a nodding motion. "Proof that I belong..." the figure muttered lowly.

The figure's right arm shot out, grabbing one the two guards there by his collar. He spun the guard, and gripped him close as a human shield while his foot savagely lashed out, crashing into the other guards lower abdomen, causing him to double over as his breath rushed from his lungs. The figure's left hand reached within the folds of its cloak, and retrieved an unfolding handheld crossbow that was quickly levelled at the nearest guard's head in a movement almost too fast for the human eye to follow.


"Drop the weapon!"

"Surrender now or we will open fire!"

The guards stationed at the other two entrances abandoned their posts, firearms drawn and levelled at the figure. The guard that had been kicked pulled himself to his feet, his sidearm drawn and pointed towards the figure's hood that hovered behind its shield's shoulder.

"Give it up," the human shield growled as he struggled against the figure's grip. As much strength as he tried to use, the figure that held him remained unmoving. "No matter how strong you are, you can't win this fight."

The figure sighed from beneath its hood. "You idiots still don't get it..."

On the other side of the gate, the two guards that were posted there stopped their conversation as the sound of a fight reached their ears. They both drew their firearms, and approached the nearest of the doors to them. One gripped the handle, and glanced at the other, who nodded. The two made a bracing motion, but were suddenly thrown back as the door was flung open from the outside by the body of one of the outside guards. The figure stepped through the door, glancing down at the unconscious bodies of the three guards. It turned and surveyed the other 11 bodies slumped to the ground outside the gate. With a quick motion, it closed the door, and then set off across the grounds at a run towards the abbey within the grounds.

The abbey stood silent and dark against the night sky. Numerous windows were lit up from the inside, and lights on the outside at various points shown on the building, but it seemed as if the light was almost retreated from the black walls. The figure quickly reached one of the small doors built into the side of the abbey. It ducked into the shadows when the door suddenly burst open as another group of armed guards came running out, hustling towards the gates. Once the flow of guards had stopped, the figure stepped from the shadows, and slipped in through the door, pulling it closed behind it. The figure moved silently over the stone floor inside, flitting from room to room, checking to make it was clear before moving to the next. Finally, the figure came to a corner that opened into a long, ornate hall. At the far end were stationed a group of six guards, all with hands to their ears, listening to the radio chatter that came over the channels.

The figure held itself against the corner, catching its breath as it peeked around and observed the guards. Once the figure's breath had returned to normal, it pushed off against the wall, and ran down the corridor at such a speed that its movements started to blur.

"It's here!" one of the guards shouted, levelling his firearm at the figure and opening fire. The other five guards quickly followed suit, emptying their weapons of ammo as fast as they could pull the trigger.

"Curro," the figure mumbled. Its entire body seemed to shiver, and then started flitting from one side of the hall to the other in a motion almost instantaneous.


"It's a magick user!"

"It's a daemon!"

The figure suddenly appeared in the midst of the guards, standing stock still for a second. All of them turned to level their weapons at it, before it seemed to disappear again. It appeared behind one, lifting him bodily from the floor, and throwing him sidelong to knock another two over. One of the remaining guards managed to fire a few rounds, which the figure seemed to duck sideways past before driving its fist deep into his stomach. The guard's eyes widened, before slowly rolling back into his head, the guard collapsing to the ground. The figure shifted again, disappearing and then reappearing in front of the nearest guard. The guard managed to swing at the figure with his weapon, but the figure deftly caught the strike. The figure brought his free hand up in a vicious movement from below the guard's outstretched elbow. With a loud crack, and a scream from the guard, the elbow started bending in the wrong direction, with the guard falling to his knees as he cradled the now useless arm.

The edges of the figure's shape slowly became solid again as it turned to the last remaining guard. The guard's eyes were wide with fear as he backed up into the door that they had been trying to protect. The figure slowly stepped towards the guard, who raised his firearm and pulled the trigger, only to have the gun click, its ammo fully spent. The guard's hand started to shake as the figure drew near. The figure reached up, grabbing the man by the front of his shirt, and lifted him slowly from the ground. The guard started to whimper, struggling against the figure's grip. Then with a sudden movement, the guard was flung backwards through the doors.

The door crashed open as the guard tumbled to the ground, lying still. Light from the hallway lit open the nearby bookshelves. The figure stepped into the library, glancing around before sighting a tall man at the other end, his long silver hair lit by a shimmering grey ball of fire that hovered over him right shoulder. The figure briskly walked towards the man, stepping into the darkness that filled the rest of the room

"What did you tell him?" the figure shouted as it approached the man. "It was almost as if he knew I would be there tonight! You knew of it, you told him! Why would you betray me trust like this?!"

The man slowly turned to look at the figure as it stepped into the light cast by the ball of fire. He looked over the top of his glasses, a smile slowly spreading across his lips. "Calm down, Paul, my son."

Hands lifted up to pull down the hood. Paul's face appeared from beneath, twisted in rage, his hair dishevelled. "I will not calm down until you've answered for this crime, Head Abbott!"