The sweetest sacrifice ever paid

painted fingers caressing an empty locket

broken just like the cold heart that persists to beat.

Giving up on life before it has ever even started

all she can see are the dead roses from

a shadow in the past kept entombed

within her favorite tomes of poetry.

Resigning the world forever after-

she can still not look toward the future

because she is locked in the past.

All her hopes and dreams washed colorless

by acid tears haunted her like ghosts

in a silent graveyard.

She had chosen this path for all the wrong reasons.

Her heart and soul could never be released

from the chains she had forged around them.

Her parents had forced her to take these vows

and place a veil between herself

and all she had once held so dear.

Disappointed in all else-

the only thing that remained had been her families expectations.

A sacrifice she had made silently- and unfeelingly.

Dead inside from the frost of empty hopes and dreams.

But now, standing there at the altar

ready to trade all for a few short promises-

something like life begins to rekindle within her.

She could run now- embrace the sunlight

she had tried so hard to expel from her life.

Awakening for the first time since she

lost the one she loved-

the sacrifice she had been courting had lost all appeal.

Her hearts' strings dashed carelessly upon an altar

would bring happiness or solace to anyone.

Ripping the white smock in twain, she dashed

thru the impressive carved oak doors

to meet herself for the first time-

Free from depression or faltering or expectation.

That altar remains, impressive in the back

of her mind but shouldn't she find

something worth living for before

she casts it all away?

The End