Deep within, waiting lost in the shadows of

the fragile mind past reason, past sense,

avoiding either but stronger than both combined.

A legacy carried- mandated by blood and agitated by pain

is a monster haunting in the wings of the mind.

Pent up emotion turns to poison upon which the creature feeds.

Some family burdens are right and proper to bare with

fortitude but there is neither pride nor honor in this family legacy.

The demon comes so steadily- undetectably at first

that it is hard to believe such a thing could

ever transpire in this life...

But added with the burdens of those faltering on ahead

and the smothered anguish within-

the demon grows incredibly strong...

much stronger than one person alone can slay.

Fears that the curse will touch down any moment

make all relationships impossible-

even the warm embrace of friends and loved ones.

Wishing that the stars would foretell the future

or a time machine would cast away all doubt

in a brilliant blast of cosmic energy.

Maybe this fear is all in the mind-

a sign that these feelings are normal and that

everything is going to be alright.

The hardest problem is the ignorance of the curse-

ashamed of the curse it is ignored and never spoken of.

All that can be proved is the slow decay of behavior and sense-

like water slowly leaking out of the cracked vessel.

Curled up into a ball in the center of the bed,

wishing sometimes that it was possible to be someone else-

and fearing the day that wish might come true.

The End