Long days full of anxiety,

Empty nights full of shadows and silence,

Sore back, stiff knees and blistered hands-

markers of a life spent hard and lonesome.

Tired of waiting for fairy god mothers,

magic pumpkins and singing mice.

Prince Charming absent still-

likely never to ever flash his dazzling smile my way.

Dreams of life and laughter failing to fill the void-

caverns inside waiting to swallow me whole.

Is all this hard work in vain?

Neither magic nor education seems enough

to break this servitude.

What other escape is there?

Good grades, hard worker, but it never seems to change.

Tired of the never ending drudgery of the fairytale

without the happily ever after we all dream of.

All I have ever wanted was a dream worth

living for and believing in.

Cinderella, what is your secret?

Is life really so much easier with magic pumpkins and singing mice?

Do fairy godmothers really find people with pure lonely hearts?

Do people really fall in love at first sight?

Life must be wonderful living in a fairytale-

a sensation I will never know.

I am tired- just so tired of being

Cinderella without the hope of that the four magic words:

"Once Upon a Time" endows.

Cinderella, please take back the hope that

your high voice and tiny feet falsely inspire.

Can I dance 'till midnight?

No, I am fast asleep long before them.

I am tired- almost too tired for fairy-tales...


The End