The stir of your wings must cause

storms upon the other side of the world-

but they are nothing compared to

the uplift you give my heart.

The spring sun, hot and almost unnatural

after a long winters blight seem to

sear the soul and weigh down and spirit.

When ever I feel at my lowest and

can no longer sustain a cheery

facade for the world-

All I need is to see a small flutter of

black and blue ethereal lace-

and all cares are wiped clean and

all problems are melted away.

Floating carefree between the dancing

rivers in the air- I wish that I

could follow to that perfect realm

that lies between dreaming and waking.

Just like my knight and shining armor

you are able to rescue me from

the worst sides of myself.

My dear prince, how I wish I could find a

way to escape to your world.

You are always there when I need you

most and for that all this waiting seems bearable.

We rarely meet and only for a moment do our paths

cross but I can only wait with baited breath until we meet again.

Be you fairy or fly?

All I know is that some dream draws

us together- if only in my imagination.

The End