Lost in a maze of starlight

wrapped within a moonless sky

sailing far beyond the crest of the horizon

not noticing the brilliance around.

Distanced both physically and emotionally

from the world below,

a small withered voice wails into the void.

No echo returns.

Falling into space and absorbing eternity

'til it fills my blank soul,

my thoughts are extinguished from lack of oxygen.

Dropping all I am away-

becoming totally an object adrift in space

and welcoming the oblivion as a loved one

into my arms- I am a lost one

without kith or kin to mourn my fall.

Unseeing, unknowing, uncaring-

adrift in the vast universe alone

things begin to make so much more sense.

Maybe it is the lack of oxygen-

maybe it was the vast darkness and hazy starlight

but knowing this one thing made everything

else seem to make sense.

When you are really alone

the only thing you want is a kind human voice

to break oblivion's silence.

The End