The sun is shining

The sky is a cloudless brilliant blue

The grass and trees are an unnaturally bright green

It's hot and humid

But children conquer it by gallivanting around a park

Flinging crystal clear water every which way

Soaking excited friends and disgruntled parents

Then collapsing on the plush grass in an exhausted heap

A roiling thunderstorm is coming

Parents anxiously call their children indoors

Where restless eyes await the first lightning strike

And little ears are glued to the large glass sliding doors

Listening for the accompanying peal of thunder

Then the rain pours down in translucent sheets

And lightning lights up the darkened sky

While thunder mixes with the falling droplets

To create a unique soundtrack

I wish I could skip over the refreshing days of spring

And into the delightfully exciting days of summer

So all this wouldn't be merely a sunshine induced fantasy