Manifesto to Save the World!

Not only superheroes have to save the world.

You can too!

Instead of throwing your trash on the side of the road,

put it in a garbage bin.

You can keep the planet beautiful

and save the lives of wildlife.

Instead of throwing away your bottles and cans,

why don't you recycle by creating a work of art?

Instead of discarding paper,

why not tear it into strips

and make piƱatas for excited children?

Instead of driving in a stuffy car,

releasing harmful emissions to the slowly dying atmosphere,

why don't you ride a bike

and feel the cool rush of air

blowing across your face and through your hair?

Instead of hunting down species for sheer pleasure,

why not help them return to their former glory?

Don't you want to be able to see foxes in your backyard?

Instead of harming the planet,

why not be a hero

and join with others to save our home?