Hey everyone! It's been awhile, but I'm back! This is my new series, the Element Saga. Each story (Water, Air, Earth, and Fire) will have 3 parts with 6 or 7 chapters each. The Element Saga will the orgin story of my OCs Alex Jones and Mimi Evans. Hope you enjoy! :3

I looked around me and recognised everyone instantly. My mom and two sisters, Daphne and Izabella, were standing up front under the giant cross, tears in their eyes. My two friends, Kate and Dustin, were hanging around the open door. Connor, Kayla, Robert, and Taylor were sitting in the empty seats arranged in two rows. My mom and dad's co-workers were scattered throughout the room. I saw 3 of my elementary teachers with their kids carrying bouquets of black roses to a red table. They all wore black tuxes, dresses and veils. I looked back at my mom. Laying next to her was a thick casket.

I walked towards her despite Kate warning me to stay back. My legs felt like they were thigh-deep in tar. Everyone started to stare at me. When I reached Connor, I heard her crying sobs. I stopped and looked at everyone again. Everyone's faces were filled with sorrow and pain. Kate and Dustin were flanking me now, hugging me tightly until my eyes popped out. I didn't know what was going on until a priest came into the room with Lucian, the church's undertaker.

This was a funeral. I glued the pieces together and fell to my knees. It was my dad's funeral. I observed the decorations again, the hurt expressions of the guests, my mom holding Daphne and Izabella as they both cried their eyes out. I started to cry, but I didn't feel any tears. I didn't whimper like I usaully did. I didn't feel my face turn hot or my chest hurting from my labored breathing. Nothing.

No, I felt the tears. They just weren't streaming down my face like they are supposed to do. I looked at my dad's casket, the invisible water works speeding up. Then something hit me. I looked at the clock. It read 2:22. I looked at my phone. 2:22 Monday, January 16th, 2004. I met Kate, Connor and Kayla in 9th grade, in 2011. I didn't even see my parent's co-workers till a week after my dad's funeral. I remember Dustin and Taylor transferred to my school in 2005. How were they all here if I have never even met them before? Then, the church room grew dark.

I heard growling and screaming. Something was happening around me, but what? Then, the screaming stopped and the growling grew louder. Whatever happened to my friends and family was about to happen to me. I closed my eyes and hoped for a quick death. Suddenly, I felt a warm hand grab mine and the growling faded away. The lights came back on. I turned towards the person beside me.

It was a girl with long black hair tied back with a green hairbow. She wore an old, white Japanese dress with pink flowers on the side and front. Her eyes were glowing an odd shade of red. Her nails were filed down into a claw-like form. Sitting plainly on her head were dog ears, twitching with every breath. I stared at her without realizing of what she was staring at.

I turned my head.

Surronding us on all sides was some kind of monster with slimy tentacles. Their eyes, purple-green and beady, never left the strange girl. Suddenly, one of the hideous creatures crouched and leapt into the air. Without as much as a warning, the girl took out a purple-and-orange, double bladed sword and threw it.

Like a bommerang, it sliced through the air, slashed through the greasy neck of Mr. Slimy Butt, and returned to her. The others roared and jumped at the same time. I fliched as the huge sword quickly grazed the top of my head. Before anything else happened, I heard my mom's voice.


I opened my eyes.

I was no longer in the church, but instead in my room. I was lying in my old, beat-up bed with thousands of pop cans at my feet. I turned on my side to stare at the Fishing Legend clock on my end table.

Monday, April 22, 2013 5:49 A.M

Great. Another Monday is here, which meant two things:

bus driver would pull up at 6 honking his dumb old horn and

dumb "Romeo and Juliet" project is due.

I wanted to go back to my bizarre dream. At least then, my head wouldn't explode from Ms. Junie's lecture on proper english. "It is not 'Can I?' but it is really 'May I Maam?' You children should have learned this from your parents. Now, on to Science."

And trust me, she somehow drifts back into her "Proper English" speech every day. I remember when Ash asked her why she taught Science instead of English. She then went into a discussion about how the principal was sexist and gave all the easy jobs to men and degrading jobs to women. And, I kinda agreed with her.

I mean, there were guys cooking the lunch and women cleaning up after whoever threw it back up. I really don't see how that itself is being sexist, but Ms. Junie made some other good points that I can't repeat. And she gets mad when we cuss. Hypocrite...

I dragged myself out of bed and grabbed the bland uniform out of my closet. Instead of neatly laying on my bed, carassing it so it wouldn't get wrinkled (like the boy in the video they showed us did), I threw it to the ground and walked over it to reach my basketball jersey.

Captain of the Nick Forn High all-star Bulldogs, I was the only kid in school who could wear anything besides the uniform. But, it had to be a game day, so I was praying for one every weekend. And it finally happened: The South Wayne Pirates challenged us to an All-or-Nothing grudge match. And in cause you were wondering, a school has to challenge us before we play any school-vs-school game. That didn't happen often though. California's full of sore losers.

I slid into my jersey, the 18 shining from my bedroom light. I tied on my lucky sneakers when my clock started counting down. When it reached 0, I heard Ron, Izabelle's bus driver, honking his horn. Exactly 6:00. Some day, Ron, you will screw up. And I'll be ready.

I zoomed out the door, ran down the hallway, slid down the stairs railing and caught Izabella as she was brushing her teeth. She shireked and started giggling as I swung her around like a rag doll.

She was wearing a blue dress and Bleuberry Jane tap shoes. I smelled the sick smell of hairspray and Izabelle's sweet peach perfume. Knowing Nick Forn Elementary, it was yet another picture day or field trip to a fancy smancy resteraunt. Otherwise Izabelle is delusional and thinking she is Daphne again.

"Stop Alex! I'm getting dizzy!" I stopped swinging her and sat her on my shoulders. Had she went through that growth spurt Doc Stephens said she would have over the summer, her tiny little head would hit the oak ceiling. But, she didn't, so she was a good 4 inches from the top of our kitchen.

"Well, Milady, do you have everything you need for princess school?"

She giggled. "Why yes, big brother. I do. Be a lamb and carry me to my carriage?"

I laughed and darted for the door. I ran around with her on my shoulders before stopping at the bus door. They creaked open as I sat my sister down.

"Thank you kind sir."

"The pleasure is all mine, Madaam."

She climbed the steps and sat in the first seat behind Ron. As the bus backed up, she waved goodbye to me before talking to her friends. I made sure the bus was gone before running back into the house.

By now, Daphne was up and pouring herself a bowl of Lucky Charms. Her hair was a natural diaster, sticking up like she rubbed a balloon on her head. I saw she didn't switch out of her "Bad Kitty" pajamas like she normally does. That usually meant she was dumped by yet another boy or she was sick. Being her little brother, I really hoped it was the second option.

I walked behind her and wrapped my arm around her shoulder.

"Good Morning sis."

"Ugh. Don't you ever wash that dumb jersey of yours?"

"Are you ok?"

"Just leave me alone."

Hostile remark towards my outfit and shutting me out almost instantly. Yep. Boy trobule.

She saw my look and walked toward the table.

"Matt Anders dumped me yesterday. Said he found someone better to spend his vauleable time with." Matt Anders. Number 27, lay-ups and free throws master. Well...He could use some more practice today... "I thought he loved me, but he said he only dated me because he wanted to get on your good side." Ok. Forget practice. This guy is fucking dead. "This is all your fault Alex. You need to stop bringing your dumb-shit friends home after every game."

"Noted. I'll deal with this Sis. Just go get ready for school."

She handed me the bowl of cereal and headed back upstairs. I quickly downed the sugar-milk combo as I heard Daphne using her hair dryer. In the time it took me to eat a bowl of cereal, she switched into her uniform, dried and curled her hair, and applyed her make-up. A new record. It usually takes her two bowls of Lucky Charms instead of just one.

After 10 minutes, she left with her 3 Barbie wannabe friends. I looked at my watch and headed to the fridge. When I found my target, I heard my mom singing that weird Asian song by Sai* or something like that. I tossed the little red apple around, neatly catching it in my hand every time. When I finally dropped the apple, my mom appeared at the stairs.

"Clean that up Alex." She walked to the laundry room, dropping off a load of clothes.

Despite what people say about my mom, she isn't considered an "old bat". She's somewhere between 39 and over-the-hill but somehow manages to keep up with 3 children. When Izabelle gets around Daphne's age, I'm not gonna be able to tell them apart. I'm surprised I can figure out how to tie my shoes in the morning. (Not that dumb. Just forgetful when I wake up.)

I swept up the saucy mess and headed to the living room. I snatched the remote and found my favorite cartoon. I knew without looking it was almost time for Kate's dad to get here. My eyes were focused on the screen, waiting for my favorite part on the most common episode of 1962 based shows. But right as Wile E. Coyote pull out the match to light his rocket, my mom unplugged the t.v.

"How old are you now Alex?" She was frowning.

I frowned back. "Did you already forget? What's next? Are you gonna decide a manicure is more important than picking up Izabelle? Oh, wait...Didn't you already do that?"

It happened a little while back, but me and Daphne never let her live it down. It was back when I was 10 and still in 4th grade. I called my mom and told her she had to come pick Izabelle up from Daycare while I worked on my school project. 3 hours passed and I was all set to leave with Allie (my "girlfriend" at the time) when a teacher came to get me. She brought me to the Pre-School Daycare where Izabelle was crying. Of course, our mom claimed she had very urgent stuff to do. But we all saw her french manicure and the bill for Lai Tai Salon.

She growled and discarded the strewed pop cans and chip bags. She, again, said she didn't do anything wrong and I was going to stop bringing it up. I wouldn't, of course. When you have some kind of leverage on your mom, you tend to use it when you can. I set my feet on her precious crystal table and, without meaning to, spilled Red Hash soda on the snow-white carpet.

If I have ever seen my mom's face turn as red as a cherry, I would assume she was choking. But not today. Unless she was somehow choking on her rage. But, I never would have guessed her next move.

She threw me out.

And I mean that literally. She grabbed me by my injured arm and tossed me to the pavement outside. I felt a trail of blood trickle down my neck as she told me to stay out until she teen-proofed the house. When she slammed the door, I flipped it off. I felt good until I saw her snap the blinds open. Afraid she saw me flipping her off, I grabbed my skateboard and headed for school.

Instead of riding my skateboard, I decided to walk and enjoy the neighborhood of Shady Creek. I know, I know. Real teenagers can't enjoy anything not invloving technology. But, I decided to try. And I hated it.

Shady Creek was a richer Cul-de-sac that housed over 10 rich snobs. Every address was a king-sized mansion with a pool, 50x50 ft yard, and a shiny new lamborghini in each 4 car garage. Granted, living in a rich neighborhood is usually seen as a plus. Not when you're me.

Believe it or not, I used to like my neighbors. I would play Gladiator with my friends, Bakery and house with Daphne and her friends, and building stuff with my neighbor Ron. Seems like your typical community. Kids playing, adults prattling on about their job and kids. Just...normal. But, it didn't last.

When I started to hang out with Dustin and Kate, my so called "friends" called me unclean and unworthy of talking to them. It gets worse. They told their parents I was hanging out with "commoners" and they shunned my mom from their knitting circles and book clubs...or whatever.

Anyway, I hated it because my neighbors would try and talk to me. They pretend they never shunned me away. They were oblivious that their grandchildren torture and belittle Izabella everyday. They assume I'm the little boy they can lie to and win back with candy. Not anymore.

After dodging the families heading off to Marrhead, the fancy private school 2 hours away, I reached the contrasting neighborhood of Sun Meadows. I really don't think whoever named the districts saw this one coming...

Standing barely with duct tape and crazy glue, were the 50,000 apartment sized houses. The grass was an odd shade of black, but, in all honesty, it could have been ash from all the drug labs and chemical rain. Clinging to the houses was the smog of the nearby chemical plant. Not fatal, according to the news report, but people wore masks just in case. Even the sky was a sickly tint with vomit-green clouds.

I crossed the intersection.

The sounds of Sun Meadows blasted my ear drums like they were set on "snooze" for too long. Alarms and windows being smashed, cop sirens getting loduer, drunk men singing "I Knew You Were Trobule." Ahh. Feels like home.

I strolled down the sidewalk and found my destination: Kate Peterson's house. Painted an inappropriate white, it was the only house with angelic choirs singing around it. Just kidding. I knew it was her house because her drunk dad is yelling at her mom.

I walked up to Mr. Peterson.

"Good morning, sir!" I barely dodged the thrown beer bottle.

"Git 'tta 'ere!" screamed the buzzed old-timer. "Y'all want me soul? I 'aint got one! Ask 'ye Lord o' the files!"

He passed out. Mandy Peterson dragged her unconscience husband towards the road and motioned for me to go inside. I did so and saw the fault line that was Peterson "Estate".

Don't get me wrong, it was a nice house. Probably the best house in Sun Meadows. But it was still cracked with age.

I sat in a leather chair and dug around in my backpack. I discarded a 20 and handed it to Mandy. She grabbed it and place it in her bra. Normally, I would be disgusted by that, but I know that's the only place Jack won't look. I regarded the broken down stairs.

"Kathelyn!" bellowed out Mandy.


"Your cute little friend is here!" I blushed and looked at my watch.

"Mom! Why do'ya embarrass me by saying that horse-shit?!"

"Sorry! Just come on down for breakfast!"

I saw Kate appear at the stairs and watched in awe as she grinded the railing on her Auto'ed Tony Hawk board. It was sick...until she crashed into a plant before landing on her back.

I rushed to her and helped her up. Trickling down her face was a trail of dark blood. Almost immediatly, Mandy pushed a bandage onto the huge gash. Instead of flincing, Kate started bragging about yet another injury.

"So, Baby Butt." Kate started before devouring a candy bar her mom handed her.


"Oh Yeah. You ready for school?" She laughed when I groaned.

"Mom, me and Alex are going to the movies tomorrow. Can I borrow 20 bucks?"

Mandy looked at me before answering. "Kate, I thought you were going to your cousin's house on Saturday."

Kate rolled her eyes and grabbed her splitering board.



"First off, you will stop that right now. And Secondly, I promised your aunt you would help Simon with his project."

"Did you find anything wrong with the statement, Alex?"

Mandy sighed. "Just get ready for school."

"I am ready."

Me and Mandy observed her outfit.

Centered on her extra-extra small shirt was Kate's favorite catchphrase, "Welcome to the Show!" Riding along her slim legs were a pair of skinny jeans topped with a gray poofy skirt. Her pale white arms were covered with elbow-length fish-net gloves. The blonde jungle that was her hair was tied in a braid. Mandy was not pleased.

"Go change now."

Kate crossed her arms. "I like this outfit."

"It makes you look like a slut."

"Well, maybe I want to look like you."

"You will show me some respect young lady!"

Kate snorted. "Yeah right! Next you'll say I'll behave in school. Respecting an old hag like you? Over my dead body."

I grabbed Kate's wrist, shaking my head. Kate and her mom never saw eye to eye. When her mom scraped some money for a big, fancy outfit, Kate sold it to buy T-shirts and jeans. If Mandy made plans for Kate, they were instantly changed by Kate. I also find it weird I'm always around when they start up again.

"Let go of my wrist. We're late." Mandy started laughing. "What are you chuckling about?"

"Since when do you care about being punctual?"

"Don't try to confuse me with big words."

I sighed and sat down again. Going back and forth like that, I knew it would be at least an hour before Kate storms off or Mandy runs off crying. I grabbed an apple off the table and bit into it. I hate my life...

Finally, we made it to school. By now, it was 7:55. Homeroom started at 8:15, Kate's Skating Demo promtly at 8:14. I walked alongside Kate until I found who I was looking for. I stopped Kate and pushed her behind a tree.

"Mrs. Tiner is back."

Mrs. Tiner is the principal of Nick Forn High. She was a hateful old bat, suspending kids who made her mad. She hated pretty much everyone. But noone could tromp her hatred for Kate.

"If she sees you here, she'll expell you for sure."

The reason behind that was a funny, serious story. Kate found some old Black Cat fireworks in her brother's room and decided to use them to prank Mrs. Tiner. So she skipped 1st period and rigged our principal's car door to light the explosives. It went bad, however, and burned her face severely. She went to the hospital after telling the vice principal whoever did it was gone when she got back. It then took her 2 days to figure out it was Kate.

Kate looked at the shrink-wrapped woman before laughing. "Should I be scared of that sardine in a tracksuit?"

"If I were you, yeah."

"But I'm not you." Kate leaned closer to my face. "But thanks for looking out for me."

We smiled at each other, laughing about nothing. Suddenly, we heard a third laugh. We turned to see our friend Dustin.

"Hey look, it's the two lovebirds. Sneaking in an early makeout-session before school no doubt."

Before I could say anything, I watched as Kate decked Dustin in the jaw.

"Hey look, it's the douchebag of the year. Lying on the ground, rethinking his decision no doubt."

Dustin raised up and looked at Kate. "You're lucky you're cute."

"I know."

We all started to laugh when I felt someone tap on my shoulder. I turned to face a nervous Matt Anders. The conversation between me and Daphne was stuck in the back of my head as I stared down the worst boy I ever saw leaving my sister's room at 1:00 A.M.

"Hey Anders. How are you today?" I tried to hold my tounge: Revenage is better if they don't see it coming.

"Uh...I'm good. Coach wanted to see you in the gym ASAP." It looked like he was getting his courage back. Time to strike.

"Alright. Hey, after the game, aren't you and Daphne going out?" I reeled him in and laughed mentally when he started backtracking.

"Uh, actually we sorta broke up last night. She kinda broke my heart last night before dumping me." Keep lying asshole.

"Hey, uh, Matt? Can I tell you something?" He nodded. "Yeah, Daphne told me what really happened this morning." Matt's eyes grew large. "I hope you like running laps."

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