Chapter 1

I looked at the woman standing before me; she had dark circles around her deep green eyes, her hair in disarray tangles of mahogany brown. I turned on the faucet washing the drunken haze, splashing water on my face, hoping that the dark circles would go away, facing the mirror once again; I looked at my exhausted features, the dark circles turned to light shadows as my head throb. The dreams were the same, over and over again, for the past three months since my father's death. All I had was this odd amulet hanging around my neck weighing a ton, his voice still rung in my head. Making me shiver, I still remembered the old man in his death, his last words to me was this heirloom, a stone that changed colours..amber.. Just like my haunting nightmares, amber was what my father last said before his final breath.

I didn't know what he meant, was the amulet supposed to change colour? I didn't understand.

As I looked at the pendant lying within the palms of my hand, it was a beautiful pendant. My father told me it was to bring me luck, a stone sat in the middle of its golden oval frame, its edges moulded into little vines of flowers of gold and diamonds of elegance. It seemed rather old, but I wore it anyway. The stone did change colour, but it was never in the shade of amber. It would go bright red, as if there was some sort of fire within, and a soft purplish hue.

"Amelia.." I heard the voice of Stephanie, my co-worker in this crummy old book store.

"Oh…hey' Steph…need anything?" as I wiped my hands over my pink apron, leaving the bathroom

"Marie is looking for you…." She smiled at me, her blue eyes shining under the florescent lights.

Stephanie was a petite girl, working part time at the bookshop for a couple of dollars. She was around sixteen , lips tinted with dark red lipstick, blond with a boyish hair cut that resembled a Korean pop star, she stood in what I presume would be around five foot three. She was a small girl that stood just below my chin. She had eyes that could almost be as innocent as a five year old, but sometimes I swear that girl knew too much for her own good.

I made my way towards the manager's office and knocked at the door a couple of times before entering. There sat, busy scribbling on the desk was Marie. She looked her age really, which was about fifty. She had a pale complexion, and the most bizarre glasses that was twice the size of your ordinary pair, if you'd look at her, it was like staring into a pair of magnified honey brown eyes, of a plump lady with sandy curls.

Marie; was my aunt, she owned the bookshop, and we lived right above it. As fun as that sounds, she's the only family I got left. My father and aunt Marie were close, thus, when he died I chose to live in with her than any of my mothers sisters who kept coddling me since I was a baby, pinching my cheeks like I'm some sort of doll. I shuddered at the thought of the three sisters, with their names long forgotten in the depths of my horrific childish memories.

Aunt Marie was like a mother to me; she never got married and never had kids of her own. Since my mother died giving birth to me, I had nobody while growing up. My dad was always busy with wood crafting that he often left me at our neighbours. Summer was the best though, since I was five, I spent my summer with aunt Marie, and she would let me have any book I ever wanted.

"You wanted to see me?" As I heard the door made a click closed behind me. Marie looked up at me, her expression was one I did not recognize, her brows furrow as she stood and gasp, hurriedly rushed her way towards me, taking hold of my necklace.

"Oh…no…" she whispered softly, I could see her grow paler than usual, her hand shaking. As she stood back and looked at the door, checking its locks.

"Uhmm…Marie?.." I asked hesitantly, she was freaking the hell out of me. She was always calm and collected, I never once saw her flinch. But now, she was practically hyperventilating as she stood there staring at me with large honey eyes.

"..I should have prepared you sooner, I should have not made any're so young.. " she gasp, her hush voice in panic, she was staring at my necklace still, out of deep curiosity I looked down at it and saw that the once dull purplish rock, was now shining in bright amber….

It was Amber!…dear…

"Amy…" my aunt spoke sternly, when I looked up at her again, she was fumbling behind her office desk slumming odd metallic objects on top of the table.

"Uh-Huh!" she exclaimed as I approach the desk and watch her take out a forty five hand gun. How I know that? It was the same gun I knew my father kept under his bed when I was younger.

"Is that…?" I couldn't finish my sentence, I felt lightheaded, and my head was throbbing, my hands sweating. As I found myself taking a step towards the desk, my hand reaching out for the gun, I didn't know why, but I felt it.

The burning sensation, the longing, I wanted its cool heavy metal in the palms of my hands, I wanted to hear it click and pull its trigger, and for some reason, even if the depths of my mind told me to walk away, I felt no fear but something strong tagging at my chest. I felt the pendant growing warmer as my hand slowly curled around the handgun.

It called to me, and I was grinning like a mad man, until I heard a screeching cry, from Stephanie.