City Boy Meets Country Girl.

Saturday, May eighteenth.



As I looked out the window of our car, I noticed how much I hate the country.

You probably want to know who I am, don't you?

Of course you do, it's me.

I'm Craig Jones, but, if you call me that, I will hit you. I go by CJ. I have black hair with green stripes in it that goes down to my shoulders, and if you touch my hair, I will hit you. I have dark blue eyes that can, and will, glare at you if the occasion arises where you tick me off. I'm 6'2 and, if I do say so myself, I'm pretty tough.

Uh huh, that's right. I work out.

Oh, and I'm seventeen.

My parents think that uprooting me from New York and moving me down to Georgia, is a wonderful idea.

"CJ, honey, are you okay? You seem quiet." Mom asked me from the front seat

"I'm fine Mom," I lied

I'm beyond ticked off.

"CJ, when we get to the house, will you play tea party with me?" Ally questioned, a hopeful look on her face

I sighed, smiling over at my little sister.

She's the only thing that keeps me calm.

I have severe anger issues.

"Sure," I nodded

"Thank you bubby," Ally grinned at me

I rested my elbow on the window seal, putting my head on the palm of my hand, looking out the window.

Jack pulled into the driveway of our new home.

I looked over at our next door neighbor as I got out of the car.


I think I might like it here.

Considering, the girl next door is hot.

And she washes her car in extremely short shorts.

I walked over to the fence, leaning against it.

"Hey there," I greeted, my signature smirk on my face

She leaned up and smiled over at me.

I felt someone tug on my shirt.

I looked down at Ally, a genuine smile on my face.

I knelt down, putting me at her height.

"I'll be in, in a minute okay girly?" I asked

"Okay," She replied perkily, skipping off

I stood back up, leaning an elbow on the fence.

"I'm CJ, or formally known as, the man of your dreams." I winked at her, shaking my hair out of my face

"Somethin' tells me that you ain't from around here," She rolled her eyes "But, you scored points by the way you talked to your little sister."


"How 'bout I show you around town tomorrow after church?" She asked

That's never happened before.

"Uh, sure," I stammered

"By the way, CJ, I'm Mia. Welcome to the neighborhood." She said, walking off

I walked over to the car and got my suitcase and guitar case, with my electric guitar in it, and I started walking up to the house.

When I got in the house, I walked into the bedroom on the right of the hallway and set my stuff down.

I walked over to Ally's room.

"Ally? You in here?" I asked, walking into the room

Ally is lying on her bed with her head in the pillow.

I sat down next to her.

"Ally, what's wrong?" I questioned

Ally rolled over, looking up at me.

She's been crying.

"D-D-Daddy yelled at me," She stuttered

"Why did he yell at you?" I wondered, feeling anger starting to boil in my veins

"I-I-I was starting to sing while I was unpacking my tea set." Ally frowned

"He yelled at you for singing," I said disbelievingly

Ally nodded.

"Come with me," I ordered softly, getting off of the bed

Ally sat up and looked at me.

"I'm scared," She sniffed

I picked her up, holding her up with one arm.

Ally wrapped her legs around my waist and wrapped her arms around my neck as she laid her head on my shoulder.

I walked into the living-room where Mom and Jack are.

And no, I don't consider Jack Jones my 'Dad', we may be related by blood, but, I do not consider him my 'Dad'.

I cleared my throat, hating what I was about to say.

"Dad, I would like to know why you yelled at Ally." I told him

"She was getting on my nerves with all the singing crap." Jack stated

"Her singing is not crap; in fact, I think she has a beautiful voice." I narrowed my eyes at him

"And even if she was getting on your nerves, you should've gotten down to her height and politely asked her to stop." I explained

Sometimes, I think that I'm more of a parent than both of them combined.

"Now, if you don't mind, I believe I have a tea party to get to. Isn't that right Ally?" I asked, smiling at her

Ally picked her head up off of my shoulder and nodded.

"Right," She smiled

I carried her back into her room and set her down at her Disney Princess table.

I sat down on a little stool next to the table.

"Would you like some tea?" Ally asked, holding up the teapot

"Why yes I would," I said in a British accent, holding up my cup

Ally poured imaginary tea into my cup and hers.

"Thank you Ma'am," I chuckled lightly

She's the only one that I can truly be me around.

Ally and I both 'drank' imaginary tea, laughed and just had a great time.

By the time five o' clock rolled around, Ally and I were outside, in the grass looking at the clouds.

"That one looks like a bunny," Ally giggled, pointing at a cloud

"That one kinda looks like an alien pushing a baby carriage," I laughed, pointing at the sky

"That's what you always say bubby," Ally looked over at me

"So, I saw you talking to the girl next door." Ally smirked


The five year old smirked.

"Yeah," I answered hesitantly

Ally looked like she was searching for something in my eyes.

"You like her, don't you?" She asked

"I hardly know her," I furrowed my eyebrows

"Ah, you avoided my question." Ally pointed out

Dangit, she's right.

"You're a bit too smart for your age," I laughed lightly

"I've hung out with you and your friends since I was a baby." Ally shrugged

"And how did you get so smart?" I questioned, knowing what my friends are like

"I do the exact opposite," Ally giggled

"I'm going to give you a five second head start before I run after you," I stated

"Bring it on lover boy!" Ally taunted, getting up and running off

Oh she's going down.

I got up and immediately caught her.

I picked her up, tickling her.

Ally started giggling.

"CJ! I can't breathe!" She exclaimed

I stopped tickling her, keeping her in my arms at my height level.

"Will you play Monopoly with me? Please bubby?" Ally asked, giving me her puppy dog eyes

"Sure, go get the board set up." I laughed, setting her down

Ally ran off into the house.

"How can a guy be so arrogant yet so sweet?" Someone asked

I turned my head to see Mia.

"Eh, she brings out the best in me," I shrugged

"It's kinda cute," She nodded

"I don't suppose you wanna play a game of Monopoly, do you?" I questioned

"Sure why not," Mia rolled her eyes playfully

"But, I've played it over a million times with my little brother. I'm kinda a pro at it." She added

"We'll see about that," I smirked

About a half an hour later, we we're in the middle of a game of Monopoly.

Ally has boardwalk and park place.

I just landed on it.

Did I mention that she has hotels?

'Cause she does.

"Okay, I'm out." I held up my hands in surrender

"Yay! I won!" Ally exclaimed, jumping up

Also, the so called 'pro' was out within ten minutes.

"I thought," I started, a smirk on my face "You were the pro,"

"Please," Ally laughed lightly "She doesn't know the first thing about Monopoly,"

"Okay, so I'm not the pro. But, I can beat my little brother." Mia folded her arms over her chest

Ally walked over to me, leaning next to my ear.

"She only played because she likes you," She whispered

Ally walked over to the corner of the table.

"Well, I'm going to go to my room. It was very nice meeting you Mia." Ally announced, walking off

"She's wise beyond her years, sometimes; I think she's smarter than I am." I nodded

"Do you go to church?" Mia asked randomly

"Not often, you?" I questioned

Mia nodded,

"Every Sunday,"

"I think I might go to church tomorrow." I smirked

Mia rolled her eyes.

"I'll believe it when I see it," She laughed

"Step by step up to her world, head over heels for a brown-eyed girl."

Mia's eyes widened.

"Hello?" She answered

"I'll be home in a minute Daddy, I'm just next door." She explained

"Okay, bye." She hung up the phone

"That was my Dad, I have to go. My curfew is six and it's six fifteen." Mia sighed

"That's kind of an early curfew, don't ya think?" I asked, an eyebrow raised

She shrugged.

Mia started to walk to the door.

"Wait!" I called, running over to her

"What?" She questioned

"What church do you go to?" I wondered

She laughed,

"You're definitely not from around here,"

"There's only one church in town," She smiled

"I knew that," I lied

"No you didn't," She saw right through me

"I'll see you tomorrow CJ," Mia giggled, walking out the door

I shut and locked the door, nearly running over and into Ally's room.

"Why? Why would you do that?" I asked, running a hand through my hair

"Calm down older brother," She giggled

"She's gonna think I set you up to that," I stressed

"No she won't," Ally shook her head

"I have a question," She told me

"What?" I questioned

"Did you make a move?" Ally asked in her 'duh' tone

"No," I said, shaking my head

"I have a question for you," I smirked

"Which is?" She wondered

"Wanna go to church tomorrow?" I questioned

Ally looked like she thought about it.

"Sure," Ally smiled

"On one condition," She added

Oh God, the last time she said that, it involved me painting my nails pink.

"We take your motorcycle," Ally smirked

"Okay," I agreed, walking out of the room and into mine

What did I just agree to?




"I'm home!" I called out nervously

"Mia Rosemary Johnson! You are in so much trouble!" Dad yelled, walking out of the kitchen

"I was just fifteen minutes late, I was playing a game with the new neighbors." I explained, sounding more confident than I felt

"Yeah, I saw the teenage boy that they have. He's a bad influence. I forbid you from seeing him, do you understand me?" Dad asked harshly

I nodded, scared.

I walked upstairs to my room quietly.

I got out a yellow summer dress for church and hung it on door of my private bathroom.

I changed into a night gown and crawled into bed, staring up at the ceiling.

I miss my Mama.

I was fifteen when she died.

"Hey babygirl, I'll be home in a little bit." Mama explained over the phone

"Okay Mama, I love you." I told her

"I love you too, bye." She replied, hanging up the phone

That was the last time I talked to my Mama.

The last thing I remember about that night is people from the hospital calling and telling us the horrible news.

Ever since then, Daddy has prevented me from going anywhere but school and church.

That's also why my curfew is so early.

I can't be outside after six.

A smile slowly appeared on my face.

I will talk to CJ again.

And there's nothing Daddy can do about it.

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