Give It Back You Douche!

Twelve thirty, Monday, May twenty seventh.



I woke up to the sound of muffled video games.

Begrudgingly, I got up and walked with my eyes half-lidded into the kitchen.

I poured me a cup of coffee, immediately taking a sip.

"Hey Red," Joey greeted perkily, sliding up to sit on the counter

"Hey," I yawned. "Joey."

"Where are CJ and Matt?" I wondered

He shrugged.

It finally clicked in my mind where Joey is sitting.

"Get off the counter, were you raised in a barn?" I asked, snapping my fingers

Joey slid off the counter, smirking down at me.

"Actually I was raised by wolves," He remarked

"That explains a lot," I muttered, walking past him into the living-room and sitting next to James

"Hey James," I greeted, propping my feet on the coffee table

"Mhm," James hummed, obviously not focused on me

Joey walked into the room, eyeing where I'm sitting.

"You stole my seat," Joey stated lowly, towering over me

"I suggest you back off," I told him

"And why is that?" He questioned

"Because, I have scolding hot coffee, and you have a pair of nads that can easily be scolded." I smirked

Joey backed away and sat on the floor.

"Dude!" James laughed, looking away from his video game to look at Joey

"I don't know about you, but, I actually want to have children someday." Joey nodded

I looked at the T.V., noticing that James is playing New Super Mario Bros Wii.

He fell in the lava.

"Dangit!" James yelled

"Let me try," I said, setting my cup on the table next to me and bringing my feet up onto the couch

"Here," He handed me the controller. "You try to beat this stupid freaking game."

Within ten minutes, I had beaten the level on the first try.

"You're welcome," I nearly giggled, setting the controller in James' lap

"Let's see, you played that for four and a half hours, died about fifty times. She came in here for thirty minutes and beat it on the first try." Joey chuckled

"You're going down," James bellowed, jumping up and tackling Joey to the ground

I tilted my head to the left, looking and feeling very amused, at the two fighting boys.

I have a feeling this happens a lot.

I looked over at the door noticing that CJ and Matt walked in.

They have the same expression as me.

"I grab James, you grab Joey?" Matt asked CJ

He nodded.

Matt and CJ rushed over and pried James and Joey away from each other.

I walked in between them, looking from Joey to James.

"Why do I have a feeling this is an everyday occurrence?" I wondered

"They're twins," Matt shrugged, keeping his grip on James' arms tight

I looked over at CJ and Joey.

"Of course it's an everyday occurrence." He laughed

"What the heck does occurrence mean?" Joey asked, obviously confused

"You're such an idiot!" James exclaimed

I looked back to James and Matt.

"Let me go," James grumbled

"Nope," Matt popped the 'p'

James eyes lit up as a smirk grew on his face.

"Let me go, or I tell them." He threatened

"Go ahead, I already told CJ. And you know he'll be just as mad at you as he will be at me." Matt told him

"Then let me go so I can show them," James leaned his head back on Matt's shoulder

Matt let go of James the same time CJ let go of Joey.

"Joey, do you remember a couple weeks ago when you asked me why I was acting so weird around Matt?" James questioned

Joey slowly nodded.

"This is why."

James pulled Matt by the waist to him and kissed him.

I cocked my head to the side, my smile growing intensely.

James and Matt pulled away, smiling dazedly at us.

"Oh," Joey said shortly. "I already knew that."

"What?" James and Matt asked in unison

Joey pointed at James. "Your bedroom is right across from mine, and you," He pointed at Matt. "Are very loud,"

Matt seemed to curl next to James, trying to hide the pink tint slowly making it's way to his cheeks.

"Okay," CJ clapped his hands together. "Let's do something that isn't awkward!"


One o' clock.



"Come on! You take longer doing your hair than I do!" I yelled at James, banging on the bathroom door, desperately needing to pee

"Calm your jets, I have more hair than you and CJ combined!" James shouted, muffled by the closed door

I rushed into the living-room, finding Joey and CJ playing video games and Matt watching with a very amused look on his face.

"Is there another bathroom?" I wondered, bouncing up and down

"Master bedroom," CJ stated, his eyes not leaving the screen

"Thank you!" I exclaimed, running into the master bedroom and into the bathroom

After going pee, I walked out into the living-room, immediately hearing the sound of yelling followed by CJ running through the dining room with a CD case in his hand.

"Give it back you douche!" James yelled, running through the dining room

I looked at Joey and Matt, then back to the way CJ and James ran.

I ran into the kitchen, seeing James backing CJ into a corner.

I slid in between them.

"Why are you chasing my boyfriend?" I asked

"That little douche stole my 'Wretched and Divine' album!" James exclaimed

I took in the way he's dressed.

A smile slowly crept up on my face.

I pulled my purple wristband up, revealing my Black Veil Brides tattoo.

James gaped.

"B-But you're a choir girl." James stuttered

"Correction, I was a choir girl." I corrected, a smirk upon my lips

I turned around to CJ, holding out my hand.

"CD, now," I ordered

CJ handed me the CD, pouting as he walked back into the living-room.

I turned back around, facing James.

"Your CD," I smiled, handing him his CD which he gladly took

"You are now my unrelated little sister," He stated, pulling up his black wristband

He has the same tattoo as I do.

"And you are my unrelated older brother." I laughed lightly as we walked back into the living-room

"By the way, you look like Andy Biersack." I told him

"Oh my God, not you too," Joey groaned

I looked at James who looked at me, we both looked at Joey.

"Deal with it," We said in unison

I looked up at James.

"Hey James, do you think you could make me look like Jinxx?" I wondered

"Do you have black hair dye and black clothing?" He questioned

I nodded.

"Then yes,"


Two thirty.



I smiled, seeing the way I look.

"Wow, you have a gift." I breathed

James chuckled,

"It's called years of practice."

"You said you can play the electric, right?" He asked

I nodded happily.

"Grab it and your amplifier and when call your name, come on out." James smirked

"Okay," I replied

James walked out and started talking.

I grabbed my amplifier, my electric guitar, and slid my pick into my pants pocket.

"Introducing, Mia Johnson!" James announced

I walked out with my guitar and amplifier in hand.

CJ and Joey gaped, Matt smirked.

"What did you do to my girlfriend?"

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