Journal Entry 1- May 6, 2013

Writing Genres

Often I wonder why I love writing fantasy genre so much when I can create general characters who may be someone I want to be. If I write general fiction, I can be anyone or anything I want, and I can become lost in the story. Writing journals as though I were the character is an interesting idea that I want to try; perhaps that would make general fiction more interesting.

Lately though, I have been thinking of writing essays and flash fiction stories to sell on , a great website to sell handmade items from all over the world. I must start somewhere, right?

I have already started to get my name out there, but it's been six years since I published anything worthwhile. I've been neglecting contests that I want to enter. I suppose wanting to enter them are only good intentions.

This CSD class will help with my writer's block, I hope. As of late, I've been lost in my inactivity, and other than school and mowing my grandfather's massive lawn, I have not been productive in the least. I want to write, but it seems like I can only write when I'm sad or depressed. I hate that. Sometimes I have an idea—I say "the hamsters are running" (as opposed to "plot bunnies")—but they refuse to help me get anything onto paper or a screen.

Also, I've decided that while I study in this class, I'm going to apply myself and commit to writing a series of short stories at least—4 of them. If the plot is one I like, I may try to write a short novel. We will see.

Reading fell by the wayside since I graduated from high school. That always gives me ideas. Maybe I will pick up the book that I started reading about 2 months ago, though I will need a refresher, I think. I forget the title and author, but it seems interesting from what I read. Hopefully if I read some more, I will spark ideas. I would settle for cliché plots and characters at this point. It's something at least.

Eventually, I hope to finish a novel. I want to self-publish it with one of many printers I found, but I need to save up the money to do so first; the cost to use this publisher/printer has many components including a press release, cover and formatting services, and editing. distribution is something I want as well. The entire cost would be about 6,000 dollars. I am hoping to get some motivation up and write for some contests to earn that 6,000 bucks. To the computer!

I just had the idea a few paragraphs back to make a blog. I've been meaning to do so in order to share my own personal story; inspiration for other people…. I may be able to give them some. Coming from a sickly family is hard, but it's survivable. Not a soul should be able to make you feel awful—unless it's yourself.

When I took the psychology course, I tried to think about why I would do certain things. I would say "Why am I doing this?" or "What can I do to make this better?". It's a way of thinking that has fallen by the wayside, but I hope to return to it because it helps my mental state greatly.

Back to the blog—I think that would be a good idea. I can post my daily journal entries from this class as well as photos and such. Maybe I can throw in a short bit of the lawn work (a description I mean). Gardening would be good, too.

Gardening is hard work! It's so beautiful though, and I want to help out more with that. My mother started a pretty big garden this year and just created the raised rows for planting this past weekend… yesterday.

Not editing this entry is proving difficult, but luckily, I am doing well (at least I think I am). Literally value is null, but journaling will spark some ideas; it already has.

That's it for today. Yay for streams of consciousness!