A/N: I had a hard time writing today; my brain was buzzing with tedious crap. :(

Journal Entry 4- May 9, 2013

Today started out well. I woke up to a text from my boyfriend, and today is our one month anniversary. Not a huge deal, but to me it is because he is such a great guy, and he treats me like a princess. So glad to be going out with such a wonderful man.

Also, I went to my online class last night via chat-room. It started out with only a few people, but it was good for me—usually, I don't do well in large groups (yet I go to a huge university…go figure).

I started up my blog as well. That was a few days ago, but I decided to post a few things before I mentioned it. I plan on letting people know about it via social networking sites. Yay for showing some of my writing! Hopefully I can find a few new writers to network with as well.

So far, there isn't much coming to mind about what to write in this entry…

But before I forget… I want to take a moment to thank my two wonderful reviewers! When I used to post on this site under a different penname, I didn't get much feedback either way (good or bad), and this is a wonderful way to start another go with F.P. I appreciate it so much!

I've been arranging the groundwork for a few stories in my mind lately. I want to write short stories this month, yes, but I would also like to post a novella or novel, depending on how well I like the story. Generally I love writing stories that many would find hard to write about or talk about—such topics include eating disorders, gender roles, teen drinking, etcetera—because there needs to be a conversation started on these situations. It's important to have empathy and NOT turn the other cheek on your fellow (wo)man.

I haven't yet mentioned it, but such problems relate to one of my friends, who was treated neglegtfully when she was ill—and the sickness (which could have been prevented) snowballed into something horrible and irreversible. She is alive, by the grace of God, but I think speaking a bit about her story would alieviate some of the feelings bottled up about the problem for me.

Writing is my little escape more often than not, but occasionally I like to put my feelings and opinions down on paper.

When I was younger, probably eight years old, I wrote a letter to my dad after an argument and left it on his computer keyboard so that he would find it once I went back to my mother's house. My father and I still fight and argue a lot, but that day changed the outbursts from uncontrollably loud and mean to reasonable and helpful. I explained my feelings rationally, and he took it to heart.

Don't ask me what the letter said—I have no recollection of what we even argued about—but it is a good idea. If anyone has trouble with impulsive yelling or mean statements, try getting some time apart from the person and write your emotions out on paper. It really helps!

Okay, so I'm not a therapist… But try it!

That's it for today. Another twenty minutes down.