The cold wind hit Matt Johnson hard. The cold snowy weather didn't help the sick group around him. Everyone was slowly dying off. A young girl, Lucy, cried in her sick mother's arms while her father walked back and forth. Everyone was unhappy, even Matt Johnson. Lucy's brother, Mike, was coughing and holding his covers close. The doctor, Scott, sighed, looking at all the sick people he knew he couldn't save, but he wouldn't give up yet, not yet. All the while, young beautiful Kate sat in the snow holding a picture of her family. She sighed and waited for her troubles to be gone. Matt Johnson didn't know what to think about this group. The last group he was in had killed people to get their food. He thought about leaving this group and finding yet another, and then he thought how they couldn't get their own food. They would starve before the sickness took them. He would get them food and medicine. Matt Johnson sat up and walked over to Lucy and her mother. Lucy's mother looked up at him and pointed at Kate. He understood. Kate looked at a picture of her family and started to cry softly. "Kate?" Matt Johnson said. She looked up and wiped her eyes: "Yeah?" He looked over at Lucy and her mother. Kate sighed, "I know, she needs someone." Matt Johnson sat down next to Kate. "I think you'll do well, Kate." Kate stared at the snow covered ground and said nothing. Matt Johnson quietly got up and left Kate to be alone. He went over to Scott to see if he had anything he needed Matt Johnson to do. "Hmm, let me think. I think you can go get some more medicine, Matt," Scott said. "It's Matt Johnson," He said, annoyed. "Sorry, Matt Johnson," Scott said sarcastically. Mike coughed loudly; there was fresh blood on his blanket. "Hurry!" Scott said. Kate walked over to them and said, "I'll go with you to town. Just follow me and we'll find medicine." The trip over to town was quiet and awkward. Matt Johnson went with Kate to look for medicine or food to take. They found a Drugstore; it didn't look like the looters took much. They went inside the store. Kate went over by the pharmacy and Matt Johnson looked for food or something the group could use by dust covered shelves. He saw someone moving behind Kate. He slowly moved closer to Kate to get a better look. Behind her was a live person. When He looked closer, he saw that the person had a hammer. "Kate, watch out!" He yelled. Kate looked behind herself and saw the young man holding a hammer above her head. "Put it down!" Matt Johnson said angrily. "W-what do you people want?" The man asked as he slowly put his hammer down. "We have lots of sick; we need medicine," Kate said in her sweetest voice. "Oh, okay; my group has a little medicine you can have," The man said as he took a plastic basket from behind the pharmacy counter and put some medicine inside. Kate smiled and took it. "Heh, there you go," The man said as he blushed. Suddenly, another man sneaked up from behind Kate and hit her on the head with a pan lid, knocking her unconscious. "What the heck, Stevie?! Don't give our medicine to strangers!" The other man yelled. "Sorry, Danny!" Stevie said as he looked down at the ground timidly. Matt Johnson felt frustrated; he started to cry. "Oh, gosh, what's wrong?" Stevie asked. "Just give us medicine!" Matt Johnson shouted. He whipped out a knife and held it to Stevie's throat. Danny gasped, fearing for his son's life. Danny panicked and tossed him the basket. Matt Johnson backed away and threw Stevie on the floor and he quickly picked up the medicine and put Kate over his shoulder. Matt Johnson ran from the Drugstore carrying Kate and the basket When Kate woke up she was very confused, "What happened?" Kate asked. Matt Johnson said nothing. Kate sighed and continued walking. The rest of the walk back to camp was silent. When they got back, Matt Johnson threw the basket of medicine at Scott's feet. "Here's your medicine, Scott," He spat. "Thanks, Matt," Scott said sarcastically. Matt Johnson went a bit far away from the camp. He sat down; he stared at the snow covered field. He thought about how there used to be cows and horses in the barn, how people lived on this farm, and how there used to be food planted here. Matt Johnson sighed. Kate came and sat down by his side. "What happened back there?" Matt Johnson sighed and said, "It was nothing." Kate frowned and said, "I know it wasn't nothing. You're hiding something. What happened back at the pharmacy?" He stood up and said in a louder voice, "I said it was nothing!" Kate sighed; she left him and walked to Lucy and her mother. Matt Johnson sat back down and saw Kate calmly holding Lucy in her arms; her mother coughed and watched her son sleep peacefully.

Matt Johnson remembered his life before all this. He was an author. He did science as a hobby. He wanted to be something more than an author. He had made this all happen. He tried to bring his mother back to life. He did bring her back, but she was a little different. Her heart wasn't beating, yet she was moving and eating. She got out of Matt Johnson's house (where he had been keeping her) she bit people and they slowly died and came back as the undead.

As Matt Johnson sat on a tree stump, he wondered if he shouldn't have yelled at Kate. Suddenly there was a loud scream. Matt Johnson jumped up and ran to where the scream came from. Lucy's mother was crying and holding Mike. "What happened?" Matt Johnson asked. "H-his heart isn't beating!" She said. "Careful, he might come back," he said. Lucy pulled on her mother's shirt. "Mommy, what does he mean? Is Mike okay?" Lucy asked. "Shut up, Lucy!" her father snapped "Nothing is okay!" He violently pushed Lucy away. "Hey, John, you really should calm down," Matt Johnson said coolly. John laughed crazily. "Calm down? You think I should calm down?" He backed away and said, "John, you're going to make things worse. Just calm-" Before He could finish his sentence, John punched him in the face. "John! Please, don't do this!" John's wife begged. "Shut up, Susan!" John yelled. Mike eyes opened and he groaned. John's wife let go of her son. Matt Johnson wiped off the blood on his face and took his knife out. John's eyes widened, "What are you doing?!" He bellowed. Matt Johnson sighed and said, "It has to be done, he's gonna come back." John smacked the knife out of Matt Johnson's hands. The undead Mike moaned and sat up. He looked around and reached out for John. John gasped and took Mike's hand; he said quietly to his son, "You're gonna be okay, Mike." Mike opened his mouth and began to eat John's hand. John's scream echoed and alerted any zombie near by. Lucy's mother gasped and covered Lucy's eyes; Lucy cried. Matt Johnson picked the knife up and stabbed Mike in the head. Scott knew what they had to do. They would have to put John out of his misery.

The very next day,

Matt Johnson woke up to a very horrible stench and a loud moaning. He sat up and looked around. He got out of his tent and saw that looters had taken all their medicine and food. He saw that the Looters tied undead John to a tree that was where the stench was coming from. Matt Johnson covered his mouth with his scarf and put his knife at John's head. "Sorry, John, so sorry..." Matt Johnson said as he stabbed John. John's moaning stops. He took his knife from John's head and he carved words into the bark of the tree. Matt Johnson walked away from the campsite, leaving behind dead John and the words, Rest in Peace, John. Matt Johnson. He looked for Scott, Lucy, her mother and Kate.

Kate, Susan, and Lucy were inside a dark grey room, the looters had kidnapped them. Lucy softly cried in her mother's arms. Kate walked back and forth looking for a way out. Susan looked up at Kate and mouthed something; Kate couldn't tell what she was saying. The door swung open and two people came in, one was a woman and the other was a man. "Hey, ladies! How ya doing?" The woman asked. They stayed quiet. Lucy whimpered. "Ah, so they're the quiet type?" The man said with a Canadian accent. "Aw, shut up, Joey!" The woman said punching the man's arm, Joey, in a friendly matter. "Haha, Cathy!" he laughed, "So, what are gonna do with them?" he asked. "Hmm, I dunno, maybe we, ya know, let them go?" The woman, Cathy, said. Kate stood up and said, "Who are you people and why did you kidnap us and where's Scott?" "We are your worst nightmare," A voice said from behind the woman.

Matt Johnson searched for his group. He hadn't found anything leading him to them. I'm probably lost, he thought, maybe I should go back to camp they might have come back. A loud noise interrupted his thoughts. The noise was coming from the forest, Matt Johnson spotted a few zombies and he went to grab his gun from the trunk of the car. The gun wasn't there, someone must have taken it! He jumped inside the car and quickly stomped on the gas and drove away from the zombies. Once Matt Johnson no longer saw the zombies and he stopped the car and got out. He looked in the trunk to make sure that nothing else was taken. His knife was still there, but all the food and medicine were gone. He slammed the trunk shut and went back inside the car. He looked and saw that he was almost out of gas.

"That is so original, Danny," Cathy said sarcastically. The voice, Danny, came out of the shadows. "Yeah, yeah, I know," Danny said. "So, what are we gonna do with them?" Cathy asked. "Wait, I know her!" Danny said, pointing at Kate, "She's the one from the pharmacy!" "What? There was only one man at the pharmacy!" Kate gasped. Stevie walked in and said, "Hey, dad, I found some oatmeal!" Danny sighed, "Stevie, that's great." Stevie smiled and turned to look at the ladies in the room and saw Kate, "Hey! That's the woman from the pharmacy!" he shouted. Kate gasped, she remembered Stevie.

Matt Johnson walked. He just kept walking. His car had ran out of gas a while ago. He didn't have anything, the looters took all the food and medicine at the camp. Someone had taken Matt Johnson's guns and backpack. All Matt Johnson had left was his knife.