I wake to sounds, what are those sounds? I sit up. I see women being stabbed in the back. Now, I wake again; that must have been a dream. I can't tell what is reality anymore. I am so scared. I need to drink some water; I can't find any. I ask my mother if she knows where it is; she turns around and she has no face, just a bloody skull. I fall down. I push myself against the wall and scream for my Dad. He comes down and is wearing a black piece of cloth over his face, he lifts it up and his face is covered with words. I can only make out a few words: Kill, Doom, Death, Life, Left, and Son. I am very scared. My father reaches out for me and says, 'do not fear because Fear is close; only fear the Fear's words.' I didn't understand a word of it and I stand and say while shaking in fear, 'sorry D-D-Dad, but I h-h-have to go.' My father waves and smiles; my mother drops onto floor crying out of her bloody eyes; I run outside before I can see what is wrong. I see a woman - she has green eyes, black lips, buttery paper white skin, an hourglass figure, long fingers, painted black nails, and a very long green and gold robe. She walks up to me and says, 'boy, you are Fear and Fear doesn't like copies.' I run pass her. I am very confused. I look behind myself and see that she was gone, she couldn't have been that fast! I slow down and I see a village; it is very colorful and there is happy music. I walk into the town and the music stops, everyone is looking at me. I frown and continue to walk. a little boy grabs my wallet out of my pocket. 'Hey!' I say smiling, ''ask next time. I don't need money if I'm going to die.' Sometimes I die in my dreams, I'll probably die in this one. The little boy thanks me. A woman walks up to me and says, 'who are you? You look like Fear, but do not act like Fear.' 'Oh, my gosh! I totally don't understand you people! What's with this fear talk?' I ask. The woman looks at me like I'm an idiot and says, 'Fear rules over us, Fear is our king, Fear watches over us and keeps us alive.' A black smoke comes from the sky and spells out the words, 'Fear is here' the people in the village scream and run to their houses. I stand looking up at the sky. A person that looked just like me comes out of the darkness and stops when he sees me. 'B-brother?' he says. I start to shake in fear and then I see him: he looks very happy. 'M-my mother and f-father...' I start to say,'t-they said to not fear you.' He starts to laugh. 'Oh, brother, you sure don't remember me! I really missed you! I was so sad when you...' Fear stops, and then he continues, '...left, I went looking for you, and my-er, our mother had been killed when I got back home.' He stops and wipes a real tear from his eyes. 'I-I d-don't understand. What is happening?' I say. I walk closer to him. I don't fear him, only his words. 'Why, you really don't remember do you?' Fear says. He sighs. 'Do you remember who you are?' he asks. 'I'm-uh, I am...who am I?' I ask. I am so confused. Just that morning I knew who I was. 'Haha! Brother, your name is Doom, don't ya remember now?' Fear says with a big smile. I frown and say, 'Nope, I don't remember.' Fear smacks his face and sighs, 'ugh, you were always difficult!' A little boy peeks around the corner. Fear looks at him and hisses. The boy walks out and grabs my pant-leg. 'Hey, let go! What is with these children!?' I say. The boy looks up at me; he has dirt on his face and is missing both of his front teeth. 'Please, don't hurt us.' the boy says. 'Now, why would I hurt anyone but Miself?' I say. Miself never wanted for me to do this kind of stuff. Fear looks at me; his eyes are wide and his mouth open. He takes my arm and pulls me away from the little boy and into an alley. Fear starts to yell at me. I can see he is afraid of me. 'Fear is afraid of no one!' A blind woman says from behind Fear. He jumped forward and shouts at the woman, 'What are you doing here? All women are to leave me alone! Leave me alone!' The woman rises her arms and says, 'DOOM WILL FALL TO FEAR.' I look at Fear, his eyes are red, unlike mine, which are green. The woman is looking at me with her blind eyes. She touches my face. I flinch and move her hand to Fear's face. I have no fear in this dream. I smile. Fear's eye widen. 'What are you doing?' He asks. 'Just a little payback, Fear,' I say. Fear reminds me of someone. Fear pushes himself against the alley wall. 'P-please, brother, I-I n-n-need h-he-help!' Fear says through tears. I smile and push the blind woman away. She growls and runs away on all fours. I turn and look at Fear; he is sitting on the alley ground crying. I help him up and he wipes his tears away. 'T-thanks, brother,' He says. He slowly walks back into the village market. I see people peeking out their widows. I quietly hiss to Fear, 'let them out.' Fear looks at me and frowns, 'c-c-come out, villagers.' The villagers slowly open their doors and walk out. A young lady with snake-like skin hisses, 'What issssss thissssss about?' Fear opens his mouth about to speak and than stops and looks at me. 'Fear, here, is afraid of me, and what my family did to people who were afraid is not what I will do.' I say. The villagers look at each other, confused. I sigh, 'I'm not going to kill the people who are afraid, I'm going to kill the people who scare.' The villagers gasp and a young girl takes a sword and yells, 'Ye be a person who scare! Ye need be killed!' I rub my head. I stop and think. The girl with the sword still yells while I think. Kill, Doom, Death, Life, Left, and Son. I think to Miself. If I am Doom than does that mean to kill myself? My father would never let me do anything like that! But what does the rest mean? Maybe I should ask Fear? I turn to face Fear but he had run away. I sigh and sit down, Is this still a dream? It doesn't seem like one anymore. What have I gotten myself into? I need to stop asking Miself questions he can't answer.

I look at a poster on the wall it says in all caps: WHERE IS MY BABEH EH EH? WHERE WILL YOU FIND HER?WILL YOU FIND HER? FIND OUT HERE .

I close my eyes and open them again; the poster is real! I am confused. ? What does it mean? What time am I in? The world looks different. There are lots of people walking by and they aren't afraid of me. I think I am in a desert, but it looks like the same Village. I walk up to a woman carrying a baby. 'Pardon, but where am I?' I ask. The woman turns and looks at me; she is missing her nose and she isn't holding a baby! The baby is part of her. The baby looks up and has the face of a deformed man. 'Eh, ya should look where ya goin' 'cuz ya don't gonna wanna be here.' The baby says with a Southern accent. I back up. 'Where is Fear?' I ask worried. 'Eh, Fear? He be dead for long, why ya care?' The baby asks. 'Oh, my gosh, is this for real? Fear is dead? That is...well, sad and great, I guess,' I say. The baby and the woman walk away from me acting like I was some crazy guy. I sigh and walk over to another person. 'I have a few questions will you please answer some for me?' I ask a woman with buttery paper white skin who is wearing a green and gold robe. I feel like I have seen her somewhere. 'Hello, boy, before you ask me anything, can I tell you something?' She says. 'Alright.' 'You understood Fear, now you will try to understand Mirror.' She stops for a moment, 'Mirror is worse than Fear, but she needs a brother to help her understand the meaning of Emotion's love, and finding Babeh Eh Eh, but do not, and I tell you, do not go to Johny Mcflyin for help and remember that Emotion's hive is her castle.' The golden robed woman says. 'Um, what does any of that mean?' I say. 'You will understand when you need to!' The woman bellows. She opens her arms and wings spread from behind her and she flies away. 'Wow, this is getting weirder and weirder.' I say to Miself. I look up to the sky, there is black smoke like in the first village, but this time it spells out the words: Mirror is awake! I sigh, another crazy person. The people don't run or hide, they stay and wait. 'PLAY THE MUSIC!' a voice booms. Loud rock music plays and everyone covers their ears. I stand still, not falling to the ground or covering my ears, I just stand there. A woman, I think Mirror, looks at me, her golden eyes shine, her brown hair looks like chocolate, her lips- er, never mind about her lips, she wears a yellow tee-shirt that says, 'WHERE MY BABEH EH EH?!' she wears thick blue eyeshadow and lemony yellow blush, her pants are tan, her shoes have very high heels and are a creamy yellow, she has a ring on her left hand I can't get a good look at it but it looks like lemon. Mirror sighs, 'Madam, please move aside.' she is still looking at me, but who was she talking to? I look around, there isn't anyone by me, she must be talking to me. 'Um, are you talking to me?' I ask. Mirror laughs, 'Who else could I be talking to, Madam?' 'Um, why are you calling me 'madam'?' I ask. Mirror backs up into the shadows, 'because Emotion runs deep within you.' I laugh, 'emotion runs deep within Fear!' 'Emotion is no laughing matter, Fear!' I see, with little light, Mirror's face turn into a wolf and than back to normal. 'Mirror, Fear is no longer here, Doom is here.' A voice booms from above. I look up and see the woman with the green and gold robe. 'Eh, eh, eh, ye not welcome here!' Mirror says with a thick fake accent. 'What is happening, Miself?' I ask. Mirror and the women stop yelling at each other and look at me. 'Who are you talking to?' Mirror hisses. 'Miself,' I say. 'Yourself?' The woman up in the air says. 'No, Miself.'

'Okay, okay, um, what and who is Miself, Doom?' Mirror asks. I look up and in white smoke the words, Miself is coming, beware! I frown; Miself had never shown himself to me, ever! The woman in the green and gold robe slowly floats down to the ground. A loud noise bangs in my ears; I put my hands on my ears. A man softly lands on the ground, he has blond hair, purple eyes, bronze skin, and he is wearing a tee-shirt that says, 'WHEN WILL BABEH EH EH COME BACK?' and long black pants. 'M-Miself?' I say. He looks at me and smiles, 'Boy! How do you do? Haha, I know how you're doing!' He laughs. 'Miself!' I shout happily. Miself kneels down and fluffs my hair. He takes me into one of his memories. A boy with blond hair, probably Miself, was sitting in a playground. Two other children walk up to him and yells something in another language. They push Miself into some sand, 'Eh! Eh! Ma! Ma!' Miself shouts. A tall woman with blue skin and a nurse outfit comes out of a building and picks Miself up and yells at the other boys. 'My baby, what did they do to you now?' The blue skinned nurse asks. Miself cries and blubbers, 'Eh, eh, Babeh needs me, Nurse ma ma, I needs to help them.' Nurse Ma ma picks Miself up and says, 'Babeh need not your help, Mi Mi, they need-' Nurse Ma ma stops and touches her neck; there is an arrow and so much blood. Miself screams, 'Doctor Daddy! Nurse Ma ma be shot! Help!' Miself holds Nurse Ma ma's hand. Nurse Ma ma coughs up blood and tries to speak, 'M-my b-b-baby m-mi m-mi, k-kill a-a-all t-t-that g-get in y-your way, b-baby, s-save Babeh f-for me.' Miself cries. 'D-don't cry, baby, I'll b-be there f-for you,' Nurse Ma ma says wiping Miself's tears. 'Ma ma...' Miself sobs. Miself stands up. He looks at a window. Outside is the words DEATH made in black smoke. The memory fades away. 'M-Miself, are you alright?' I ask. Miself falls to the ground and starts to vomit. 'I-I'm alright,' Miself says wiping the vomit from his mouth. I see Miself's eyes; the purple is duller than when I first saw him. Miself stands up and says, 'What you saw was my childhood.' He sniffs a little. 'Nurse Ma ma died and told me to find Babeh, and I never...did,' Miself grabs my arms and kneels down before me. 'Never listen to a fool, boy, never let yourself fall for Emotion,' Miself says, 'Go to Johny McFlyin, whatever Liz has told you, just don't listen.' I hug Miself. Miself is surprised and hugs me back. 'Miself, have you heard me? Do you know who I am? Where I am? Can you answer any of my questions?' I look up at Miself. He sighs, 'I have heard you and you are Doom, you can find out where we are yourself and, heh, I can answer your questions!' Miself says with a smile. I frown, 'So, Fear is my brother?' Miself looks at me, 'Y-you've met him?' 'Yes, why?' 'No reason,' Miself sighs. I look up, I see a moving picture is in the sky, first there is a man wearing a suit and the words 'Woman, where is my lunch?' appear, then a woman with a poke-a-dotted dress came on screen with the words, 'Sweetheart, you don't get lunch until you find...' and then the next scene happened and it was of a young girl. Miself falls down and cries. 'Babeh! Babeh! No! No!' Miself screams. I continue to watch the moving picture. The little girl was saying, 'Come and find me, help me, Mi Mi, I need you.' but the words say, 'WHERE IS BABEH? FIND HER FOR A HUGE AMOUNT OF MONEY.' Miself screams, 'Babeh, I am so sorry I let Nurse Ma ma die! I am so very sorry, Babeh!' Finally the moving picture ends and everyone stares at Miself. 'Miself, it isn't your fault,' I say. Miself looks up, his eyes are much more dull than before. 'Miself, your eyes!' I gasp. Miself puts his hand up to his eyes and says, 'No more. No more. No more. No more pain. No more of it. No more, Babeh.' Miself says. He doesn't look at me, but he stares at a castle on a mountain. I look down at Miself and say, 'Miself, you're going insane, stay sane for me, for Babeh.' Miself turns and looks at me, his eyes are brighter than before. 'I'm sorry, I-I just miss Babeh,' Miself says. He wipes away his tears. The villagers stare at Miself. 'Ma ma, what's the crazy man talking about?' A young child asks her mother. Her mother shakes her head. 'Baby, that man doesn't know anything,' She says. 'That is not even near true,' I say. The woman looks at me, she has brown hair, amber skin and a long white dress. 'How would you know, boy,' she says. I sigh and say, 'Miself is my friend and he knew Babeh before she d-' 'She didn't die, Doom!' Miself hisses at me. I look at Miself, he never called me Doom. 'M-Miself? I-I-I wasn't g-g-gonna s-say she d-d-died,' I say, I'm shaking really bad. I am so scared. Miself sighs, 'I'm sorry, Doom, I'm really sorry,' Miself coughs, 'I just can't stand these people! They act like they knew Babeh and they don't! They call her 'Babeh Eh Eh' and she hated to be called that, she would, um, kill them if she heard them.' Suddenly a loud voice booms, 'I demand you come to my castle! DOOM AND MI MI!' I look at Miself. Miself is frozen with fear. 'Miself, we have to go,' I say. Miself turns slowly and whispers, 'Please don't let me die.' 'Miself, I would never let someone kill you,' I say. The villagers look at us.