Jackie flipped through the pages of her textbook, deep in thought. "Well, if it isn't Ms. Baker. And may I ask why you're up past curfew?" Cole asked in a snobby voice. "Hmm, it looks like I'm not the only one up past 12:00 AM." She snapped at him. Cole narrowed his eyes. Jackie returned the look with the thick notebook clutched to her chest, ready to use it as a weapon. "You wanna know something, Jackie?" He asked, eyes still narrowed. "No. I don't, but I do know I'd like to get away from you now." Jackie replied calmly. And with that, she disappeared into one of the secret passageways. Cole blinked a couple of times, wondering how she disappeared.
Why won't he go away?! Jackie thought angrily. She looked up and relized she was in the garden. She let out a sigh as she looked at the shooting range area. "Might as well practice while I'm here." She muttered. She assembled a rifle then realized something: It's 12:56 AM exact, there's 237 seconds until the next night drill. Jackie put down the rifle and went to change into a black spy suit. As soon as she walked out the bathroom door, a firehouse station-like bell rang. Teens and newbies were up and changing into suits and running out of the castle doors. Yes, she meant castle doors. The place originally a castle, but the Ranger Twins changed that in the 15 or 1600s, when the King of the place wanted the Ranger Twins to find and kill some dude for a reward, so when they did the King refused to give them the money so the Ranger Twins killed him and took over the castle but kept to themselves. Rouge and Rory Ranger brought in people who wanted to fend for themselves. Rouge fell in love with some dude, gave birth to his son, and eleven years later no one was left in the place to train because of a freak accident involving a flamethrower, a statue, a pie and the Mayans. So one day, Rouge was training her son, when Rory- who drank more beer than necasarry that day- staggered in the training room and said "Hey... Hey sis... Let's open a secret school for assasins!" Of course, Rouge didn't know he was drunk so she agreed to open the school. "But what will our cover be?" asked a clueless Rouge. Rory staggered some more. "A school..." Rouge nodded and got to work immediently.
So yeah, interesting backstory isn't it? "Watch your left, Phantom!" shouted Jackie's brother, Leo as he jogged past her to get ahead of the group. Oldest (18) to youngest (8). A red headed girl, Amber Blue stumbled. "I can't believe I'm doing this!" Amber mumbled, who was the brains of the operation. Jackie fell into step with the group. The same group who will have less loyal students and more traitors.

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