Words Can't Save Me Here

Even with the past

And a present as this

Without the answers

I can't even make sense of me

Let alone the rest

I keep trying

I promised

Didn't I?

But my thoughts keep looking for loop holes

Catching me unaware

The tears drop

When you don't see

Even if you say

I can't go to you

Wont burden you the way I am

Even with your support

I can't help but weaken

I can't help but forget why

Why am I still fighting

Tired of this

I know you're making an effort

But I'm scared it's too late

I really am trying

I'm scared too

Of what will happen if I fail

But I don't think I can last much longer

I'm not suffering in silence

You just can't hear my screams

Taken away all my protection

Even if I could just have it beside me

I could be stronger

So lost without it all

Please I'm so scared

Alone even if you stand beside me

I really worry for everything

I know I scared you

Don't know what your thoughts are

It's scary

Isn't it?

Cause I don't even know if I can survive this

Wont tell a soul

The looks and suffocating pain of my betrayal

I know it cuts you deep

I'm sorry

So sorry

I don't know what to say

My words aren't enough

And I can't stay here.