Cala's Pov

"So, what you're telling me is that I'm being sent to my Aunt Madison's for the summer because you guys want to go on vacation to the Bahamas withoutme? And yet you're taking her?" I argued, pointing my finger at Ashlynn, my 13 year old sister. My mom raised her hands as if to defend herself, but I took it only as a sign of guilt. They knew how much I'd been wanting to go to the Bahamas for summer vacation, I even got a job and save all the money I earned just so I could go. Then they go and tell me this.

"Now Lill-" my mom started to say but I cut her off; "Don't call me that. My name's Cala, not Lilly." I told her sternly, hating when they called me by my nickname. My mom shrunk back a little, closing the tiny space between her and my father. Realizing the hurt that had crossed her face, I quickly apologized. "I'm sorry mom, you know I don't like being called Lilly." I sighed, running a hand threw my raven black hair.

Accepting my apology, my parents ended the conversation with the whole no if's and or but's thing, although a summer vacation without my parents bossing me around or having Ash up my back all the time could be enjoyable. "Get a good night sleep, honey. You'll be leaving tomorrow." said my dad, walking out of my bedroom. 'Tomorrow? They're really getting rid of me that early?!' I thought, turning my attention to packing the things I needed rather than what I wanted.

Waking, I mentally groaned. Sitting up in bed, I rubbed the sleep away from my eyes to see Ashlynn sitting on the end of my bed, smiling like a village idiot. 'Although, in a way she is…' I thought. "What are you smiling about, twerp?" I asking throwing a pillow at her. She stood quickly so that the pillow ended up on the floor near her feet. Her smile grew to the point where I thought that if she kept it up her face would be stuck like that. 'If only.'

"Oh nothing, nothing at all." Ash said in a sing song voice that I knew mean something was up.

Pulling back the covers, I got out of bed and stalked towards her and like that she took off. "That's right, run away." I muttered to myself. Grabbing the clothes I had kept out from the night before, I headed towards the bathroom to get ready for my new future.

Derek's Pov

"Do you even know what she looks like man or what she's like?" asked my best friend, Carter. I sighed, placing my head in my hands. Carter had been asking me questions about this new girl who's suppose to be moving in with Madison Lockwood down the street, otherwise know as South Miami High School's principle. "Dude, seriously. Stop asking me questions about her. I don't know her-" I was saying but Carter broke me off.

"Nah dude, you may not remember her but you know her. Lockwood and your parents are good friends!" He had a point. I do know her, but I don't remember her much.

"Why the hell do you want to know so much about her anyways, it ain't like she's gonna go after you. Last time I seen her, she had braces and some of the most ugliest glasses you could ever imagine a child wearing." I said, recalling some of the old memories of us.

The look on Carters face was one of disbelief. "Please tell me you aren't just saying that to get me off your back, Derek." he said, flipping his out of his eyes. My eyebrows scrunched in confusion. "Why in the hell would I say something like that and not mean it?" I asked standing up from my spot on the porch steps. He shrugged his shoulders; "True. But…" Carter trailed off. "But, what?" I asked standing up and walking off the front steps of my house.

"I'm pretty sure that's her!" Carter told me, raising a tan finger to point in the direction of Lockwood's house. Turning my gaze to the direction of his pointing finger, I saw what he had been staring at. There, stood a girl of average height, and long raven black hair with what looked like dark violet highlights.

I chuckled; "I seriously doubt that's her man. Last time I checked, she was a total dweeb." Carter turned his attention back to me, his eyes full of wonder, "You sure?" he asked, striding over to me. I nodded once; "I'm positive."

Cala's Pov

"Here we are, you're new home!" squealed my aunt Madison. I rolled my eyes, sometimes I swear she was worse than your average teenager. Even I don't squeal. "Yay!" I said with fake enthusiasm, stepping out Madison's Dodge Challenger. She came to stand beside me on the pathway that lead to the front door.

"Oh, don't be such a party pooper! You know you love me." Aunt Madison said, opening her arms up for a hug. Rolling my eyes, I returned her hug with a smile. She patted my back; "That's the Cala I know and love."

"At least someone calls me by my birth name and not the other meaning." I muttered to myself, grabbing my belongings and headed towards the front door. Aunt Madison's voice stopped me; "What's that dear?" she called. I looked over my shoulder, "Nothing, just that you're the only one who uses Cala rather than Lilly." I explained. Aunt Madison caught up with me, placing her hand on my shoulder.

"I know how much you don't like it, so I try not to use it. If it slips out while you're here, I'm sorry." Madison told me, taking my suitcase in one hand and my backpack in the other. "Go." she told me, nodding her head in the direction of the south end of the street. "Have fun." she added. Smiling, I threw my arms around her. She stumbled a moment but fixed herself, returning the hug the best she could. "Thank you." I whispered, realizing that just maybe being here after all won't be such a bad idea.

Carter's Pov

Not believing Derek one bit about the girl across the street not being Lockwood's niece, I decided to go and investigate. "Hey man, I think I'm just gonna go ahead and leave." I told Derek, patting him on the back. His dark grey eyes glanced up at me, doubtful.

"I know where you're going, don't try to lie to me Carter. I can always tell when someone's lying. You're going to go see that girl aren't you?" Derek told me, swatting my hand away from him. I swallowed, 'Damn!'

"Yeah, actually I was. Since you think so low of her from what you remember, I was going to go and check her out myself whether you came along or not." I said, determined to figure this girl out. Walking away from where Derek stood, I was about halfway across the street when I noticed him shortly behind me. 'Ha! I knew he'd come with. He never resist a challenge!' Getting lost in my thoughts, I hadn't noticed I was all the way across the street until I bumped into someone who wasn't Derek.

"I'm so sorry!" exclaimed the unknown voice, jumping back. Looking up I saw the most gorgeous pair of Hazel eyes I had ever seen, accompanied by long dark raven black hair with what looked to be a dark violet shine or maybe even highlights that fell just above her ribs. Her skin was a pale tan not too dark but not too light either. She was about a head shorter than me. 'She's perfect.' "I-It's okay… I uhm, should watch where I uh walk more. Uhm… sorry!" I stammered, star struck by her beauty.

She giggled, extending her hand as she said; "My name's Cala and yours is- Derek?!" My smiling stopped, my quick heartbeat came to a halt, turning I saw Derek standing there bathed in the sunlight as if he was some sort of angel pulled off the ceiling of the Sistine Chapel. He can never be an angel. At least not anytime soon, his past is too violent- too dark.