We look left.

We see the children starving,

Beaten and crying out for help.

We see bound,

Forced to eat from the ground.

We look as the tears fall like rain from their eyes,

As we fill their stomachs with lies.

We look right.

We blame it on the terrorists.

We blame it on those who fight.

We blame it on those who live in the dark,

Those who don't get to see the light.

We blame it on those who use violence,

We rejoice as we fight violence with violence.

We look down.

We look at the dying earth.

We look at our broken place of birth.

We look at the animals dropping like flies.

We look and gape at the melting ice,

And we send our prayers.

We look up.

We blame it on God.

We blame it on technology.

We blame it on nature for being flawed.

We blame the world,

For the chaos that has unfurled.

We don't look straight.

We don't peer into the mirror.

We are scared to see things clearer.

We don't peer into our souls.

We are too afraid of what unfolds.

It is time for us to feel the shame.

It is time for us to accept the blame.

We have looked left.

We have looked right.

We have looked down.

We have looked up.

Maybe it is time to look straight?