A/N: For the sweetest, bubbliest girl I've ever met.

I hope the guy you marry is worthy.

I've known this girl since...8th grade, was it?

8th grade.

We got stuck sitting next to each other in choir, right along the room division.

She was a soprano; I was an alto.

She was shy; I wasn't.

She loved to sing rock songs; I loved to sing ballads.

She wore bright green and purple; I wore a lot of gray and black.

She found a good friend in me, and I her.

We balanced each other out.

When she introduced that handsome young man in the tux over there, the one who was holding her hand at the time and probably is right now, as her boyfriend, I knew they found a magical balance.

Well, almost. Funny thing is, I was there when they first met.

We were in Starbucks. She was putting some cinnamon in her latte. I know, weird, right? He bumped into her and she dumped way too much in her drink.

She was pissed. Something about too much cinnamon messing up the perfect balance in her coffee.

I endured a 10 minute argument before he finally bought her a new one.

And balance was restored, only this time there were phone numbers exchanged on both sides.

Then they started dating.

It's not that they didn't go through their ups and downs before today. I remember a certain incident where they didn't speak for weeks because he "accidentally" gave her dog a "cute" haircut.

But Stanley's fur went back to normal. And so did they.

So what I'm trying to say is, don't lose that balance. Marriage is about continuing to love each other through compromising.

Keep that balance.

Keep that love.

Always make sure there's a smile on both of your faces.

Best of luck to you guys. I love you both.

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