The Dimensional Realm is, like heaven and hell, unseen by the naked eye, and only accessible by two ways: traveling at supersonic speeds or by dying. However, there is one other way to get there-portals known as Dimensional Mirrors in the human world. There are many dimensions here, but the setting of our story is the Crystal Dimension.

This place was neutral in terms of conflict. They chose to keep to themselves while the Dream and Dark Dimensions, their nearest neighbors, fought each other viciously. That does not mean, however, that the Crystal Dimension is free from conflict. In the past, there were serious incidents that involved artifacts infused with the dimension's powerful magic. There were over 100 artifacts in the dimension alone, and only seven managed to cause actual wars. These wars were long ago in the dark days when the dimension was still forming, and the last war had actually managed to unify the seven kingdoms-Boletaria, Cerenia, Miridian, Sylvania, Valentine, Ringford, and Crystania-together. After the last great war, everyone believed that it was the 'war to end all wars' and no more fights would break out over the artifacts.

That all changed when a rogue wizard from the Dark Dimension named Ace Morgenstern made a claim for a very powerful artifact called the Sorcerer's Almanac.

The Sorcerer's Almanac was one of the oldest and most powerful tomes in the Crystal Dimension. Created thousands of years ago by a powerful magic user named Aloysius, it was said that no king was able to use it, save for one tyrant who used it to most lethal ends and was later killed by his own people. In the right hands, the tome would create peace and rid the Dimensional Realm of all evil. In the wrong hands, however, it would create countless destruction. Thus, it came as no surprise that Ace sought to gain it for his own use. And it should come to no surprise that many Guilds-the collective term for magical people- fought against him The Dark Dimension had long been an enemy of the Guilds, as many of their own had fallen to their rule.

With this being said, the Crystal Dimension, called the 'Land of Harmony' because the seven kingdoms never fought once, was at war with its biggest opponent: itself. Friends became foes. Treaties that had stood for over a thousand years were broken. Loyalties were divided. Disorder spread throughout the land.

While majority of the Guilds were fighting each other, some of the people were not up to fighting war. These people fled to the Ordinary Realm-known to us humans as Earth. Since the portals were conveniently placed at several locations, their escape was easy, and they hoped to live out a peaceful life as the war waged on.

Unfortunately for them, that was not the case. Several of those Guilds who had escaped were spies who had secret info; others were the people who were trying to stop Ace and his band. As a result, evil Guilds with the intention of murder arrived on Earth to find them. Now a new conflict has sparked on Earth, bringing ordinary humans into the mix and endangering their lives. However, there are cases where seemingly ordinary humans end up having powers, and help the Guilds fight in the war against evil.

In this case, though, the current generation of Guilds found themselves being drawn into the war. This means that many young adults and teenagers were forced to get involved; most of whom didn't even have a choice.

And so, with this in mind, we begin the story of a band of powerful warriors who set out to save two worlds from certain destruction-and in the process, learn the true meaning of destiny.

(Power only comes to those who can hold it. The players in this dramatic tale have known this fact...but during their journey, they will learn the meaning of destiny. Come, and join me as we follow the saga of these powerful warriors...)

Iheartgod175 presents:

The Dimensional Chronicles Part 1: The Eternal Story-寸法クロニクル1部:永遠の物語

Genre: Fantasy Manga

Rated: T (violence, intense and tragic moments, and small romance)

Created: May 5th, 2013

Summary: The Dimensional Realm, an alternate realm that contains many different dimensions, is locked in its first Dimensional War. The focal point of the conflict is an ancient relic known as the Sorcerer's Almanac, which can cause either good or bad depending on the user. The evil wizard Ace, leader of a group of wizards in the Dark Dimension, seeks to control it, but before he can, seven very important pages of the book are ripped out and scattered to the planet Earth. He sends several of his spies to go to Earth and recover the pages. Upon hearing the news, the Crystal Dimensional Council sends four young heroes-Nick, Ellen, Sheena and Aaron- to go to Earth and protect the planet. What follows is an adventure full of drama, romance, betrayal and suspense...

Author's Note: Holy cow, my first original story! It feels so weird since I've been just writing fan fiction the whole time...Anyway, this is my first attempt at making a fantasy 'manga' of some sorts. I'm thinking of doing this as a three parter (hence why there's a Part 1 at the beginning) but I'm not sure. Hopefully, ten to eleven chapters should do it for this part. While it's a fantasy epic, it will have Christian references and less focus on magic. Sort of like Narnia, if you think of it. Anyway, enjoy!

Creator Claim: This story is mine. Do not edit, copy or steal. All characters, locations and other fictional things I have created myself.

Quick Note: I would like to give thanks to my Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ, and the Heavenly Father, for giving me my inspiration and my dreams. This story would not be possible if it weren't for you.

~Verse 00: Prologue

City of Perth, Sylvania, Year 330X

1:35 A.M., Dimensional Time

He could see it right in front of him. The Temple of Succession, which had stood in the Crystal Dimension for thousands of years, loomed over the rest of the village of Sundria. On some nights, there would be the occasional skylights that shone upon the ancient walls, illuminating its blue and gold paint, and exposing its beauty to all around.

But the temple's beauty was the least of his worries. He was more worried about what was inside-a host of powerful artifacts that were sought after by greedy kings and rulers. His good friends, all part of the church he pastored, were there at the temple ready to attack.

Before he could give the word, a plume of white-hot wizard lightning sailed overhead and crashed into the door. The impact of the attack destroyed the door and sent several of the cardinals flying backwards. They crashed to the ground with a thud.

Within seconds, they were ambushed. Few of the cardinals attempted to fight back, and those who did were heavily outnumbered. A massive brawl had erupted on the steps of the temple. Alarmed, he rushed out to help them...

...however, there was the shout of "Pyro Heat!" and a wave of fire came upon him. He screamed as the flames licked at his back and hair. Desperately, he rolled onto the ground, trying to put it out.

Another voice entered the fray and within moments he was bound head to toe in a magical bind. Although the flames on his back had died, he was completely immobile. And since he didn't know how to disable magical binds, he was helpless.

Footsteps, and then he appeared in front of him. His dark purple eyes gleamed with sick delight as he watched the priest struggle, and he grinned even more when the priest's eyes widened upon seeing his gun.

"Your little rescue mission failed, Father Jacobs," he said. He twirled the gun lazily in his hand. "But who cares? I would've expected less from a cardinal."

"You'll never get away with this, Ace," Jacobs spat, "I will make sure of it."

"Ah, but it seems I already have," Ace said, and he pulled out an old leather-bound tome from his jacket. Jacobs' eyes widened in shock.

"H-How did yo-"

"We overheard your little plans to stop our attack on the Temple, so we scheduled our hit earlier. You were such a help back there, Jacobs. However, it seems I'll have no use for you anymore. I will be taking this, though."

Before the horrified priest could say anything, the wizard cocked his gun back into place, and pulled the trigger.

Father Jacobs burst out of his sleep with a start, his breaths coming out in short wheezing gasps. His eyes bulged out in horror, and sweat trickled down his forehead.

Next to him, his wife sat up, looking worried. "Alistair, what is the matter? Are you alright?" she asked. Her husband didn't answer, but only rubbed his temples. He looked very grave.

"It was that dream again, Marian," he said. Marian started to speak, but then he continued, "It was the same one about Ace going to the Temple of Succession to take the Sorcerer's Almanac."

"That's the third time you've had that dream," Marian commented. "Could it be that it's warning you of something?"

"I'm not entirely sure," Jacobs said. "But in all my years of preaching, I can tell that God is trying to send me a message."

Alistair Jacobs was the head pastor of the local church in Perth. Frequently called 'Father Jacobs' by his congregation, he was known for his great faith in the word of God, and for his visions. Years ago, he had predicted that the Crystal Dimension's most valued object, the Sorcerer's Almanac, would be targeted by henchmen of the Dark Dimension. Many in the preacher's Guild laughed him off...but the visions he was having recently were no joke. His wife of twenty-seven years, Marian, was always supportive of him, although she herself was in denial the first time this dream started.

"I'm sure He is," Marian said encouragingly. She rubbed her husband's back soothingly. "I know very well He is. The meaning of the dream will come soon enough."

"I hope it will. I just can't fathom why Ace was in the dream, though," Alistair said. Just then, the disaster alarm blared to life. The two sat up in an instant, trying to figure out what was going on.

"What's going on?" Marian asked. During the confusion, static buzzed to life on the couple's feed screen.

", come in! This is Carter!" Jacobs reached over and punched the response button, activating the screen. Cardinal Ed Carter appeared on the screen, dressed in his battle costume and carrying a weapon. His dark blue eyes were narrowed in concern.

"Carter, what is going on? It's one o'clock at night!" Marian demanded.

"...It's Ace," he replied simply. "He's attacked the Temple of Succession, and I think we all know what he's after."The couple remained silent, unsure what to do or say. Then, Alistair got up and started to grab his weapon, the Golden Cross.

"A-Alistair, what do you think you're doing?" his wife shrieked. Her expression was wide with terror. "Are you really thinking of going out there?"

"Marian, if there's anyone who can have access to that book, it's me. I had complete access over it once, and I hope it'll let me do it twice," he said. He held the cross up and shouted, "Golden Cross, Assemble!"

The cross in his hand changed into an even bigger one, and this time Father Jacobs was dressed in white, gold and purple armor that went down to his knees. A small medallion hung around his neck.

"Are you sure about this, Father Jacobs? If something happens to you, you won't see your son grow up," Carter said.

Alistair was about to walk out the door when he said that. He loved his son more than anything, and he wanted to remain a consistent role model in his life. But he couldn't stay. For his family's sake, he had to protect the Almanac from harm at all costs...even if it came to the greatest decision.

"Marian, if I don't come home by dawn, tell Nicholas the story, and don't leave out any details," he said. He then walked over to his wife and planted a kiss on her lips. The two remained like that for a moment before Carter nervously stated, "Father Jacobs, we've got company in the back."

Father Jacobs looked at his wife once more. She only replied with, "If you've got to go, then go. I'll tell Nick in the morning."

Sighing heartily, he rose from the bed. "I'm on my way," he said. He gave his wife's hand a deep squeeze before letting it go. Carter signed off, and he slowly walked to the door. Tears were threatening to fall out of his eyes.

"Alistair, don't do anything to reckless," she said. She had a lump in her throat, but she hid her distress with a smile. "You know how you are when you get into battles."

Alistair smiled. "I know. And I'll come back. I promise." And with that, he was soon out the door.

Marian couldn't keep it up any longer, and broke down crying. "Dear Lord, please protect him," she prayed tearfully. And with tears rolling down her face, she fell back onto her bed, and fell asleep.

"What?!" Ed couldn't believe what he had just heard. "You can not be serious, Joseph!"

"Sir, I'm telling you, they were ripped out when I got there!" Joseph said, shrinking under the man's glare.

"This is insane! How could they be gone? Did you scan the pages for any sign of magic?"

"We're scanning them right now, sir," the sentry said. Not waiting for the cardinal to respond, the sentry dashed back into the temple, hoping to find something that would placate his angry boss.

Ed removed his hat, and began to run his hands through his messy orange hair. There was no way in the world the pages of the book could be missing! From what Joseph had just told him, Ace had retreated when reinforcements arrived. And there was no way for him to get past them with the bulky artifact, as it radiated with dimensional magic. Plus, he wouldn't stoop so low as to rip out seven pages of the Book. He would want the whole thing intact.

"Ed." The cardinal turned around upon hearing his name. Alistair was standing behind him, donned in his white and purple Holy Armor and looking at him with a curious expression. "What's the situation."

Ed gave him an incredulous look. "What's the situation? I'll tell what the situation is. Seven pages of the Almanac are gone," he said flatly.

Jacobs thought he was going to faint at hearing those words. "How were they ripped out? Did Ace do it?"

"I have no idea," he said. "Joseph was telling me about this earlier. The inspector is checking right now to see if there's any traces of dimensional magic."

"Mr. Carter!" Both men turned around to see Joseph running towards them. The young sentry stopped within a few feet of them and stood to attention. "The inspector just finished up. He said there was no trace of dimensional magic on the ridges of the torn pages. And there's no trace of any other magic either."

"Then that can only mean one thing-the person who removed it was a mortal," Ed said. "Not of this world, apparently."

"But that's impossible!" Joseph said. "Everyone knows no mortal being can touch the Almanac!"

"Do you have any other ideas?" Ed snapped.

"Alright, you two. Calm down. I say we should go back inside the temple and look around for more evidence. There could be a clue about who would rip out the pages-and why," Jacobs suggested. Ed looked positively combustible, but he realized that he had no choice. After muttering that it was another waste of time, the three made their way inside.

A hooded figure carrying a briefcase slowly crept out from the shadows, having hidden on the outside where nobody could see him. He took a few steps forward, avoiding any priests that might be roaming around. When he was about a few feet away from the temple and the priests, he broke out into a run, his shoes kicking up dust through the sandy plains. Where he would go, he wasn't sure. But he had to keep the treasure he held with him safe at all costs. Otherwise, he'd be caught.

As he flew through the sandy field, he huffed out, "I will never let them find me, as long as I live. Never..."

Ace was a master of improvisation. No matter how obscured the location, or how guarded the place was, he was always one step ahead with a plan that would throw the preachers of the Sylvanian Church for a loop. He and his group had managed to get there early before the priests and ushers did, but he hadn't thought that they were strong enough to wipe out most of his team.

Another thing he hadn't counted on was that seven of the pages had been stolen, and not by his scientists or engineers. No, this person had been a mortal-or a mortal with some level of magic left in him. Everyone knew that a mortal being who touched any dimensional artifact would die. But the problem was, nobody knew who did it...

...that is, until a spy on the other side of the village had captured a photo of the escapee. He had arrived a few hours ago, wearing a dark black cloak and carrying a cane, with the picture in hand.

"This young lad was seen escaping from the temple not long after the rest of your team left, Your Excellency. One of the men spotted him running away into the desert. They tried shooting him, but he was too fast," the old man had said.

"Are you sure he was young?" Ace asked.

"He's pretty much a teenager, Your Excellency. No man in Sylvania or any of the seven kingdoms has legs that thin, or can run that fast. He was also carrying a suitcase," he said.

Ace thought for a moment. So, their culprit was a boy who had to be in high school, and a mortal one at that. Attacking a school full of students was certainly going to ruin his already bad reputation.

Only, he wasn't going to be the one attacking. As we mentioned before, Ace is a master of improvisation. One ruined plan wasn't going to stop him from obtaining his goal.

"Well, I say we had better start thinking of a plan B. Hopefully our little thief will come to his senses before I have to use...aggressive negotiations," he said. He then turned on his heel and walked out, with the old spy trailing behind him.

Behind one of the massive pillars in the temple, Father Jacobs silently gulped. Then, before anyone could see him, he turned and snuck out the way he'd come.