A river of red seeps into the ground, flooding the once peaceful field and destroying the life inside. She stares in my direction as if she can see me as the life leaves her forest green eyes.

I scream and pound my fists against the glass wall, tears streaming down my cheeks. A shudder retches my body as my knees collapse from underneath me.

"No," I sob, "Please, I told you not to follow him. I told you he was dangerous!"

The breeze picks up behind me and tugs on my white shirt, trying to pull me away from the horrors.

"Go away," I mumble, trying to swat the air, but it merely slips through my fingers.

"You can't help her anymore," a deep voice resonates loudly from all around me.

"I should have been able to save her, show her more warning signs or protect her somehow!" I wail, my head falling into my hands as the unwanted memory floods in.

I was sitting on the clouds, watching the tall, skinny girl start her daily run when I noticed something was a little off. Instead of her usually bubbly persona an aura of calm sadness surrounded her.

Intrigued, I looked closer and realized that her dog, Buckley wasn't with her. I sent her a pretty butterfly to try and cheer her up as she ran, but it only made her pain cease for a little bit.

Later that night I sent a dove to her window, but she was already fast asleep by the time the bird arrived. I was about to turn away to make sure her security alarm was set when she mumbled something.

Curious, I looked back and studied her face while waiting to see if she said anything else. Her sharp features captured my attention and sparked a strange feeling inside my gut.

I reached out to touch her pale cheek, but my fingertips brushed the wall and stung painfully as I retracted my hand. Grumbling to myself, I reluctantly turned around and left, but not before hearing her breath my name.

I cover my face and press my forehead against the wall, my shoulders shaking violently. Desperation courses through me as I focus all my energy on breaking the unbreakable wall and getting to her.

"You did all you could," the voice echoes, "Sometimes humans don't listen and you and your kind can't do anything about it."

"I should have went down there," I reason, my heart thundering inside my chest, "I should've went down and saved her."

Silence sits in the air for a few moments before He whispers sternly, "You know the rules. You know you could lose your wings and forever be one of them."

"It would've been worth it," I conclude, resentment settling in the pit of my stomach and threatening to boil over.

"You would have had to protect her as a human or give her up and never see her again so someone else could be her guardian angel," he reminds, power behind every word.

"I'm aware," I say through clenched teeth.

"You wouldn't be able to ever come back to my Kingdom. You would have had roam Earth until its last days, even when your Annabelle as she's called, passes."

"I'm aware."

"Your new human will be assigned to you sometime next week," he tells me softly after a few minutes of more silence.

I choke back an anguished cry and force myself to my feet, my chin hovering proudly. I feel the Lord's presence leave and sigh in bitter relief. Glancing back down at her motionless corpse, I swallow hard and step away from the invisible barrier between Heaven and Earth.

"It was my job to keep her alive," I tell the empty air in resolution, "And I failed."

I make my way across the room and unfold my feathery, white wings, "And it'll never happen again."