I pledge allegiance to the ones

who are slaughtering other people's sons

in the name of justice, peace, and hope.

That's not a whip, it's just a rope

which might hang those who disagree

with freedom and equality.

(But you did not hear that from me.)

I dreamed that my family moved to a place

that was populated by a different race

and for some strange reason they took the cause

of all the natives and all their gods.

And a man spoke to the masses and said,

"There's a new threat end we need them dead."

So we did our job and then moved on

in the name of leaders who did no wrong.

When does it become okay

to take somebody's life away,

when a uniformed gun is different than

the one in the hand of a desperate man?

How do rebels from o'er the sea

become our leaders, brave and free

and acts of treason eventually look

like acts of God in the history book?

How can I pledge, and so assist,

ideals I fear do not exist?

Or am I wrong to hold this view

and not see things as others do?